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Best Places to Run in Central Florida

Find All the Best Places to Run in Central Florida

Central Florida has a variety of trails and plenty of scenic places for people to run or jog. Many people often like running or jogging somewhere that is usually a close distance to and from their home. Luckily, there are so many great trails and lovely pathways throughout Central Florida where residents can freely run.

Riverwalk Sanford:

One of the many places to run and enjoy a view is at the Riverwalk Sanford. This Sanford spot is open to anyone in the public at any time of the day. Wake up early and go for an early morning run while watching the sunrise glisten over the lake. Run at this location in the evening just before it gets dark out. The Riverwalk Sanford isn’t just the perfect place to run, but it’s also a beautiful location to take a walk or bike ride with your family or friends.

Cranes Roost Altamonte:

Another great place to run is in Cranes Roost Altamonte. Cranes Roost is located in Uptown Altamonte. Walkways, a covered pathway, and plenty of benches make this location the perfect place to run. Admire the beautiful city of Altamonte through this 45-acre park. After running through Cranes Roost Altamonte, many people can check out all the wonderful restaurants nearby or walk on over to the Altamonte Mall!

Cady Way Trail:

Spend the morning running through Cady Way Trail. Cady Way Trail is located in the Winter Park area. Run or walk along this asphalt trail that stretches about 7.5 miles long. Enjoy running through this trail to see shopping areas, as well as other Central Florida neighborhoods.

Lake Eola Park:

Downtown Orlando is home to Lake Eola Park. Take a run through Lake Eola Park any day of the week. There is so much to see while running through this park. For instance, check out the Walt Disney Amphitheater, the local restaurants, and enjoy the view of the Downtown Orlando skyline. Lake Eola Park is approximately .9 miles in length.

Seminole Wekiva Trail:

The Seminole Wekiva Trail connects to a few Central Florida counties like Seminole and Orange. Runners enjoy being able to run this trail because it connects to a few shops, restaurants, and other destinations. Enjoy running through this amazing Central Florida trail.

Gaston Edwards Park:

Run through the beautiful Gaston Edwards Park located in the Orlando area. Gaston Edwards Park connects to the Orlando Urban Trail and is also a great park for its playground, grill, and fitness stations. Running at Gaston Edwards Park from either sunrise to sunset is a great way to stay in shape. So many people love having the opportunity to run in such a clean and welcoming environment in this Central Florida area.

West Orange Trail:

Visit the West Orange Trail for your daily run. West Orange Trail is located in the Orange County area. The West Orange Trail is paved and is approximately 20.8 miles. This Central Florida trail is popular for runners, joggers, bicyclists, and even horseback riders. Gorgeous scenery, amazing nature, and a wonderful butterfly garden are all available to see at this location.

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Sylvan Lake Park:

Check out another popular park in the Sanford area, Sylvan Lake Park. Explore Sylvan Lake Park and all of its lovely nature. Run along the dirt trail and experience all that this Central Florida area has to offer. Since Sylvan Lake Park is a park, experience visiting the playground located at Sylvan Lake and take advantage of the sports fields at this location.

Blue Jacket Park:

Plan to run through Blue Jacket Park. Blue Jacket Park in the Orlando area is a spacious space making it easy for visitors to run throughout the park. Not only is this park spacious park a great loop to make your run around, but there are so many exquisite park landmarks like the beautiful fountain, the small bridge, and a few stone tables with benches.

Econ River Wilderness:

Near the Oviedo area is the Econ River Wilderness Area. While running in this area, view all of the wildlife roaming around during your run. For instance, some of the wildlife that you might run into during your time at the Econ River Wilderness Area are owls, deer, raccoons, and more. Run through this amazing and peaceful environment in Central Florida.

Trailhead Park:

Lake Mary Florida has the incredible Trailhead Park. Trailhead Park is connected to the Cross Seminole Trail. Run along this path the Central Park location in the Downtown Lake Mary area. Residents in the Lake Mary area enjoy running this path because of the fitness course. Trailhead Park also has plenty of landscapes and rest areas.

Central Park:

The Lake Mary Central Park is another spectacular place to run. Central Park in Lake Mary is located right in the Downtown Lake Mary area. Most people will find themselves running along the sidewalks at this location. Runners also enjoy being able to run through this area because of all of the shops and restaurants in this area. Make friends with all of the regulars that also enjoy running at this Central Florida location.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve:

Near Winter Garden is the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. Being able to run at a nature preserve is a different type of experience. Run along all of the Central Florida nature at the Tibet-Nature Preserve. If you prefer to run with no bikers along the path, then this is the perfect area to run. The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is also a popular place to hike in the Central Florida area.

Lake Baldwin Park:

Experience being able to run through Lake Baldwin Park. People can run through this park as often as they please, however, take note that the Lake Baldwin Park is closed every second and every fourth Wednesday of the month. Therefore, if Lake Baldwin Park is your favorite spot to run in Central Florida, then make arrangements to run at any of these other amazing locations.

New Smyrna Beach:

If you want to change up the scenery during your run, then you can head over to some of the Central Florida beaches to run along the shore. New Smyrna Beach is the perfect beach to run on the sand next to the waves. Either run during the sunrise or while the sun is setting over the ocean.

Central Florida Neighborhoods:

Rather than going to trails, parks, or beaches, a great place to run can even be your neighborhood. Get a group of neighbors together to run or jog with one another through the neighborhood. Even if you don’t have the best neighborhood to run in, get together with a friend and spend some time running in their neighborhood.

Cypress Grove Park:

Plan to head over to Cypress Grove Park in the Orlando area to run. While running at this park, check out the estate house at Cypress Grove Park where weddings, parties, and other special events can be held. Keep track of all the events that happen in this park throughout the year, so that not only will you be able to run at Cypress Grove Park, but you will also be able to enjoy all of the events at this location as well.

Lake Louisa State Park:

In Clermont, people love being able to run at Lake Louisa State Park. Lake Louisa State Park is open from 8 a.m. until sunset. When traveling to this park to do your run, keep in mind that the price to get in is five dollars per vehicle. Enjoy other activities at Lake Louisa State Park like canoeing, kayaking, and bicycling.

Bear Creek Nature Trail:

Another running trail to visit within the Winter Springs area is the Bear Creek Nature Trail.  Run along this nature trail and see a couple of bridges, the picnic tables to sit and relax at or eat with others. The scenic view at this trail includes trees, grassy areas, and some wildlife.

Little Big Econ State Forest:

Close to the Geneva area is the Little Big Econ State Forest. Being able to run at Little Big Econ State Forest, people are able to walk through the forest area. Visiting this park to run can also lead to doing other activities at this location. For example, camp, hike, hunt, or fish at Little Big Econ State Forest.

Run Everywhere in Central Florida!

Experience running at all of the amazing locations in Central Florida. Trails, parks, and preserves are all great places to run in the area. Pick whenever you prefer to run whether it’s in the morning or the evening and visit one of the locations near your Central Florida home. Visit as many of these wonderful places to run. Run alone or get a group of others together for a run in Central Florida.

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