Rent It Today, Own It Tomorrow.
You may not be ready to buy a house today, but you CAN still live in the home and community you really want. Wemert Group Realty and Home Partners of America can show you how!

About the Program

This program allows you to find a home in a community you want to live in and lease the property for up to 5 years. You have the option of purchasing the home at any time during your residency with a guaranteed sales price. If you decide the home is not for you, you have the option of walking away without penalty at the end of your lease. This program gives you the opportunity to realize the dream of owning your own home!

The process is simple:

Step 1: Apply for Approval

The first recommended step is to review the pre-qualifications for the program. Fill out and submit a pre-qualification application to check whether you are eligible. If the pre-qualification application is approved, you will be required to send a full application for a full credit and background check. If that is approved as well, Home Partners will notify you with the maximum monthly rent of the home for which you qualify.

Step 2: Find a Home

Once approved, we will help you find your dream home! After the perfect home is picked out, it will be submitted to Home partners for approval who will then purchase the home. The final purchase will be dependent on a satisfactory inspection, review of the purchase contract, and other closing conditions being satisfied.

Step 3: Home Partners buys the qualified home, household leases the home

After the home has been purchased by Home Partners, you will be able to lease the home from them until you are ready to buy. The home will have a one year lease minimum agreement and a right to purchase agreement.

Step 4: Own your Home!

Home Partners buys the home. You lease it and have the right to buy it whenever you wish to!

Minimum Requirements

Resident Criteria

Home Partners will evaluate household rent-to-income and debt-to-income ratios, rental and housing history, employment history, criminal history, FICO scores, and other elements of an application:

  • Annual household income of $45,000+
  • Stable employment
  • No pending chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • No disqualifying criminal history.
  • A minimum of 45 days from date of application to move-in.
Property Criteria

Homes must meet the following requirements:

  • Single family home or fee-simple townhome
  • Located in an approved community
  • Home price between $100,000 and $400,000
  • No short sales, REO, or auctions
  • No material deficiencies (major structural issues, solid aluminum wiring, etc.)
  • The home must also meet additional eligibility criteria which you can see here.

This program is intended to provide qualified individuals who are not ready to buy today with a clear path to homeownership in the near future.

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