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Best Places to Camp in Central Florida

Some of the Best Places to Camp in Central Florida

There are so many great places to camp in the Central Florida area. Central Florida residents will have the opportunity to camp at any of these campsites throughout the year. Being able to camp in Central Florida is the perfect activity to do in the cooler months. Choose from any of the beautiful campsites and enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors. Take in the gorgeous weather while camping with friends.

Lake Whippoorwill:

Located in Orlando Florida is the campsite, Lake Whippoorwill. This beautiful campsite is perfect for any family. Lake Whippoorwill allows children to stay at the campsite as well. Appreciate the beautiful outdoor environment of this campground during your stay. The cabins at this location will be a little escape from reality for just a little while. Guests that stay at this campground will be able to use the pool area, the hot tub, and the private boat ramp. Lake Whippoorwill is within a close distance to the Orlando International Airport. People that visit this campground also like that it is a close distance to Walt Disney World.

Juniper Springs Recreation Area:

Closer to Marion County Florida is Juniper Springs Recreation Area. Visitors like being able to camp at this site because of all the great activities available to do at this campground. Juniper Springs is one of the oldest recreation areas on the East Coast. Many people like to camp here because it is one of the springs. Check out the hiking, the water activities, and the nature viewing during your stay!

Lake Kissimmee State Park:

Another great place to camp in Central Florida is Lake Kissimmee State Park. Lake Kissimmee State Park is surrounded by beautiful nature and has a great atmosphere. Take the time to visit this state park and enjoy staying at this amazing campground. At this campsite, visitors will have a beautiful deck by the water, clean bathrooms, and a great place to ride bikes, and so much more. People often visit this campsite for an amazing camping experience as well as all of the great amenities offered at this campsite. Stargaze at night during your stay at Lake Kissimmee State Park and see all the bright stars within the dark sky.

Blue Springs State Park:

Check out the Blue Springs State Park campground for your perfect camping experience. Blue Springs State Park has everything from fun water activities to get to see the gorgeous manatees up close. There are fifty-one campsites to choose from at this location. While camping here, people can cool off during their stay by swimming in the spring. Water, electricity, a picnic table, and a grill are all accessible to those staying at the Blue Springs State Park campsite.

Lake Lousia State Park:

In Clermont Florida, visitors will have the opportunity to stay at the Lake Louisa State Park. Lake Louisa State Park will be the perfect place to escape from all worries of everyday life and just relax. Not only can you camp here, but you will have the ability to do some of the other activities at this state park. Boating, canoeing, and kayaking are all available to those staying at Lake Louisa State Park. There are two different campsites that people can choose to stay at. Stay and camp at wilderness point or at pine point. Check out all three of the stunning lakes to see at this lake. Louisa, Hammond, and Dixie are all located at Lake Louisa State Park.

Kelly Park:

Another great place to camp is at Kelly Park. Kelly Park isn’t just considered a park but is also a rock springs park. This park is located in the Apopka area. Go tubing, paddleboard and more while camping at this location. People will have the option to either camp in a tent or in an RV. After staying at Kelly Park in Apopka, you will definitely recommend this site to others in the community as well as friends and family members.

Winter Garden RV Resort:

Some people to prefer to camp at an RV campground. Central Florida has the perfect RV resort in Winter Garden. The Winter Garden RV Resort is a campsite, but being able to stay in the RV resort will feel like a luxury. One of the most popular things about this campground resort is the pool. Campers who stay at this resort will have access to a recreational area. There are also quite a few things to do while on the site. For example, campers will have the ability to play pool or play some other fun and exciting games. Winter Garden RV Resort is also within a close distance to an abundance of some of the popular Orlando attractions.

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Highbanks Marina and Camp Resort:

A campground located within the Debary area is the Highbanks Marina and Camp-Resort. Highbanks Marina and Camp Resort has so much to do while staying at this campground. Campers who stay at this location will have access to the swimming pool, a clubhouse area, and a store. The store at this campground will have anything that you might need during your stay or a souvenior to bring home after your camping experience. Highbanks also has a great variety of activities for kids as well as adults. There is something for everyone to enjoy during their stay at this amazing campsite.

Nova Family Campground:

Nova Family Campground is a campsite located in Port Orange Florida. The Nova Family Campground is the perfect place to have a family camping trip. Camping at the Nova Family Campground means that you will have access to the swimming pool that is also heated and many more amenities located on-site. The campers that are staying at this campsite will only be just a few minutes from the stores and all the great restaurants. Check out the game room, appreciate having cable television, and a laundry facility. There is even a reception hall for large parties camping at this location can enjoy hanging out at.

Buck Lake Group Campground:

Enjoy time away from reality at the Buck Lake Group Campground. Buck Lake Group Campground is in the Ocala National Forest. This campground has anything and everything to give you an amazing camping experience. For instance, some of the stuff that you can expect during your stay are the picnic tables, fire pits, and plenty of areas for fishing. People who camp here also enjoy hiking, boating, and just being able to camp in a wide-open area of Central Florida. One of the best parts about this campground is the nature that surrounds this campsite. Relax and ease your mind while camping at Buck Lake Group Campground.

Luna Sands Resort:

Another RV park to camp in Central Florida is the Luna Sands Resort in Orange City. This RV park has a huge amount of wildlife area within the campsite. St.John’s River and Blue Springs State Park are only minutes away from this park. Admire the quaint cabins that all guests will have the opportunity to stay in. Luna Sands Resort is a lovely quiet and secluded area. People who camp here will have plenty of privacy, and a chance to relax. There are plenty of shaded spaces throughout the area. Visit the convenience store at this campground in case you need to pick up anything that you forgot. Check out all of the activities at Luna Sands Resort. Not only is this the perfect camping location, but this is also an ideal vacation spot.

New Smyrna Beach RV Park and Campground:

Being able to camp in New Smyrna means that you will have close access to the beach. Having such close access to the beach will make your camping experience worthwhile. Not only will you be able to experience the ocean, but you will also be able to use the pool at the campground. The New Smyrna Beach RV Park and Campground offers many amenities and activities. From cable t.v. to wireless internet and a fitness center. Camping at this location will be a camping experience like no other.

White Loop Group Campsite:

Another Orlando campsite that people love staying at is the White Loop Group Campsite. Enjoy experiencing the great outdoors at the White Loop Group Campsite. This is a great campsite to stay with family or with friends. Bond over a campfire while roasting marshmallows and making smores in the moonlight.

Enjoy Camping in Central Florida!

Central Florida has so many great different campgrounds to visit. Some have different amenities or activities that you will enjoy having the opportunity to do. Depending on what you want to do while camping depends on what campsite you will want to stay at. Being able to camp in Central Florida is the perfect activity to do with loved ones. Many love to camp in Central Florida because of the beautiful weather and the welcoming atmosphere at any of the Central Florida campgrounds.

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