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Fun Outdoor Activities To Do In Central Florida

Enjoy Getting Some Sun By Doing Fun Outdoor Activities!

There are so many amazing activities to enjoy doing outdoors. Get outside during the day to enjoy the sunshine and experience doing any of these fun activities!

Ride a Bike:

A great way to get outdoors and do something fun is by riding a bike. Ride a bike through your neighborhood or take another route to enjoy getting some exercise and just enjoy feeling the breeze as you ride along. Ride your bike solo or go for bike rides with the whole family. There are many great nature trails to ride your bike through. For instance, ride through the Cross Seminole Trail.

Side Walk Chalk:

If you have a large driveway or if there is a sidewalk close to your home, then you can make your driveway or sidewalk colorful by creating artwork with sidewalk chalk. Create drawings, write inspirational quotes, or just draw whatever your heart desires with your sidewalk chalk.

Plant Seeds:

Another great way to get outdoors is by planting seeds and growing a garden. Turn your backyard or the front lawn into a gorgeous garden. Plant seeds that will bloom into beautiful flowers and watch how they grow and liven up the outdoors. This is another great activity to do outdoors solo or with your family.

Jump Rope:

Grab a jump rope and get outside to jump. Jump roping outdoors is the perfect way to stay active while getting your dose of vitamin D. Not only is it a great activity to do outdoors but jump roping is also a fun activity that your kids might also love to do.

Backyard Obstacle Course:

A great idea to have some fun outdoors is by doing a backyard obstacle course. Create your very own backyard obstacle course and split your family into teams. Turn your backyard obstacle course into a challenge and see which team will be able to finish first.

Go On A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt:

There are a lot of great scavenger hunts to print out. Print out your favorite one and walk through the neighborhood to complete the scavenger hunt that you have chosen. However, if you don’t like any of the online scavenger hunts, you can even make your very own scavenger hunt. Think of all of the endless possibilities as you walk around your neighborhood. What might you find?

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Take a Walk:

Enjoy taking a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood or take a walk with another more scenic route. Either way, getting outdoors and going for a walk can be a fun activity to do when the weather in Florida is absolutely beautiful.

Lawn Twister:

Board games are a great way to pass the time, but with most of them being an indoor activity, a great way to enjoy a board game outdoors is by playing lawn twister. For instance, if you have a large grassy area, you can spray different colored circles on the grass to play twister. If you don’t want to spray your grass, get a large white sheet that you wouldn’t mind painting and paint the sheet with different colored circles.

Have a Picnic:

Instead of eating your lunch or dinner inside, make it a fun experience and have a picnic in your backyard or in your front yard. Go all out and pack your food in a basket and bring out a blanket, towel, or mat to eat on while enjoying your picnic.

Car Wash:

Cool off while also being outdoors and give your car a quick wash. Get the hose and some soap and start scrubbing away. Not only is this a fun activity, but your car will also get a nice cleaning!

Water Balloon Fight:

If you have unused balloons, take them outside and fill them up with water. Put on your swimsuits or shorts and a t-shirt and have a water balloon fight. This is the perfect, fun activity to do outside on a really hot day! The whole family can enjoy an old fashioned water balloon fight.

Go For a Swim:

If you have a pool at home, then make use of it. Go for a quick swim or layout next to the pool. Going for a swim is the perfect way to cool off while also enjoying time outdoors. Many kids love having the chance to go for a swim, so why not plan for an afternoon pool day?

Walk The Dog:

Another great way to spend some time outside is by taking your dog for a walk. Not only will you love being able to walk around outside, but your dog will be ecstatic to take a walk! Make sure that you both stay hydrated while talking your walk around the neighborhood or around the dog park!

Enjoy A Beach Day:

Central Florida has many amazing beaches to enjoy. Relax in the sand, under the sun, and splash in the waves at any of the amazing beaches in Central Florida!

Visit A Park:

When the weather is perfect outside, that usually means that it’s the perfect time to visit a park! Take your kids to any of the parks throughout Central Florida, so that they can play on the playground equipment, run around the park, and swing on the swings.

Spend Plenty of Time Outdoors With Any of These Activities!

There are so many fun outdoor activities. Enjoy doing some or all of these great activities! Do these activities with family or on your own!

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