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Best Places to fish in Central Florida

Best Places to Fish in Central Florida

There are plenty of amazing outdoor ponds, lakes, or even rivers located in Central Florida. Which means that there are so many different places to fish within the Central Florida area. Have a peaceful and relaxing day in the wilderness at any of these lakes or parks in your area.

Lake Tohopekaliga:

Located in Kissimmee is one of the most popular lakes in Central Florida. This happens to be Lake Tohopekaliga. This lake is most known for bass fishing. The native meaning of this lake is “we will gather together here.” So gather together with friends at this lake for a fun-filled day of fishing. Not only will you be able to fish here, but you can also ride the airboat rides. See some wildlife during your airboat ride, for instance, you could see alligators, birds, and more. Come to Lake Tohopekaliga to fish either alone or with a couple of friends.

Clear Lake Park:

fishing in a Florida lake

In Orange County Florida, people can fish at Clear Lake Park. Visitors that come to this location could potentially catch catfish, bass, and more. This clean park is a welcome environment that will make you feel right at home. Enjoy the view while catching some of your favorite fish. Clear Lake Park is spacious making it enjoyable for everyone that visits.

Lake Ivanhoe Park:

Another lake located in Orlando Florida is at Lake Ivanhoe Park. At this park is Lake Ivanhoe. It is one of the bigger lakes in Central Florida to fish at. Even if you happen to just visit this park for a short amount of time, you will be astonished by all of its beauty. While fishing at this lake, it’s a possibility that you will get your best catch at this location.

Butler Chain of Lakes:

man on a boat fishing

Windermere has a fisherman’s dream with Butler Chain of Lakes. A freshwater fishing experience that all visitors are able to enjoy. You and your fishing buddies will love how clear the water is at this destination. Catch bass or bluegill in this body of water. Butler Chain of Lakes is connected to eleven different lakes. Visit all eleven lakes including Lake Butler, Lake Down, Lake Sheen, or Lake Chase. Some of the other lakes include Pocket Lake, Lake Isleworth, and Little Fish Lake. Lake Tibet, Lake Louise, Lake Blanche, and Wauseon Bay are the last few lakes that are part of the Butler Chain of Lakes. Having the ability to fish at these lakes will be an amazing experience. Being at Butler Chain of Lakes won’t just be an amazing experience, but it will leave you with an abundance of memories to have for a lifetime.

Tenoroc Fish Management Area:

Lakeland Florida has the Tenoroc Fish Management Area. The Tenoroc Fish Management Area is one of the top ten lakes in Central Florida for Largemouth Bass. One of the best parts about this fishing area is that kids are able to fish along with you. Tenoroc’s Derby Lake has access to lower rails specifically for kids to catch. Of course, it’s hard to know how the fish will be biting on any particular day. Call any of the fishery biologists to find out the fishing forecast on the day that you plan on heading to the Tenoroc Fish Management Area.

Highland Park Fish Camp:

child fishing

If you love fishing so much that you can’t get enough of it for just one day, then you can head over to DeLand Florida. Stay at the Highland Park Fish Camp for an incredible experience. This inexpensive camp is great for a little weekend getaway. Highland Park Fish Camp isn’t just great because of the experience, but the staff that works at this location is also extremely welcoming and friendly. Sit around the warm fire during the cool winter nights and soak up the outdoor atmosphere. This park is 30 acres along the Norris Dead River and the St. John’s River. Another great part about this camp is that it is just five minutes from Downtown Deland.

Barnett Park:

Another park in Central Florida in Colonial Drive that has an amazing fishing pier for all guests is at Barnett Park. Not only is this park great for fishing, but it is filled with trails, a playground area for kids, and a couple of courts to play sports. One of the best parts about coming to this park is mainly being able to fish at the beautiful body of water located at this park. Guests appreciate how well kept this park is and enjoy the beauty of being at this park. Barnett Park is such a lovely park to spend time fishing at. Visit from time and time again to see what amazing fish you might catch.

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Bill Frederick Park:

person fishing in the ocean

In Orlando, you will be able to experience fishing at Bill Frederick Park. This park is around one hundred and eighty-seven acres of land and is home to Turkey Lake. Not only will you be able to experience a peaceful day of fishing at this park, but people who come to this park can also enjoy boating or walking along the trails. There is a playground for kids and visitors can just enjoy being in a beautiful atmosphere. Bill Frederick Park is a great place for spending a peaceful day of fishing. People generally love the close proximity to their home at this park. Nature lovers enjoy visiting this park.

Campbell Park:

Travel to Deltona Florida to visit Campbell Park to enjoy a full day of fishing with friends or family. While fishing at this park, guests will notice how the sun glistens on the water. There are two fishing piers to choose from when finding the right spot to cast your line. Campbell Park is great because of the amount of space that it has. Take a break from fishing during your visit and head over to the pavilion to enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the picnic tables. Being able to fish in this area will be fun and enjoyable.

Demetree Park:

fishing in the ocean at sunset

Enjoy fishing at a park in Orlando Florida known as Demetree Park. Walk along the boardwalk, and set up your fishing pole. Head over to the fishing pier that this park has. Visitors often fall in love with having the option to fish in a park-like this one. Use this park for the playground as well, and the basketball and tennis courts. However, the majority of people really just enjoy spending their time fishing at Demetree Park.

Riverside Park:

Looking to do some saltwater fishing in Central Florida? Look no further, Riverside Park located in New Smyrna is the perfect place to fish at the beach. This beautiful park is the perfect place to come and fish on a boat or even fish along the pier. Riverside Park has plenty of space and is a beautiful area to just spend the day. Many people love being able to experience fishing at the beach and this is the perfect spot to do just that.

Orlando-Fishing Charter:

man fishing

The Orlando Fishing Charter in Orange County is a great place to spend time fishing out on the water. This memorable experience will allow you to fish from a boat with the friendly charter captain Tom. He has plenty of experience and his knowledge of the area. Tom being your guide will make your experience even better. Catch fish like sea trout, redfish, and so many other fish. People from all over visit the Orlando-Fishing Charter because of the amazing experience that they get out of it. This is the perfect place to come with a group of friends or to visit with family. People who visit this location will learn a lot during their trip!

Lake Kissimmee:

Check out the beautiful Lake Kissimmee to do your freshwater fishing. Within this lake is plenty of Largemouth Bass. People who fish at Lake Kissimmee will get to experience an amazing view of wildlife and of course, the gorgeous lake. It is also considered the largest lake in Polk County.

Mariner’s Cove Park:

fish caught out of the water

If you are close to the Deltona area, then you will have the opportunity to fish at Mariner’s Cove Park. At this park, visitors who love to fish will be able to use the fishing pier or use the small boats to fish from. For the people that tag along who aren’t interested in fishing can play tennis, basketball, or soccer. There is also a playground on-site for kids to run and play.

Fishing in Central Florida

Central Florida has so many beautiful areas and parks to fish at. There is no need to travel a far distance from your home just to fish. Visit any of these parks or lakes with friends or family. Look into visiting all of these locations to find your favorite place to fish. Who knows what you might be able to catch!

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