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Bedroom Organization Tips

Keep a Clean and Organized Bedroom with these Easy Tips!

Bedrooms can get messy or unorganized very quickly! By doing easy tips can help you to maintain a clean and organized bedroom at all times. Enjoy going to bed in a clean bedroom every night by keeping up with organizing and cleaning it.

1. Always Make The Bed

One task that only takes a few minutes to do is make the bed. By just making the bed will help to make the room look a lot cleaner and more organized. Get into the habit of making the bed daily and your bedroom will continue to look amazing every day.

2. Hang Up Your Clothes

An easy way to keep your clothes organized is by hanging them up. After washing your clothes by immediately hanging up your clothes will help not only to keep your bedroom clean, but it will also help to keep your closet clean and organized.

3. Keep The Closet Door Shut

This doesn’t seem like it would do much to keep the bedroom cleaned and organized, however, by keeping the closet door shut will help to tuck away any clutter or extra items that can be easily seen from the closet.

4. Under Bed Storage

There are plenty of great places to put items away in your bedroom. If you’ve run out of space to keep items in your closet, then you can get under the bed storage to place extra items in and to put them away. Pick up under the bed storage containers from Lowe’s, Target, and plenty of other places in Central Florida that offer storage items.

5. Keep A Hamper In The Room

Make sure that you keep a hamper in the bedroom. Clothes can easily become scattered around the floor, so by keeping a hamper in the bedroom can help to keep your laundry tucked away instead of placed everywhere else in the room.

6. Don’t Let Your Nightstand Get Cluttered

Many people pile up their nightstands quickly with items. Maintain your nightstand table so that it won’t get cluttered. Try to put your items in the nightstand drawer by only leaving out the daily items. If you like keeping many items on your nightstand, then you can invest in a nightstand that has multiple drawers to keep all of your items tucked away.

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7. Maintain The Shoes

If you keep your shoes in the bedroom, then you should keep them in either the closet on a shoe rack or keep them in a shoe organizer. Having shoes that have a specific place will help to maintain the clutter or having them sprawled throughout the bedroom floor.

8. Organize Your Dresser And The Drawers

Make sure that your dresser drawers stay organized. Organize each drawer with a different article of clothing so that you know where all of your items are placed. Not only should you keep the drawers organized, but you should also keep the top of the dresser clean and organized.

9. Store Extra Pillows and Blankets In A Basket

In case you like to keep extra pillows and blankets in your bedroom with nowhere to put them, you can always use an extra basket to keep these items in. Not only do the baskets give the extra pillows and blankets a place, but it also makes for easy access when you need them.

10. Shelves

A great way to display items in your bedroom is on the shelves hung up on the walls. Keep books, decor, and more placed on the shelves in the bedroom. Not only do the shelves give you a place to put your things, but it also adds to the decor throughout your bedroom.

11. Clean The Floors Frequently

Try to keep as many items as you can off the floor. If you have items that end up on your bedroom floor, try to plan a day at least once a week to pick up and then clean the floors. If you have carpet make sure to vacuum it and if you have hardwood floors, remember to sweep and mop. Cleaning the floors will help to make the bedroom look nice and clean.

12. Always Hang Up Jackets Or Coats

After being out, it gets easy to come home and leave your sweaters or jackets anywhere in the home. Try to keep a coat rack or hang up your jackets on hooks in the closet right when you get home so that you know where all of your jackets and coats are located.

13. Label Containers In The Closet

If you have any items put away in your closet in containers or bins, then you can add labels to the containers to know where everything is located. By labeling all bins, you will know what’s in each of the bins. Labeling bins will also help save time when you’re looking for something specific.

14. Have a Trash Can In The Bedroom

Make sure to always keep a trash can located somewhere in the bedroom. When you need to throw away new clothes tags, papers, or any other trash, you won’t want to have to walk all the way to another room to throw something away, so having a bedroom trash can will make everything so much easier.

Doing Any of These Tips will Help Keep your Bedroom Clean and Organized!

Keep a clean and organized bedroom space with all of these helpful tips. Share these tips with anyone that might need some inspiration to get their bedroom organized.

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