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Date Night Ideas at Home

Enjoy Having a Nice Date Night In!

Even though going out for a date night is unrealistic right now, having a date night at home can be just as fun! There are so many fun ideas to do right at home. Pick out any of these fun at-home date night ideas with your significant other! Bond with each other while spending the day or evening experiencing one of these creative date night ideas.

1. Movie Night

Enjoy watching a movie together. Pick a specific time that you will decide to watch the movie, make popcorn, grab snacks, and drinks, and use whatever streaming service that you would like. Make your movie night at home just like a movie theater experience. Turn off all the lights so that you feel like you’re right there in the theater. Pick any genre for the night and plan for a different genre for your next movie night!

2. Make Dinner Together

Find a new recipe with ingredients that you already have in the kitchen. Experience making a new recipe together, and then sit down to eat the delicious dinner together. This will be a fun activity for both you and your significant other.

3. Play a Game Together

Having a game night together can be really fun, especially if you’re both competitive. Pick out any or all of the board games or card games that you have lying around the house. Have a contest for each game, and see who the ultimate winner will be. Play one game or play them all for your game night date night!

4. Have a Backyard Picnic

Another fun date night idea is to pack a little picnic basket, grab a big blanket or big towel and have a backyard picnic. This will give you and your significant other a chance to enjoy being outdoors together while also staying home. Soak up the sun or the stars, depending on what time of the day that you decide to have your backyard picnic while enjoying the delicious food that you decided to bring outside with you.

5. At-Home Spa Night

Having a fun spa day can be relaxing! For a fun date night idea, you and your significant other can have your very own at-home spa night. Put on your robes, slippers, pajamas or whatever clothing items will make you feel comfortable. Put on face masks and listen to soothing music while you have a humidifier going. Turn down the lights with a simple glow to make you feel like you’re right at the spa!

6. Wine and Paint Night

A fun date night is a wine and paint night. Grab some blank canvases that you’ve had lying around the house or even just a regular piece of paper, pour a glass of your favorite beverage and turn on a YouTube video on how to paint anything that you wish! Enjoy a wine and paint night in the comfort of your own home!

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7. Karaoke Date Night 

Turn on your favorite music genre and lookup karaoke versions of those songs to sing together. Sing your heart out together and just make it fun! There are so many karaoke versions of songs to sing on YouTube.

8. Indoor Camping

Instead of camping outdoors, enjoy an indoor camp night! For example, you can set up an indoor campsite right in your living room. If you have a tent, set it up on the living room floor and get out your sleeping bags! For a full effect, tell any scary stories that you might know with the lights off. You can even display a campfire on your TV to give it the full-on effect.

9. Have a Breakfast Date

Plan a day that you will both wake up early to make breakfast together. Go all out and make all your favorite breakfast items. Choose to eat your breakfast together at the kitchen table or enjoy having your breakfast date outside on the front porch. You’ll feel like you’re sitting at an outdoor patio at your favorite brunch spot.

10. Make a Bucket List Together

Grab a pen and notepad and come up with all the ideas that you want to eventually do together. For example, come up with ideas like traveling somewhere together, a concert that you might want to see together, and anything else that you know that you both want to eventually do!

11. Bike Ride Together

Even though places aren’t open and the best date night ideas are activities indoors, it’s still an option to go outside for a quick date night. For instance, if you have bikes, get some fresh air and go on a bike ride together. Bike together through the neighborhood or down the street with one another.

12. Pool Party for Two

Living in Central Florida, there are so many homes with backyard pools. Who says that you have to have a large pool party? Enjoy a pool date for two. Play all the fun pool games that you’ve always enjoyed or just relax on one of your favorite pool floats.

13. Costume Contest

See who can make the best costume out of items that you already have in the house. This is a great way to be creative and see who will go all out for this contest. Make it fun and take photos to remember your costume contest date night.

14. Exercise Together 

While this might not be your go-to date night experience, it would be fun to try out a new workout routine with each other. Find a workout routine that you can learn right from YouTube. There are many different types of routines like yoga or Zumba. Not only will this be a fun date night activity, but you’ll both get a great work out!

15. Start a Scrapbook Together

Another fun activity that you and your significant other can do as a fun at-home date night is to make a scrapbook together. Gather all of the photos that you have with each other and start gluing them into an empty scrapbook. The scrapbook doesn’t have to be an official scrapbook, you can even grab an empty binder with blank pages and glue your photos to the blank pages to keep in your makeshift scrapbook.

16. Stargaze 

Enjoy going out to the backyard and laying in the grass to stargaze at the night sky. Count how many different stars that you can find and just enjoy each other’s company. This is a great way to relax outside and it makes for a great date night experience.

17. Video Game Night

If either you or your significant other like to play video games, then you will enjoy being able to play video games together. Pick out any game you want and have your video game night date night.

18. Dinner Party for Two

Even if you’re just staying home, dress up, and make a fancy dinner or order take out to feel like you’re at your favorite restaurant. Light candles and sit at the dining room table for the full effect.

19. Try Out a New Hobby Online Together

Right now, there are so many amazing and creative online tutorials out there. Find one that you might both be interested in and give it a try! Some of these online tutorials are also online museum tours or live aquarium views. Not only can you try a new hobby online, but you can go on a virtual date to a museum or aquarium together.

20. Watch a Concert at Home

Experience a concert at home together. Find a band or singer that has a concert performance online and sit down to watch the whole show. You and your significant other will feel like you’re there! This is a great way to watch a performance live without a large crowd. Grab some snacks and sing along to your favorite songs together.

Share Any of These At Home Date Night Ideas!

Enjoy doing any of these creative and fun date night ideas at home. Share these ideas with others, so that they can also enjoy doing these date nights at home as well. Try out all of these at-home date night ideas together. You and your significant other will be able to bond over all of these new experiences.

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