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Tips For Organizing Your Living Room

Tips For Organizing Your Living Room

Keep Your Living Room Organized With Any Of These Tips And Ideas!

The living room is one of the most popular rooms in the home. Everyone usually seems to gather in the living room area. Follow all of these tips to help keep your living room clean and organized.

1. Coffee Table & Ottoman Storage

A great way to keep your living room organized is by doubling either your coffee table or ottoman as a storage space. For instance, many coffee tables have two layers. The bottom layer is great for storing items in the living room that don’t have a proper place. Many ottomans also have hidden storage where you can store seasonal decor, extra throw pillows, candles, and whatever else needs a place. This is a great way to keep the room organized.

2. Double Side Tables With More Storage

Side tables are often placed next to couches, chairs, and other seating areas in the living room. Not only is it great to have side tables for convenience, but they’re also great for organization. Much like coffee tables, side tables can also come with extra layers. If your side tables have a bottom section, purchase a basket to keep in that spot to store remotes, movies, or anything else that needs to be put away for organizational purposes. Some side tables even come with drawers for extra storage.

3. Blanket Ladder Shelf

If you like having blankets around your home but don’t have a great spot to keep them all, then the perfect solution for this is to use a ladder shelf. Ladder shelves are not only a wonderful decor piece to keep in the living room area, but it doubles as an organizational piece as well. All of your blankets will be stored in one place.

4. Donate Items Frequently

Periodically, homeowners frequently wonder how so much stuff ends up in their homes. Once this thought arises is when you know that it’s time to declutter some items throughout the house. Declutter any older and unnecessary items in the home that you don’t want or don’t use anymore. This is another easy way that will help keep your home organized.

5. Keep Your Cords Organized

Between electronics, gaming systems, and much more, there can often be an abundance of cords taking up space and cluttering the living room area. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to hide cords and make them look more organized in your living room space. For instance, you can order cord organizers on Amazon or pick one up at a store near you.

6. Extra Shelving

If you’re looking for something to put up on the walls of your living room, then a great way to decorate the walls is with extra shelving. The extra shelving creates extra storage space as well. Placing items on the shelves will also help keep household items off the floor giving it that illusion that the living room is always an organized room in the home.

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7. Entertainment Center Baskets

Plenty of entertainment centers have shelves and extra space to hold items. Keeping baskets on the shelves and places on the entertainment center will help to hide clutter and will help make the room feel more organized.

8. Make Use Of Any Built-In Shelves

Many households have built-in shelves. If your home has built-in shelves, especially in the living room, you can take advantage of using them for even more storage space instead of adding shelves to the walls. Built-in shelves aren’t just great for storage purposes, but they’re also great for putting up decor pieces as well.

9. Remote Storage Tray Or Box

Some households have the tv or entertainment center in the living room meaning that there are a lot of remotes that need to be used with these electronic devices. Keep the remotes in a tray on the coffee table or ottoman. This will give them a place instead of being placed anywhere or getting lost. Another place to keep the remotes is in a basket on the tv stand or on one of the side tables.

10. Take Out Items That Belong In Other Rooms At Least Once A Week

It’s natural for items from other rooms to end up in rooms that they don’t belong in. If you notice that this happens often in your home, then plan a time for once a week to grab a laundry basket or a box to throw all those items in that belong in another part of the home. This is an easy task that will help keep the living room organized.

Enjoy Organizing Your Living Room Area!

There are so many easy ways to organize your living room that you can start right away! Take note of all of these tips and apply them to your home to see what a difference it’ll make.

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