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Buy Vacation Homes in Orlando, FL With Us

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When it comes time to buy a vacation rental home in the Orlando area, you need an expert who can partner with you to help meet your real estate investment needs. At Wemert Group Realty, we are a true team. Our impeccable service and skills are second to none in the industry. Furthermore, our experienced team of experts will guide you through the home buying process.

So if you’ve never been through this process before, buying a home can run the gamut of being a straightforward process to being more complex. Not to mention, there are dozens of variables involved.

Less than a decade ago, a home could be bought with a two-page contract. Now consumer mandated seller’s disclosures, environmental and structural reports, and other legal documents have turned the home transfer into a potential minefield. Realtors work with contracts daily, and can fully understand which points are harmful and or beneficial to you.

You should know, our Buyer’s Agents know our market and the available inventory at all times. So whether you’re looking for a house with a swimming pool or that perfect kitchen, your agent will partner with you to find exactly what you are looking for. Your agent will be there to consult, negotiate, and craft offers using our unmatched reputation and resources. We’ll help you purchase a home on your budget, on your timeline and with the least amount of stress.

Above all, our over 575+ client testimonials demonstrate that we are highly experienced, technical, and serve with our hearts.


Orlando, Florida is home to some of the most famous theme parks in the world. It is also the place you can find the most competitive real estate market in the country. If you want to immerse yourself in the beautiful Florida climate and still be close to the attractions you love, then buy a vacation house in Orlando.

purchase vacation homes in orlando

What Is A Vacation Home?

Vacation homes are perfect for families who want to travel during the off-season when the parks are quieter and less crowded. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation spot where the children can play and enjoy the beach, then a vacation home in Orlando is a perfect choice. These homes give you the cozy atmosphere of a real-life resort, while still being close to the attractions you love.

It’s well known that Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, so the demand for vacation homes is always high. What’s more is that the price of these properties appreciates significantly, so investors can buy them with the intention of renting them out at a profit. This is how the real estate market in Orlando operates – it’s a combination of the tourism industry and the accommodation sector, geared toward attracting more travelers to the area.

A City That’s All About Entertainment

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your friends and family, then Orlando is certainly a destination you’ll want to consider. It’s well-known for having some of the best theme parks in the world. If you’re a fan of comedy, you’ll enjoy the Comedy Theater. It is home to the legendary Marx Brothers, as well as many other famous comedians. If you love live music, there are numerous venues where you can catch a band. The city is also rich in literature, with several renowned authors have published books about the place. If you visit the city during the right time of year, you can even see the famous fountain in the center of downtown dripping with vibrant color, thanks to the abundance of tropical plants around it.
purchase vacation homes in orlando fl
For those wanting to make the area their permanent home, contact our real estate agents who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find properties of all shapes and sizes, from small apartments for rent to large, luxurious villas. What’s more, is that the cost of living in Orlando is very affordable. The median cost of a house is around $55,000. This makes it one of the cheapest major cities in the country. If you can afford a vacation home in Orlando, you’ll be able to save significantly, while enjoying all the attractions the city has to offer.

Vacation Homes in Orlando, FL – An Investment To Make Money

If you’re looking for an investment property to make some money, then Orlando is certainly a destination you should consider. The cost of living is low, which means you’ll be able to sell the property for a significant profit. This is especially the case if you purchase a luxury villa with pool, as they tend to appreciate in value. The demand for these properties is always high, which encourages speculators and real estate investors to purchase them, with the intention of renting them out at a profit. This is how the real estate market in Orlando operates – it’s a mix of the tourism industry, and the accommodation sector, geared towards attracting more travelers to the area.