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Farmers Markets in Central Florida

Farmers Markets in Central Florida

Most areas of Central Florida have a lot of really great farmers markets to visit. Find the closest farmers market to you and plan a time to visit. So many people will enjoy visiting these farmers markets because of all the great fresh fruit and vegetables that are available for purchase. Many vendors are set up at local farmers markets. This gives guests the ability to check out some great handmade items to keep in their home.

Orlando Farmers Market:

Every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. people in Central Florida can visit the Orlando Farmers Market. The Orlando Farmers Market is located in Lake Eola Park and is available to anyone and everyone in the community. Anyone can sign up to become a vendor at this farmers market. Purchase anything from arts and crafts to cute treats for your dog.

Lake Mary Farmers market:

Visit the Downtown Lake Mary area on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to check out the Lake Mary Farmers Market. Visitors often visit this farmers market and find items like handmade jewelry, small plants, and baked goods. The Lake Mary Farmers Market is another farmers market that is pet-friendly. Enjoy spending a Saturday morning roaming around this area and finding local vendors that make gorgeous items.

Winter Park Farmers Market:

If you live in or near Winter Park, then you will have the opportunity to visit the Winter Park Farmers’ Market. The Winter Park Farmers Market is located at the old train depot. The only time that you will find that this farmers market is closed is the third Saturday in March because of the Sidewalk Art Festival. Walk around in the fresh air in Winter Park while checking out all the vendors.

East End Market:

A different type of farmers market that you will want to explore is the East End Market located in Orlando. The East End Market has become a neighborhood market that they made inspired by local farmers markets. Not only will you be able to feel like you are visiting a local farmers market, but you can even rent out this venue for any event.

Maitland Farmers Market:

Another farmers market that you will have the ability to visit is the Maitland Farmers Market. The Maitland Farmers Market is located right on Lake Lily Park. There is free on-site parking available for those that are visiting to check out all the great vendors. Visit this farmers market on any Sunday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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Oviedo Farmers Market:

The Oviedo part of Central Florida has a great farmers market to check out. Become a vendor or just a guest at the Oviedo Farmers Market. Check out this farmers market once a month. People often have the opportunity to volunteer at this amazing farmers market. Socialize with others within the Oviedo community and get to know all the amazing vendors.

Sanford Farmers Market:

Visit the Sanford Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Downtown Sanford has plenty of vendors that are set up at a table every weekend. After visiting this farmers market, take some time to walk around the downtown area to check out the wonderful shops, and great restaurants. This Central Florida area has something that everyone will enjoy.

Windermere Farmers Market:

Find your favorite coffee, arts, and crafts, or bread at the Windermere Farmers Market. People can visit the Winderemere Farmers Market on Fridays from 9 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Visit this farmers market often because new vendors are being added every week. People often like to check out the restaurants nearby this farmers market.

Colonial Farmers Market:

Orlando has a popular small business. This small business is the Colonial Farmers Market. The Colonial Farmers Market has an abundance of farm-fresh produce to choose from. While this might be a business, visitors will still get that farmers market feel while checking out this location. Find some of their handmade items at this location as well.

Zainab Market:

Similar to the Colonial Farmers Market, but located in Apopka is the Zainab Market. Guests will get that local farmers market feeling while being at a regular store. Zainab has plenty of affordable items to choose from. The customer service is extremely friendly and always helpful when it comes to anything that guests are looking for.

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Celebration Farmers Market:

Residents who live in Celebration can take a trip to the Celebration Farmers Market.  Your Sunday morning will be made better by visiting this local farmers market. Purchase homemade salsa and chat with a fresh fish vendor! Celebration is a lovely place to visit because there is always a large number of items in stock at this farmers market.

Winter Garden Farmers Market:

Every Saturday, Winter Garden has the Winter Garden Farmers Market. The summer hours and fall hours are different, so make sure you check what time this farmers market opens upon arrival. Winter Garden has made this farmers market into a huge part of their local community. Everyone in the family can enjoy exploring this farmers market, including the family dog. Listen to live music while visiting the Winter Garden Farmers Market.

Longwood Farmers Market:

Check out the Longwood Farmers Market. The Longwood Farmers Market has items to buy when they are in season. Favorite fruit that is in season is available at the Longwood Farmers Market.

Mount Dora Farmers Market:

People who live in Mount Dora will be able to visit the Mount Dora Village Market. Find items like honey, unique handcrafted things, as well as fresh produce from local farmers. The Mount Dora Village Market is not just any farmers market, it also has amazing events and plenty more. Everyone who visits this farmers market always has an amazing time.

Parramore Farmers Market:

Another farmers market in the Orlando area is the Parramore Farmers Market. The Parramore Farmers Market is open every Saturday morning. Visit the local vendors and booths at this farmers market. Kids can also enjoy the kid’s program that is available during the hours that they are open. Everyone who visits this farmers market always has a great time.

Artisan Alley Farmers Market:

DeLand also has a great farmers market to visit. The Artisan Alley Farmers Market has plenty of great booths to visit. A lot of people enjoy hanging out at this popular spot in DeLand. Listen to music while being at this farmers market as well.

Audubon Park Community Market:

Another farmers market that is close to Winter Park and Orlando is the Audubon Park Community Market. The people in this community market include vendors, entrepreneurs, and craftsmen. This farmers market is a little different compared to others in the community. For example, you can hang out every Monday night from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Maters and Taters Produce:

If you live in Central Florida and you are looking for a place to buy fresh produce like tomatoes or potatoes, then you will be able to check out the Maters and Taters Produce. This is another farmers market that most people can find in the Apopka part of Central Florida. So many fresh fruit options are available at this location.

New Smyrna Beach Farmers Market:

Check out an amazing farmers market right by the beach! The New Smyrna Beach Farmers Market has a great number of vendors with a great number of amazing products. This farmers market is open every Saturday morning. Head over to the beach after visiting the farmers market.

Downtown Clermont Farmers Market:

Every Sunday, people in Central Florida can head to the Downtown Clermont Farmers Market. People will see that there are over sixty vendors at this Clermont location. Don’t just visit this farmers market, but fill out an application and show your work as a vendor at the Downtown Clermont Farmers Market.

Lake County Farmers and Flea Market:

Visit another farmers and flea market in the Central Florida area. At the Lake County Farmers and Flea Market, this is an indoor market that is open on Thursdays. Most people can visit this market to get a variety of items like cards, fishing poles, along with fruits and vegetables. People often enjoy visiting this farmers market because it is an indoor location away from the heat. The vendors at the Lake County Farmers and Flea Market are always friendly and helpful. There are so many amazing items available at this market for people to buy.

Find a Farmers Market Near You!

Checking out the local farmers’ markets in Central Florida is fun for everyone. This is a great way to get fresh air, meet people within your community, as well as find amazing fresh produce. Many people also love being able to purchase handmade items like jewelry and other craft items to either wear or display in their home. Find a farmers market near your home and explore!

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