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Tips For Decorating Your Front Porch

Decorate Your Front Porch With Any Of These Decor Ideas!

Many people love spending time sitting outdoors or just sitting on their front porch. The front porch is the first part of the home that everyone sees, so take any of these tips into consideration when it comes to decorating the front porch area.


1. Get A Welcome Mat

One of the best ways to help decorate your front porch area is by adding a welcome mat to the front of your front door. Not only is the welcome mat a cute attribution to the front porch, but this will also help reduce the amount of dirt that might get tracked into your entryway. There are plenty of different welcome mats to choose from.


2. Flower Pots

colorful flower pot on the front porch

Add some beautiful color to your front porch area with flower pots. Place either real flowers or fake flowers on your front porch. Put your flower pots on either side of the doorway or put them on a small table that you have on your front porch area.



3. Welcome Sign

welcome sign for front porch

Another great decor item to add to the front porch area is a long welcome sign. These outdoor welcome signs can be found at multiple different places. Placing the welcome sign in the corner of the porch entryway will really help to give your front porch that welcoming feeling for all visitors.



4. Lanterns

lanterns on the front porch

Depending on the look that you’re going for all depends on if you’d want to add outdoor lanterns to your front porch. Not only will adding the lanterns to your porch add style, but the lanterns will also add extra lighting if you decide to have them lit up at night. These lanterns can be found in many places in Central Florida.


5. Outdoor Rug

colorful outdoor rug on the porch

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your front porch, then you will want to look into purchasing a colorful outdoor rug. Instead of just a regular doormat in front of the front door, add a colorful outdoor rug to your front porch area. Colorful outdoor rugs will give your outdoor porch furniture that pop of color that it needs.


6. Outdoor Furniture

patio furniture for the front porch

Another great addition to your front porch is the outdoor furniture. Find the perfect outdoor furniture that will fit the style of your home. There are so many great chairs and outdoor furniture to choose from when it comes to looking to decorate your front porch. Enjoy relaxing on your front porch with your beautiful patio furniture.



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7. Good Lighting 

front porch lights

Enjoy sitting out on your beautifully decorated front porch at night with the perfect amount of lighting. For instance, depending on what you prefer will depend on how you want to light up your area. Consider hanging up outdoor string lights, put up outdoor lamps or lanterns to give your front porch that perfecting lighting that you want.


8. Personalize The Space

Add touches to your porch that will give off the vibe that it’s your front porch and not just any front porch! Add a sign with the letter of your last name, add a matt with your favorite quote, use your favorite colors as the pops of color that you want. Customize and personalize your front porch with comfortable furniture!


9. Add Greenery

greenery on the front porch

If you prefer to add greenery to your porch rather than colorful flowers, then you can purchase a variety of greenery pieces from many different places. Purchase greenery from Lowes, Home Depot, or Hobby Lobby and create the gorgeous green look that you’re trying to fulfill!


10. Make the Area Feel Welcoming

No matter how you decorate your front porch, you should always give it a welcoming feel to it. When your front porch feels welcoming, your guests will feel welcomed coming to your home. Not only will your front porch area feel welcoming to your guests, but you will feel comfortable sitting outside on your front porch on the beautiful breezy days.


Enjoy Decorating Your Front Porch Area!

There are so many great ways to create your front porch. Whether you have a front porch with a sitting area or just a front porch with gorgeous decor, enjoy decorating the first part of your home that all visitors will see. Make this space into your own favorite spot!


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