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Tips For Organizing Your Home

Organize Your Home With Any of These Great Tips!

There are plenty of great and easy ways to organize your home. If you’re looking for ways to organize and ways to declutter your home, then these will be helpful tips that you can put into action in your own home.

1. Use The Space Under Your Bed For Storage

Many people have plenty of room to add items underneath their bed. Making use of the space underneath your bed is great for things in your home that you don’t often use. For instance, there are plenty of under the bed containers that you can buy to store those items. Use this storage space to keep your winter coats or winter items that you won’t be keeping out all year.

2. Storage Bins With Labels

Another great way to make sure every item has a place in your home is by keeping them in storage bins. However, when you have storage bins, especially if you have a lot of storage bins, you might want to keep labels on all the bins so everyone in the household knows where everything goes.

3. Throw Out Old And Expired

We often like to hold on to items in the home that turn out to be old or expired. By throwing away those items, it’ll make room for plenty of extra room or extra storage. You will most likely see more results in rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen when this happens. Throwing out old food and expired beauty products will always give you more room!

4. Shelves

Not only are shelves great for displaying decor, but shelves can also be great for storage. If you have a lot of something in particular, then you can keep those items on the shelves. For instance, many people like to keep books, movies, journals, or anything else that might make them happy on shelves. If you don’t want your items to be seen on the shelves, you can also get baskets that fit on the shelves to keep the items in.

5. Try To Keep A Linen Closet

Some households have extra closets and if that’s the case, then turn one of them into a linen closet. This can help keep your home organized because oftentimes extra pillows, sheets, or blankets get tossed throughout the home and you might end up not even knowing where what you need is. This not only helps keep the home organized, but it also gives these items their own spot. Another positive of creating a linen closet is so that when you have guests, everyone knows where all the extra items are.

6. Entertainment Center Storage

If you and the others in your household spend a lot of time in the family room or living room, then there is probably a type of entertainment center set up. Many entertainment centers also have an amazing amount of space to be used as well! This is a bonus, especially if you’re trying to keep your home organized. Keep the movies, games, remotes, or anything else that you may use in the family room and keep it in your entertainment center storage.

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7. Garage Space

Plenty of homes have a garage. If your home has a garage, then a lot of times there can be a corner of the garage where seasonal decor can be stored. For instance, if you are the type of person that likes to decorate for all the seasons, then you can keep large bins with each season in storage in your garage. However, you don’t want to fill your garage up with too much clutter, so make sure that everything stays as organized as possible.

8. Entryway Area

An easy way to eliminate bags, shoes, jackets and other items that get taken in and out of the home is by creating an entryway area where these items can stay. For instance, some entryway areas can have baskets or shoe racks to keep shoes, baskets for umbrellas, and of course hooks for backpacks, bags, and or jackets.

9. Mail Basket

Something that comes into the home is mail. Mail and bills along with catalogs can end up on the kitchen table, all over the countertops, and in other places of the home. Having a mail basket will help keep all the important mail and documents in one spot. Plus the basket will help to maintain everything. Once the basket gets too full is when you know that it’s time to declutter the basket.

10. Use File Holders For Other Things

People think that they can only use file holders for files, paperwork, or magazines, and of course, you can! However, you can also use file holders for other items in the home like hair tools, brushes, or maybe even cleaning supplies like spray bottles or soap bottles.

11. Clear Jars Or Canisters

If it’s difficult to find room to keep food in the pantry or in cabinets, then you can purchase clear jars or canisters and keep the food in the clear jars. Store the food in the jars rather than in the boxes or bags that they came in. There will be more room on the countertops and in the pantry when items are taken out of the bags and boxes. This is another trick that works great for bathrooms as well.

12. Laundry Room Storage Baskets

The laundry room shouldn’t have to be a mess filled with dirty and clean clothes. A great way to make sure that this room stays organized is by keeping a basket for different items. For example, keep a laundry basket for dirty clothes, clean clothes, and maybe even for folded clothes. By having a basket for folded clothes, it’ll make it easier to distribute the clean clothes throughout the house.

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