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Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

Decorate Your Bedroom With Any Of These Ideas!

Make your bedroom as relaxing and beautiful as you’d like with any of these helpful bedroom decorating tips.

1. Bed Against Accent Wall

neatly made bed against an accent wall in a bedroom

While you paint your bedroom one color, decide on an accent wall and paint that specific wall another color or add a fun design to this wall. Move your bed against the accent wall so that the bed and the bedding will stand out.

2. Matching Night Stands

Another great way to decorate your bedroom is by adding matching nightstands to both sides of the bed. This is a great way to have plenty of storage on either side of the bed as well as a place to put items on the top of your nightstands. The matching nightstands will also really pull the bedroom together.

3. Photos in Frames

Enjoy decorating your bedroom with photos in frames. For instance, you can put up pictures of you and your significant other or photos of you and your friends or even photos of you and any other loved ones. Hang the photos on the wall or place the photos in frames on the dresser or nightstands.

4. Greenery

Pink flowers in a clear vase sitting on a nightstand

Add a few pops of color in your bedroom decor. An easy way to add color while decorating your bedroom is by placing greenery in the room. Whether you want fake plants or real plants, you can get gorgeous greenery from anywhere in Central Florida. Pick up a real plant from the Lowe’s garden center or purchase a fake greenery plant from TJ MAXX.

5. Large Full-Length Mirror

Bedroom with a dresser and a large round mirror

Many people get dressed and ready for the day in the bedroom. Purchase a large full-length mirror to use in the bedroom to help get ready, but to also help give the illusion that the bedroom is bigger than what it may seem. Pick out a mirror that also goes along with your bedroom decor.

6. Lamps or Lights

Bedroom with matching lamps turned on

While natural lighting in the bedroom is great, it’s also great to illuminate the room with lamps or other lights. Put lamps on the nightstands for easy access and if you like to read before bed. Another great way to add lighting to the bedroom is by adding string lights to either the top of the headboard or along with the ceiling.

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7. Rug Under the Bed

Place a large rug underneath the bed so that it will complete the room altogether. Not only will it create a wonderful look for the bedroom, but placing your feet down on the rug will be a pleasant way to start the mornings.

8. Subtle Wall Color

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and a place to rest. Choose a subtle wall color to enjoy a relaxing evening in your bedroom. Great bedroom wall colors are grays, whites, creams, and other lighter colors.

9. Throw Pillows

Blue and white pillows on a bed

Making your bed in the mornings will create a feeling of accomplishment and like you are ready for your day to begin. The perfect addition to a made bed is plenty of throw pillows. The throw pillows will complete the look of the room and will look amazing on your made bed.

10. Photo or Quote Above the Bed

Another wonderful decor tip for completing your bedroom is by putting your favorite quote or beautiful photo above your bed. Not only will the photo or quote look amazing above your bed, but it will also look great up against your accent wall!

Enjoy Decorating Your Bedroom!

Feel relaxed and at ease anytime that you are in your newly decorated bedroom. Fall asleep in your beautiful bedroom that has all of the wonderful touches from your unique style.

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