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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Keep Your Kitchen Clean with these Simple Tips!

A lot of these simple tips will have your kitchen sparkling clean. Keep the kitchen looking and smelling clean by doing any of these tips!


1. Clean your Kitchen Sink

While the kitchen sink is a place for dishes to get clean, after cleaning all the dishes, it’s important to clean out your sink. Some people might forget to clean the kitchen sink after every use. The easiest way to clean your kitchen sink is by using a multipurpose spray or even dish soap to clean it out. Take a sponge and clean every spot and once you feel that the sink is scrubbed, wash it out with the warm water from the faucet.


2. Wash out the Blender

After using the blender, it might be hard to scrub out the blender. A great way to easily clean the blender is by filling the pitcher part with soap and water and then turning it on to let it run through. After the blender is washed, dumb all the soap and water out, and then use a clean towel to dry it off.


3. Renew the Inside of the Microwave

Cleaning the microwave is something that many people will forget to do, and it’s important to make sure that the microwave is clean since it’s a kitchen appliance that is constantly being used. The best way to clean the microwave is by filling up a microwave-safe bowl with warm water and some lemon squeezed into the bowl. Put the bowl in the microwave for at least three minutes, this will help eliminate the grime inside the microwave. After letting the water and lemon run through the microwave, spray the inside with vinegar and water, and finally, dry the inside area.


4. Refresh your Garbage Disposal

Use an old toothbrush to clean the garbage disposal. Remnants of food and gunk can get trapped to the garbage disposal. By cleaning it out, you will be able to not only clean it, but you will also get nasty aromas out of the kitchen by cleaning your garbage disposal.


5. Organize your Fridge

Keep your fridge clean and organized by throwing out any expired foods, and wiping the fridge shelves with natural and non-chemical cleaning products. The best way to clean the inside of the fridge is by using warm water and vinegar or even dish soap. Use refrigerator organizing bins to help separate the food inside your fridge.


6. Have a Cupboard for All Kitchen Items

By separating your cupboards will help to keep track of where all the dishes are, the tucked-away appliances, and anything else that you need to keep in your kitchen. The best way to keep everything organized is by adding cupboard organizers or just organizing everything in them.








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