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Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Organize Your Closet With Any of These Great Tips!

There are plenty of great ways to keep your closet organized. Use any of these tips to make sure that your closet stays clean and organized at all times. Having an organized closet will make it easier for you and others in your home to find what it is that you might be looking for.

1. Closet Organizers

Purchase the perfect closet organizer that will fit your closet best. If you have a closet organizer, then you can hang your clothes on the rods, fold your pants on the shelves, and add your shoes to the empty shelves or keep them on the bottom of the organizer. Depending on which closet organizer that you prefer will depend on where you decide to put the clothing items in your closet.

2. Shoe Racks

Instead of having your shoes all over your closet floor or putting them on the shelves of your closet organizer, look into purchasing a shoe rack for your closet. Not only can you use a shoe rack inside of the closet, but you can also purchase an over the door shoe organizer to put on the inside of your closet door. Adding this will make more space inside the closet.

3. Declutter the Closet

The first task that you should do before organizing your closet is decluttering it. For example, you should take everything out of the closet and go through everything. Get rid of the items in your closet that you don’t wear anymore or that you feel like you just don’t need to keep. By decluttering the closet will help to make room for the items that you continue to wear regularly.

4. Use Storage Organizers

Another way to keep your closet organized is by using storage organizers. If you don’t want to get an entire closet organizer, then you can look into just buying the storage organizers to keep in the closet. Keeping your storage organizers in the closet will help condense the amount of clutter in the closet, and will also help you know where everything is.

5. Extra Hooks

By adding extra hooks to the closet will help to let you add more items to the closet. The hooks on the wall of your closet will help give you a place to store your jackets, coats, hats, and more!

6. Make Use of Extra Hanging Shelves

Many closets have extra shelves hanging on the walls, and if yours doesn’t have extra shelves, then you can add the extra shelves to your closet space to have more areas for storage. Fold shirts or pants to put on the extra shelves in your closet or use it for shoe storage. There are so many

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7. Get a Boot Organizer

Not only do most people keep their shoes in the closet, but they also keep their boots in the closet. However, with boots being bulkier and some being longer than regular shoes, you can consider looking into getting a boot organizer. Depending on what size closet that you have depends on which boot organizer will work best for you.

8. Organize the Clothes by Style

A great way to organize the clothes in your closet is either by style or color. By organizing your clothes by color or by style, you’ll know exactly where each article of clothing is located. For example, when it comes to hanging up your clothes in your closet by having a place for them will help you know where to hang them inside the closet. Long sleeves near long sleeves and short sleeves near short sleeves will be a super helpful way to organize!

9. Add a Hamper To The Closet

Keep a hamper in your closet for a place to put your dirty laundry. By putting a hamper in the closet will reduce the number of dirty clothes that get tossed either around the bedroom or the bedroom floor. Placing the hamper in the closet will help give you easy access to where the dirty laundry is, and will make it easy to maneuver to the laundry room.

10. Hang Up Bags

Another way of creating more of an organized space in your closet is by instead of placing your bags or purses on the closet floor, hang them up on extra hooks if you can. Hang the bags up on the back of the closet door or where ever you have extra hooks in your closet area.

11. Pack Away Sweaters and Winter Clothes


The cooler months don’t happen all year round, so instead of keeping all of the winter clothes packed tightly into the closet making it cluttered, you can store any sweaters or winter clothing in bins under the bed or in another storage closet.

12. Matching Hangers

This may not sound like something that will help to keep your closet organized, but having matching hangers in your closet will help to make your closet look more organized and well put together. Buy matching hangers in bulk at a store near you or order your preferred hangers online.

Help Others With These Great Closet Organization Tips!

Many people like to clean and organize their closets every so often to get rid of items that they don’t need. Use these tips to help get your closet organized and share these tips with others who need some motivation to start organizing their closets.

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