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Pantry Organization Tips

Organize Your Pantry With Any of These Great Tips!

If you’re looking for some tips on how to keep your pantry organized, then check out some of these simple and easy tips on how to maintain an organized pantry area. No matter what size your pantry is, you will be able to organize your pantry with any of these tips.

1. Cabinet Door Storage

The cabinet door is a great place to put extra items in your pantry. You can order an over the door storage organizer for extra storage. Place small items in the cabinet door storage. Using the cabinet door storage will help to make room for other items inside of the pantry.

2. Spice Racks

To keep your spices organized in the pantry, use a spice rack of your choice or one that works best for your pantry. By having a spice rack in your pantry, not only will they all be in the same spot, but you will be able to easily see which spices you have.

3. Label Items

In order to see what items you have in your pantry, make sure that you label your pantry items. For instance, you can either label the shelves or if you have clear containers, you can label what items are in the clear containers. Even if you don’t use the clear containers, you can label the front of baskets with what’s inside of them, so that you can keep track of each of them.

4. Organize By Category

Your pantry will stay organized by keeping each shelf as its own category. For example, if you keep your chips and cereal in your pantry, then you should keep the cereal in one area and the chips in another area. Keeping each item in its own category will help to know where each item is at all times.

5. Use Clear Jars For Storage

Another great tip to use to help keep your pantry organized is by using clear jars instead of keeping everything in the original bulky packages. Using clear jars will help to condense the amount of space being used within the pantry. Not only will you save space in the pantry, but you will also be able to easily see what are in the clear jars or containers.

6. Specific Shelves for Appliances

The bottom of the pantry or the bottom pantry shelves is a great place to keep larger appliances. For instance, if you prefer to unplug your appliances and put them away, then one of the best places to do so is in the kitchen pantry. By keeping the appliances on the bottom of the pantry will help keep the rest of the items on the rest of the shelves.

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7. Organizers

Instead of using clear jars or storage, then you can use organizers instead. Use the organizers to store the items that you keep in your pantry. Purchase organizers, baskets, or whichever organizers that you prefer to use to store the items that you keep in your pantry. You can get storage organizers from anywhere like Target, The Container Store, and more!

8. Take Out Unnecessary Items

Many times, the pantry can get full of unnecessary items. To keep the pantry full of only the items that you need, then you will need to keep track of expiration dates on the items frequently and take out anything that might have made its way into the pantry. By keeping track of items in the pantry will help it to always stay organized.

9. Stack Bowls

Bowls, mixing bowls, and other items can be stored in the pantry. However, keeping the bowls in the pantry can take up a lot of space. Stacking the bowls from biggest to smallest will help to reduce the amount of space being used on the pantry shelves.

10. Can Organizers

Another great way to make room for space in the pantry is by purchasing can organizers. There are so many different can organizers that you can purchase to put into your pantry. Keep your cans in the can organizers to make more room on the shelves and to make for easy access to your cans.

Help Others With These Great Pantry Organization Tips!

Enjoy being able to get your pantry in order with these helpful tips. Share some of these tips with friends in the Central Florida area that might need some pantry organization inspiration.

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