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Home Organization Tips

Organize Your Home With These Simple Tips!

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you have lived in your home for many years, these are great tips to follow! All of these home organization tips will help keep your home less cluttered and looking great. Many of these great tips came from our Wemert Group Team!

1.  Add A Plug To Your Pantry

Maintain a clean kitchen counter space by putting a plug into your pantry. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate all of the extra appliances stored on your countertops. Keep that electric can opener in the pantry and plug it in when needed. Grab a can and open it right there in the pantry to make it extra convenient. This amazing tip came from the Wemert Group team leader, Jenny Wemert.

2. Put Away And Hang Up Your Laundry

This little tip seems like a no brainer! However, we get caught up with our busy lives and will take that clean laundry out of the dryer, and leave it out. Putting away the clean clothes in drawers and hanging them up in the closet will eliminate the clutter caused by the laundry that sits out.

3. Look For Expiration Dates

Every week just checking the expiration date on food items is a great way to keep the fridge, as well as any other kitchen storage areas clean and organized. We love this tip from Holly Galarza!

4. Wash Extra Sheets And Keep It All In One Pillowcase

Most people always have an extra set of sheets somewhere in their home. After washing extra sheets, keep them in one of the matching pillowcases to eliminate closet clutter. This easy and quick tip comes from our very own, Jenny Zinnert.

5. Have A Drop Station

After coming home from a long day, many people like to just throw our keys, wallet, bags on whatever is closest. By providing a designated “drop station” it gives members in the household an area to always place their bags or keys. Keeping these items confined to one place will help to eliminate clutter throughout the home and will make it easy knowing where these items are placed. Our buyer’s agent, Michele Moon suggested this perfect tip.

6. Kitchen Storage Jars

Boxes and other items from your local grocery store can sometimes come in big bulky packaging. A great way to maintain a clean and organized kitchen is by keeping clear jars of all sizes, cereal containers, and other storage containers to keep all of your food or spices in. These jars can be bought at your local Dollar Tree. Keep track of all the jar items with labels.

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7. Stands Used For Makeup Storage

If your dresser or kitchen counter is full of makeup, then this is a great tip for you. Purchase a cheap, quality cake stand to use for easy access to your makeup. Not only will this give extra space on the dresser or countertop, but each tier can have different makeup items keeping everything organized. Find a cake stand or makeup storage items at any Central Florida store like Marshalls, Walmart, or Home Goods.

8. Hang Everything In Your Closet Backwards

While this may seem like a strange tip, it’s very helpful in letting go of the clothes that are being held onto for too long. Another buyer’s agent, Jordan Revels gave this helpful tip. After wearing the article of clothing, put it back on the hanger turned around. All of the backward hangers that haven’t been moved in months are ready to be let go.

9. Bathroom Jars

Jars don’t have to just be limited to kitchen storage, but jars used in the bathroom work great! For instance, keep your cotton balls, q-tips, and other bathroom necessities in clear jars on floating shelves to leave room for more counter space, as well as cabinet space. Not only does this work great for keeping the bathroom organized, but you will always know exactly where to find these items.

10. Blanket Baskets

Some people enjoy displaying their blankets on a blanket ladder, but for people that just love getting many cozy blankets, investing in a blanket basket is the perfect way to store those extra blankets. This tip also goes for towels. Store all of your towels together in a basket, so that you know exactly where they are. The baskets can also make the room look nicely put together.

11. Minimal Desk Items

Workspaces can be very important when it comes to staying organized. Having a clean desk with limited items can make it easier to work and concentrate. By keeping only the main items used daily on your desk, and the rest put away in drawers will help the stress of cluttered desk space.

12. Keep The Table And Counter Free Of Clutter

We often eat, do crafts, or plan at a kitchen table or counter. After doing all the planning, crafts, work, or whatever else, we find ourselves too tired to put everything away. Our mindset is that we will put it away the next day… soon the next day becomes the day after that, and so on. Immediately cleaning up reduces the amount of clean up that you will have later in the week.

13. Backpack Station

Kids tend to leave their backpacks everywhere after a long day at school. Another one of our buyer’s agents, Jorgette Clark has an amazing tip that she uses in her own home. Each of her kids has a hook for their backpack to hang with baskets above all hooks for other necessary items. Having a backpack station makes it easy for those on the go mornings.

14. Keep A Laundry Bin In The Bathroom

Just by putting a laundry basket in the bathroom makes it simple to collect the dirty laundry, and will also keep the bathroom floor clean and clear of scattered clothes.

15. Make Use Of Cleaning Caddies

Cleaning caddies don’t have to just be used for cleaning supplies. Use your cleaning caddy as underneath the bathroom sink storage. For instance, fill up your cleaning caddy with extra shampoos, soaps, hair tools, and much more! By doing this, you get the perfect place for your extra necessities or anything that you just can’t find the right place for.

16. Towel Racks To Hang Your Cleaning Spray Bottles

Buy a cheap towel rack from your local Big Lots and place it on the inside of your kitchen cabinet. After finding the perfect spot, hang all of your regular used daily spray bottles on the towel rack. Doing this will leave more room underneath the kitchen cabinets, and will make it convenient to get to your favorite cleaners.

17. Baskets Underneath Side Tables Or Coffee Tables

Having a place to keep all the random stuff in your living room is great. Picking up a lovely basket from your local thrift shop or farmers market to keep under a living room table is a great way to tuck away those miscellaneous items that you just can’t seem to find a place for.

18. Add An Ottoman To Double As Decor And Storage Space

Buying an ottoman for the living room will be a great piece of furniture to add as decor, but will also double as a place for extra storage. Keep your remotes, DVD’s, and other devices inside the ottoman, so that they will be hidden away.

19. Use Extra File Holders To Hold Extra Cans

If you have any extra file holders laying around, make use of them, and organize all of your cans in them. This will give you quick and easy access when you need to grab a can. Having all or most of your cans in these file holders will help make room for extra pantry space.

20. Put Your Shoes Away

After a long day, you want to just take your shoes off as soon as possible and might not feel like you have the energy to put your shoes where they should go. Take those few extra minutes to put them on the shoe rack or in the closet. Doing this right away will keep your home feeling organized and won’t leave you with the stress of having to clean it up later on.

Share All of These Great Tips with Others in Central Florida!

Refer back to these simple and easy tips whenever you feel like you’re home is feeling cluttered! If you know someone moving into a new home, these are great tips to share with them before they unpack. Start to have an organized home as soon as possible.

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