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Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

Use Any of These Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean!

Cleaning the bathroom can be a hassle at times. However, by using these simple tips, cleaning the bathroom is much easier and will help the bathroom cleaning experience a bit more bearable.

1. Take All Items Out of The Shower

Before you wipe down the shower, make sure you take out all of the shampoo bottles, body washes, razors, and whatever else that you may keep in the shower. Start from the top of the shower and work your way to the bottom of the shower floor. After you have scrubbed the shower, rinse all the areas of the shower with warm water. Wipe down your shower bottles before placing them back in the shower.

2. Wipe Down the Shower Curtain

While cleaning the shower and bathtub, make sure that you give the shower curtain a good wipe down. This will prevent the number of germs and grime that sticks to the shower curtain.

3. Clean the Bathroom Mirror

One task that often gets forgotten during the bathroom cleaning process is forgetting to clean the bathroom mirror. Grab your glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth and spray down the bathroom mirror to make it clean.

4. Sanitize the Bathroom Sink

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom sink, make sure that you remove anything sitting on the sink. Wipe down the faucet handles, and check to see if the faucet itself needs to be cleaned. The best way to clean the faucet is by scrubbing it with vinegar and water. Before putting your hand soaps and anything else that sits on your bathroom sink, make sure that you either wipe everything down or spray it with disinfectant sprays to get those items clean as well.

5. Don’t Forget to Wipe Down the Walls

The walls in the bathroom often become unnoticed. However, when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, you will want to give all the walls a quick wipe down. Bathroom walls will get splatters and stains often from all of the water and other items used in the bathroom. For example, the toothpaste or hairspray can easily cling to the wall. Giving the bathroom walls a quick wipe down will help get rid of any splatters that have appeared on the bathroom walls.

6. Clean the Bathroom Decor

Most people have plenty of bathroom decor throughout the bathroom. When it’s time to clean the bathroom, it’s helpful to wipe down all the bathroom decor from any dust, grime, and from any unseen germs. Bathroom decor can be forgotten easily, so cleaning the items will help keep these items clean and dust-free.

7. Wash all the Towels and Rugs

The best time to wash all the towels and the bathroom rugs is on the day that the bathroom is getting deep cleaned. By washing all the rugs and towels, this will give the bathroom a very clean slate.

8. Sweep the Bathroom Floor

Even though you might not notice it, the bathroom floor can accumulate dirt and dust on the floor. Make sure that you give the floor a good sweep to get rid of any dirt that might be hiding in corners or underneath the bathroom rugs.


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9. Removing Stains from the Toilet Bowl

When it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl, stains sometimes form, and an easy way to rid the toilet bowl of these stains is by pouring vinegar into the toilet to let it sit for a few hours and eliminate these hard to get rid of stains. After doing this cleaning the toilet bowl with the regular toilet bowl cleaner will be made much easier.

10. Clean the Showerhead 

The showerhead can collect residue and a lot of build-ups. While cleaning the bathroom, make sure that you don’t forget to clean the showerhead. An easy way to do this task is by filling up a Ziploc bag with vinegar and water and then tie the bag around the showerhead. Let the vinegar and water stay on the showerhead for a few hours before you take it off. After taking the bag off the showerhead, scrub the showerhead with a cleaning brush or sponge.

11. Keep a Hamper in the Bathroom

Instead of throwing your clothes on the bathroom floor before taking a shower, throw them into a hamper kept in the bathroom. Another great reason to keep the hamper in the bathroom is so that all of your laundry will be in one place. When laundry day comes, all you will have to do is take the hamper to the laundry room making it just that simple.

12. Hang Up all the Towels

Keep the moisture and mildew scent out of the bathroom by hanging up all of the used towels that are in the bathroom. By keeping the towels hung up will help them to air dry and prevent any unwanted smells to linger.

13. Make Sure that You Clean your Toothbrush

So much bacteria live on your toothbrush, and since you can’t see it, you would never know. Every so often, let your toothbrush soak in a cup of vinegar for at least thirty minutes. However, even if you remember to clean your toothbrush, remember that you should replace your toothbrush every three months. Keep your old toothbrushes for cleaning purposes.

14. Mop or Swiffer the Floors

The very last task that you should do after deep cleaning the bathroom is mop or Swiffer the bathroom floor. After mopping the bathroom floor, let the cleaner sink in and dry the bathroom floor.

15. Clean the Shower Drains

Pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain. This combination will cause the shower drain to fizz but will help unclog the drain. After waiting a few minutes to let it all settle, pour boiling hot water down the drain to finally wash away the cleaning combination in your shower drain.

16. Make the Faucet Shine Again

It becomes easy for the faucets to lose that sparkle and shine. However, by cutting a lemon in half can make that faucet shine again. Use the lemon half to scrub the bathroom sink and make it sparkle once again. After scrubbing the lemon, make sure that you wipe everything down so that it’s all clean before it’s used again.

Share All of These Bathroom Cleaning Tips with Others in Central Florida!

Help anyone else in the Central Florida area with their Spring cleaning with these amazing and helpful cleaning tips. These tips will help you maintain a clean and organized bathroom space.

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