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Tips For Organizing Your Garage

Organize Your Garage With These Simple Tips!

Maintaining a clean and organized garage space can be difficult. Make use of some of these simple tips to help make your garage an organized room in your home. By doing these tips will help you know where all your garage items are stored.

1.  Store Your Bikes and Scooters with Palette Board

Those wooden palettes that you might have laying around will come in handy when you are using them to store your scooters and bikes! Keisha Long gave us this creative tip as an idea to keep all bikes or scooters in one section of a garage to help keep it organized.

2. Metal Shelves to Organize Bins

If you have a large number of bins to store the majority of your household items, then storing those bins on metal shelves in the garage will help to keep it looking organized. Putting your bins on the metal shelves will also eliminate having items all over your garage floor. Purchase any metal shelving from a local store like Walmart or Home Depot.

3. Specific Areas for a Variety of All Items

By having an area for all household items will be incredibly helpful when it comes to knowing where items are and staying organized. For instance, make one area for all gardening items and then make another corner an area for all tools. Create a space for all areas in the garage.

4. Use Peg Boards to Help Store Gardening Tools

Keep all of your gardening tools organized and hung up on pegboards. Our team leader, Jenny Wemert suggested this great tip. Hang up all of your gardening tools to eliminate clutter. Not only will this eliminate the clutter, but hanging these items will also make for easy access when you need one of these tools.

5. Hang Up Your Recycle Bins to Create More Garage Floor Space

Instead of placing your recycle bins on the garage floor, create a way to hang them up on the walls. For example, there are so many quick and easy ways to build your own recycle bin holders. Make recycle bins out of extra pieces of wood! There are quite a few ways to make these bin holders for easy organization.

6. Above Garage Door Storage

Another way to store containers is by keeping your storage containers above the garage doors. By doing this, the containers are up and off the ground. This little tip will make for much more floor space in your garage.

7. Organize Bins By Categories 

Keeping your bins labeled and separated will help your garage stay organized. For example, by putting things into different categories will help make for easy access when it comes to what you’re looking for.

8. Hang Up Shelves to Use as Storage Space

Instead of an average shelving unit to put up in your garage, hang up your shelves on the garage walls. This tip will also increase the amount of floor space in your garage. Not only will it give the garage floor space, but this will also give you a place to store a variety of items!

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9. Use Hooks to Hang Up Beach Chairs or Lawn Chairs

A great way to store your beach chairs or lawn chairs is by hanging them up on hooks in your garage. It can be tough to find the perfect place to store your outdoor chairs. Hanging them on hooks will help to create more room on the garage floor.

10. Put Your Fishing Poles on the Inside of Your Garage Door

Here’s an easy tip on how to easily store your fishing poles! Purchase a fishing rod holder that easily attaches to your garage door. Hanging up your fishing poles on your garage door will give you easy access and will keep all of your fishing poles as organized as possible.

11. Closed Up Cabinet Storage

Purchase a cabinet to store items that need to be locked up. For instance, if you have chemicals or something that you need to keep out of reach of children, then putting them up in a closed-up cabinet in the garage is a great place to keep and organize those items.

12. Broom Organizer to Store Your Cleaning Products

Make a spot for all of your cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, and more in your garage. Find an inexpensive broom organizer to place in your garage to help keep you organized. These inexpensive broom organizers can be purchased at places like Wal-Mart or the Container Store.

13. Pulley System to Hang Bikes from the Ceiling

Another one of our agents, Jessica Remillard, gave us a wonderful tip to use a pulley system to hang bikes from the ceiling. She and her family use this to hang up their larger-sized bikes. This helps give them room to store the smaller bikes that are used more often.

14. Shoe Racks

A lot of homes prefer to not have shoes worn inside the home. If you have shoes sprawled out all over your garage floor, then pick up a shoe rack from any local store, and organize those shoes on that shoe rack.

15. Bins for Small Toys or Beach Toys

Pick up any size bins to keep toys or beach necessities in. Mark these bins, so that you know what items are in each one. This helps to gather and organize these small items. Even if the garage is a catch-all room for so many random items, those random items can have a place too!

16. Boot Tray

There is plenty of rain that happens in Central Florida. If you have rain boots, then the best place to keep them might be in your garage. However, instead of having them sprawled all over the garage floor, a great place to keep them is on a boot tray. Pick up a boot tray from Target, Walmart, or anywhere else that might sell them.

17. Luggage Storage

Oftentimes, luggage will get tossed into the chaos of the garage. Add more ceiling storage to keep your luggage up and out of the way. Luggage isn’t something that’s used on a daily basis, so having it up and out of the way is a great way to keep it stored throughout the year.

18. Organized Entry Way

Instead of having your entryway drop station by the front door, consider keeping it in the garage. If you are someone that constantly goes in and out of the garage, doing this will be very helpful. Keep your bags, backpacks, and shoes all organized on this entryway holder in the garage.

19. Put all Items Where Back Where They Belong

Often times, the garage can become quickly cluttered no matter how organized it is. The reason behind this is because items will get thrown anywhere and everywhere. By putting items back where they go, this will keep the organized area that you have created. It only takes a minute to put items back where they belong and this tip will be helpful when it comes to knowing where things are.

20. Foldable Work Bench

The garage can be a place that most people do some time of work. Whether it’s working on a project or working on a household item that might need fixing. Make your workspace in the garage a comfortable and compact area. For instance, purchase an inexpensive workbench to keep out of the way when not being used. Purchase a foldable workbench from your local Lowes or you can even build your own.

21. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

While the garage can become the catch-all room, it can also become the room that ends up having the most unused items. Go through your garage at least once a month if you can, and find something that you know that you will never need. Get rid of that item, donate it, or even sell it. This will help you keep only the items that you really need to be stored in your garage.

22. Jars for Small Trinkets

It’s easy to lose little trinkets in the garage. The best way to store these smaller items is by placing them in clear jars. Label each jar, so that if one becomes empty, you will know where to put the items again. For example, use one of the jars for all nails so that you will know where they are stored and located.

23. Locker Storage

Putting up lockers in the garage is actually a common way to stay organized. Lockers can be used to store power tools. This will keep them locked away and neatly organized. Another reason that many people will use locker storage is to keep family members items organized by different lockers.

Share All of These Great Tips with Others in Central Florida!

Enjoy putting all or some of these tips into play in your own garage. Having an organized and clean garage will help you stay organized all year round! Not only will your garage be cleaned and organized, but it will be easy to find all of your items.

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