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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Keep Your Kitchen Clean with these Simple Tips!

Somehow it feels like the kitchen always needs to be cleaned. Whether you’ve just cooked a large meal, need to do some deep cleaning, or working on your daily cleaning tasks, the kitchen is a very important room in the home to keep clean.

1. Clean The Kitchen Sink

After doing the dishes in the sink, you will want to make sure that the kitchen sink is sparkling clean! The kitchen sink is what holds so many dirty dishes. After all the dishes are done and the sink is empty, take some dish soap or multipurpose spray and wipe down the kitchen sink thoroughly. Not only will this make the sink look sparkling clean, but it also will be.

2. Wash Out The Blender

It might be difficult to clean out your blender completely after it’s been used. One of the best ways to clean out the blender is by filling it up with soap and water, put the lid on, and let the blender run for a few minutes making sure that the inside of the blender gets cleaned out. After the soap and water have run through it, dump it out and rinse the blender out thoroughly. Let it dry or dry it with a kitchen towel to see how clean it is after this process.

3. Clean The Microwave

Another item in the kitchen that you should make sure you’re cleaning regularly is the microwave. Get a small, microwaveable bowl, fill it up with warm water and vinegar, and place it in the microwave for a few minutes. By doing this, it will be a lot easier to wipe down the inside of the microwave. The steam along with the vinegar helps to release any stuck-on food or spills.

4. Refresh Your Garbage Disposal

Whenever it comes time to clean out the garbage disposal in the kitchen, make sure that you always disconnect the power and that it’s completely off. Once it’s completely turned off, grab a sponge and wipe down what you can. To do some extra cleaning, pour baking soda and vinegar into the disposal and cover the drain. This mixture will start to fizzle a little bit. Once it’s done, remove the stopper and flush the disposal with hot water down the disposal.

5. Organize Your Fridge

Keep your fridge clean and organized with fridge organizers. Not only will this help keep your fridge organized, but it will also help you and your household know where everything in the fridge is located.

6. Have a Cupboard for All Kitchen Items

Try to keep all of your kitchen items put away in cupboards. This will help give more counter space and make it easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it. If you don’t have enough space for items in the cupboards, then you can also use the pantry for storage space as well.

7. Clean The Kitchen Trash Can

While it’s obvious to take the trash out when it’s full, it’s also helpful to clean out the trash can itself. While there isn’t a bag inside, you can wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe, or to clean it out deeper, you can take it outside and rinse it out with the hose and soap. After it’s sprayed down and completely clean, let it dry until it’s time to put a new trash bag in. It also wouldn’t hurt to give it a quick Febreeze.

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9. Sanitize The Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen sponge is something used daily for the dishes or for other cleaning purposes. The best way to sanitize your kitchen sponge is by soaking the sponge in a cup of hot water, white vinegar, and salt. Let the sponge sit in the mixture overnight. After you take it out of the combination, put it in the microwave for just a few minutes. However, make sure the sponge is still filled with plenty of water before you put it in the microwave.

10. Get The Inside Of Your Oven Cleaned

A great way to get the inside of your oven cleaned is by putting together a mixture of water, baking soda, and dish soap. After making the cleaning mixture, make sure that you let the cleaning combination sit in the oven for fifteen minutes before wiping it out. The oven racks can be taken out and cleaned with soap and water.

11. Wash Dish Towels And Kitchen Rugs

Don’t forget to throw your dish towels and rugs into the washer every so often to keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh. After a while, your kitchen towels and rugs will start to have an order or will collect germs, so it’s important to remember to wash them as frequently as you can.

12. Wipe The Counters Down Daily.

Sanitize and wipe down your kitchen counters daily. This is important to do so that there aren’t any germs or residue while cooking. After cooking and preparing your food daily, you will also want to wipe down the countertops so that the kitchen will be clean and free of crumbs or germs.

13. Clean the Kitchen Floors

Once you’ve cleaned the whole kitchen and while the rugs are in the washer, use that time to sweep and mop the kitchen floors. Plenty of food and crumbs will fall on the kitchen floor, and you might not even realize how much has actually fallen on the floor. The kitchen is one of the rooms that attract a lot of foot traffic, so cleaning it regularly is important.

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