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How to Stay Social During Social Distancing

Stay Social While We Social Distance!

One of the hardest tasks to do for some people during social distancing is being able to stay social with the outside world. There are so many ways to stay social during this time!

1. Your Friends

If you are someone that likes to see the other person that they are talking to, then having FaceTime is convenient at a time like this. While FaceTiming, you can show the other person what you are doing, cook with the other person, and you can easily facial expressions while communicating.

2. Have a Group Chat

Many people enjoy being able to send a text to others while doing a million other things. However, having a group chat, makes it easy to text a group of people rather than just one person at a time. This gives others the opportunity to talk to more than one person at a time.

3. Phone Calls

For some people, rather than texting and for some that don’t have FaceTime, but would like to hear someone else’s voice, then a simple phone call is a great way to stay social! Even though you can’t see the person, you can still hear them which might help to feel a bit more connected.

4. Netflix Watch Party

Streaming services are a great way to watch shows, but now Netflix has a watch party option where you and others can watch a show or movie together. The Netflix Watch Party provides an outlet for friends and family living in other places to enjoy a movie together.

5. Facebook

Another way that most people do stay social is by using Facebook. Create a status to chat with others on your newsfeed, send private messages to ask how others are doing. Share photos, so that you’re family and friends can see how you’re doing and vice versa.

6. Snapchat

One of the best ways to share photos with friends is by using Snapchat. Take a quick photo and send it to your friends, many people also use Snapchat to chat or watch videos. If you don’t have FaceTime, then your friends can even video call you through Snapchat to communicate that way.

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7. Instagram

Posting pictures on Instagram is another way for others to feel connected. Through Instagram, many people can watch stories, as well as watch Instagram TV. Many celebrities have been posting live videos where you can watch and feel connected with the entertainment world. Friends on Instagram can comment on live videos, react to stories, and plenty of other ways to communicate through this app.

8. Twitter

Post a tweet on Twitter to let others know how you’re doing during this time of social distancing. After posting a tweet, others on your friend’s list can reply to your tweet. Many people like to communicate with friends through the Twitter app.

9. Read a Blog

This is a time where people have updated their blogs! Some blogs can be about their lives or maybe something going on in their world that they want to get out into the world. Most blogs also usually have an option to comment on the blog for the author to read and respond to.

10. Take a Walk

While the world right now has to keep their distance from others, we are still lucky enough to walk outdoors to get some fresh air. By doing this, you can easily wave to your neighbors who also might be outside. Keeping your distance is important right now, but being able to wave from a distance to your neighbor can make you feel connected to others in your neighborhood.

11. Be Social with Your Family

While social distancing with others might be hard, this is a great time to be social with the loved ones that live in your household. Ask them how they’re handling things right now. Sit down and watch a show with them, or even play a fun game together.

12. YouTube Videos

There are a ton of YouTube videos to watch. Many can watch YouTube videos of others from different areas of the world! Watch how they’re going about their daily lives on YouTube. Comment some encouraging words, and if you feel up for it, you can even upload your own video to show others how you’re doing right now during this time of social distancing.

Stay Social With Others in Central Florida!

Spend time virtually with friends and family by using all of the amazing technology that we have right now. Phones, computers, and webcams make it easy to talk to others while having the opportunity to stay in the comfort of your own home.

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