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Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Time To Spring Clean Your Home With These Easy Tips!

Get your home clean and organized just in time for the Spring season. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of household items taking up space, a time to do some deep cleaning, and a great time to start organizing areas of your home that you’ve been needing to start organizing.

1. Window Cleaning

The windows sometimes get forgotten during your regular cleaning schedule. Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to wipe down the windows and get them squeaky clean. If your windows have blinds or shades, make sure that you move them out of the way before cleaning. The easiest way to start the window cleaning process is by using your favorite glass cleaner and wiping both the inside and outside of the windows down. If your windows open, make sure to open them to clean the inside of the windowsill as over time, the windowsill collects dust and grime. Use a sponge with either soap and water or a disinfecting spray that you prefer.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Another area of the home that could use a little cleaning and organizing during Spring Cleaning is the kitchen cabinets. The best way to do this is to focus on one cabinet at a time. Take everything out of the cabinet, vacuum it out, and wipe it down if needed. Go through everything that was in that cabinet, and if it’s something that you don’t need anymore, put the item in a donate pile. This is a great way to not only clean those kitchen cabinets, but a great way to downsize and help get them back organized.

3. Refrigerator Refresh

When was the last time you wiped down the inside of the refrigerator? Time to add that to your Spring Cleaning checklist! Take everything out of the fridge and check the expiration dates as you do. If you see anything that’s old or expired, toss it out so that it doesn’t go back in the fridge. After the fridge is completely empty, it’s time to wipe down the shelves and bins with a cloth or sponge. The best cleaning solution to use to clean the inside of the fridge is by using a more natural cleaner. For instance, soap and water is a great way to clean it out or even with vinegar and water.

4. Bathroom Cabinet And Medicine Cabinet Clean Out

Another important section of the home to focus on during Spring Cleaning is the bathroom. However, not your usual bathroom cleaning, but it’s time to tackle the bathroom cabinets, the medicine cabinet, or the bathroom closet. No matter which ones you have in your bathroom, it’s important to clean and organize them. Start off with going through any medicines or vitamins and check all the dates on them. This also goes for bath products like lotions, extra shampoos, and whatever else you have hidden away in the bathroom cabinets. Wipe out all the cabinets or the shelves and put all the items that you need and the ones that you use regularly back in an organized manner.

5. Vacuum The Furniture 

Spring Cleaning is also the time to take all of the cushions off of the couches and chairs to vacuum who knows what’s fallen between the seats. If your home has pets, often times the pet hair will latch onto the furniture as well. Spring Cleaning is a perfect time to vacuum all of the furniture and wash any throw pillows or blankets that are often used on these furniture pieces in your home.

6. Clean The Ceiling Fan Blades

The higher up in the home, the easier that it is to forget about. Grab some cleaning spray and old pillowcases. Spray the fan blades and then take the inside side of the pillowcase to place along the blade. This way, all the dirt, and dust gets pulled into the pillowcase rather than on the floor or the bed.

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7. Closet Downsize

Spring Cleaning is the best time to go through all the clothes in your closets and dressers. Downsize on the clothes that you don’t want, don’t fit, or just feel like you don’t necessarily need anymore. This will help create so much more room in your closet space and dresser drawers. This goes for downsizing on shoes in the home as well!

8. Patio And Porch Deep Cleaning

The Spring season is one of the best times to clean the patio or porch! The weather is beautiful, so you won’t get too hot while sweeping, wiping down the furniture, or cleaning any patio rugs. Use this time cleaning your porch or patio as a time to reorganize or even redecorate for the new season.

9. Microwave Cleaning

Much like the refrigerator, a microwave is an appliance that is used regularly but doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. Use a bowl of water with a little dash of vinegar to heat in the microwave for a few minutes. This will create a steam to help make it easier when it comes to wiping the insides. There are even microwave cleaners used specifically for this that you can order online.

10. Clean The Coffee Maker

Another item that gets used daily in the home is the coffee maker. Whether you have a Keurig or a coffee pot, there are a ton of easy ways to make sure that the inside and the outside of this appliance gets cleaned the way that they should.

11. Downsize Cleaning Products

Not only is it time to clean your home, but it’s time to go through any old and expired cleaning products. In order to make sure you have all the best products or items to clean your home, you have to make sure that your products are in good condition to be used. Throw out any expired products and make sure that your sponges or cleaning cloths aren’t outdated.

12. Clean Your Pet Beds

Much like humans, pets also like to sleep in a nice clean bed. If possible, put your pet bed in the washer. Don’t forget to try to vacuum the bed regularly to vacuum up all the pet hair that sticks to it. If there’s no hope to get that pet bed clean, then it might be time to replace your pet’s bed.

13. Shelf Wipe Down

If you have a lot of shelves throughout the home, decorative shelves, or bookshelves, they might need a quick wipe down. Shelves can attract dust that we don’t see! Add this to your Spring Cleaning checklist, so that you don’t forget to get this task done.

14. Clean Out The Trash Can

You would think that something that you put trash in wouldn’t need to be cleaned, but that’s exactly why this item in your home should be cleaned! First, make sure that you take the trash bag that’s in the can out and then take the actual trash can itself outside so that you can use the garden hose to wash it out. Use the water from the hose and use your favorite disinfectant spray or dish soap to help really clean it. If you need to scrub it down, make sure that you have a specific brush to use for the trash can.

Make Your Spring Cleaning This Year Enjoyable!

Add any or all of these tips to your Spring Cleaning list! We want to make sure that you have all of the best tips to take care of your home.

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