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Tips For Cleaning Your Home

Keep your Home Clean with these Simple Tips!

Sometimes you might feel like there’s no time for cleaning your home, especially after a long day. However, these tips are simple and will take no time at all. A lot of these tips also might be ones that most people might just forget to do.

1. Repurpose Dryer Sheets

If you’re someone that just doesn’t like using dryer sheets in your laundry, but have a ton of them lying around the house, then there are plenty of other ways to use them. For instance, dryer sheets can be used to wipe up crayons, use them to wipe off dressers or any other furniture, and dryer sheets are amazing at wiping away soap residue.

2. Clean Sponge in Microwave

Sponges are a cleaning product that some people might use daily! However, you won’t feel that it’s very effective if the sponge itself is dirty. A quick way to clean your dirty sponge is by getting it wet, and then sticking it in the microwave for a minute or two. Microwaving your sponges won’t harm anything, just make sure that the sponges are always wet prior to putting them in the microwave.

3. Restore Shower Head

The showerhead is also something that should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the showerhead may seem like it would take too long to do, but in reality, this cleaning tip only takes a few minutes. Wipe off as much as you can, but the best way to clean the showerhead is to get a Ziploc bag that will fit around the showerhead. Fill the Ziploc bag with water and white vinegar. Simply keep the Ziploc bag attached to the showerhead with a twist tie. Leave this on as long as you think it needs to be, and after taking the Ziploc bag off, you will be able to easily scrub off any leftover scum or residue.

4. Buff Out Floors 

Having wood floors can sometimes show more of those small scuffs. A simple way to get those scuffs out is by buffing them out with clean tennis balls. You will want to make sure it’s not used with dirt and grime that would lead to just adding unnecessary dirt to your floors. Tennis balls are soft enough and won’t scuff up your floor.

5. Get Rid of Sour Kitchen Smells

The kitchen is one of the places that will have the most smells in the home. However, you wouldn’t want the kitchen to obtain sour smells, so the best way to get rid of those sour kitchen smells is by running lemon rinds down the disposal and then following with cold water. This will help make your kitchen smell as clean as it looks.

6. Get Stains out of Carpet

The best way to remove carpet stains is by getting an empty squirt bottle and filling it with white vinegar, warm water, and a little dash of dish soap. Mix it up and then spray directly on to the stain in the carpet. Let it soak in for a few minutes, dab it with a cloth, and then vacuum the area. Your carpet will look as good as new.

7. Clean Baseboards

Baseboards are another part of the home that can get really dirty very quickly. One of the best ways to clean the baseboards is by using a magic eraser. The magic eraser will easily remove any dirt, build-up, or hard to get off markings. Magic erasers are inexpensive and get the job done. This tip also only takes a few minutes.

8. Baking Soda in Laundry

Depending on where you wore your laundry will depend on the way that they smell. Some clothes will hold on to strong odors. The best way to get out a lot of very harsh odors is by adding baking soda along with your laundry detergent. Not only will this tip help with the smells, but it will renew and refresh your everyday laundry.

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9. Clean Shoes with an Old Toothbrush

Cleaning shoes is a lot easier than most people would think. Depending on what material shoe that you clean will depend on what you should use to clean them. For instance, to clean the bottom of tennis shoes is very easy. Grab an old toothbrush that isn’t being used and combine a mixture of bleach and water. Use the toothbrush and cleaning combination to brush the shoes clean.

10. Freshen your Mattress

Another cleaning tip that most people wouldn’t usually think about is freshening up your mattress. Since the mattress isn’t something that most people think about cleaning, it’s important to do something to freshen it up. On the day that you usually wash your bed sheets is the perfect day to also clean and freshen your mattress. While the sheets are in the washer, sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress, and then just vacuum it up!

11. Dust with a Lint Roller

A great way to clean up messes, dust, and any other messes is by using a lint roller. Lint rollers are generally used for cleaning lint or even dog hair off your clothing. However, a great tip to remove dust, glitter, dog hair, and other particles off your furniture is by using that lint roller.

12. Clean your Computer Keyboard

Something else that most people forget to clean is their computer keyboards. Computer keyboards have germs and bacteria, so remembering to clean it is very important. There are quite a few different ways to clean your computer keyboards. For instance, one way is by using a wipe or another way to clean your keyboard is by using that old toothbrush in a combination of vinegar and water to really clean the keys.

13. Use a Cloth and a Butter Knife to Clean Air Vents

The best way to clean your air vents easily is by wrapping a cloth around a butter knife. By using the butter knife will make it easier to get into the hard to clean places. Before wiping the air vent down, make sure you use a little bit of cleaning spray to put on the cloth to wipe away all the germs and dust.

14. Get your Tile Grout Clean

Cleaning tile grout can be difficult. By using cleaning gel toilet bowl cleaner on the grout will help make the grout sparkle clean. Not only will this product help with grout, but this will also help with cleaning the entire floor and getting it clean.

15. Use an Old Pillowcase to Clean the Fan Blades

Grab some old pillowcases that aren’t being used anymore and use them to clean the dirt and dust off your fan blades. Spray some cleaner onto the blades and then put the opening of the pillowcase around the blade so that the pillowcase will catch all the dirt and dust.

16. Wash Toys in the Dishwasher

Toys that kids play with consistently should be washed as often as you can. Remembering to do it isn’t as easy. However, some toys can be placed in the dishwasher and can be washed off just that quickly. Before putting the toys in the dishwasher, make sure that the toys won’t get ruined in the dishwasher.

17. Renew your Pillows

Most people will remember to clean their pillowcases, however, cleaning just the pillows isn’t always something that people remember should be cleaned. The best way to do this is by putting your pillow in the washing machine. Pillows turn a yellow color over time, and by washing them will help restore your pillow and clean it as well.

18. Make your Bed Daily

By making your bed, this simple and quick task only takes a few minutes. Even though making the bed doesn’t seem like a cleaning task, but by keeping the bed made will make the room look cleaner and well put together.

19. Clean the Remotes

Don’t forget to clean your remotes as often as you can. Take a disinfecting wipe to the remote and wipe both sides. If you don’t have any more cleaning wipes, then you can even take Lysol and spray it down to disinfect.

20. Fluff and Refresh your Towels

Over time, bathroom towels will get less and less soft. Throw your bathroom towels in the washer with a cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking soda, and then wash with hot water. After washing your towels, you will notice how much more fresh and fluffy that they are.

21. Refresh Trash Cans

Often times trash cans can give off an unpleasant odor in the home. Whether it’s the kitchen trash can, the bathroom trash can or any room in the house trash can, an easy way to fix this is by keeping a fabric softener sheet at the bottom of the can. Another way to refresh a smelly trash can is by spraying Febreze or Lysol in the can after taking out a dirty bag.

Share All of These Great Tips with Others in Central Florida!

Take any of these helpful tips and share them with others. Using these tips will help clean your everyday items in the easiest way. You will love being able to put these easy tips to use.

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