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Cheap Date Nights in Central Florida

Best Cheap Date Ideas in Central Florida

Enjoy a night out with your significant other doing something fun for an inexpensive price. There are so many great things to do with each other. Visit many different areas of Central Florida to have a cheap date night. Cheap date nights are not only fun but they make the dates easygoing and exciting. Some couples prefer cheap date nights.

Have a Picnic Together:

One of the most common cheap date night ideas is to visit a park and have a quiet picnic together. There are so many great parks to choose from in the Central Florida area. A few areas of Central Florida that have some great parks to set up a picnic are in Casselberry, Longwood, and Deltona. Bring a cheap meal and put down a blanket while enjoying the outdoors. This gives you and your significant other the chance to talk with one another while being in a beautiful atmosphere.

Visit a Coffee Shop:

Another great cheap date option is to visit a local coffee shop in any Central Florida area. Relax with a coffee, tea, or pastry and enjoy one on one time with each other. Located in Downtown Sanford is the perfect spot to have a coffee shop date. The Palate is a cozy environment to sit and chat during a date while enjoying a variety of coffee flavors.

Movie Night at Home:

If you’re not in the mood to go out and have a cheap date night, then there are plenty of great cheap date ideas that you can do right from home. One of those date night ideas is to just have a movie night right from home! Find a comfortable place to sit, pop some popcorn, and pick a movie to watch right from your t.v. This is a great inexpensive and comfortable date night to have together.

Bike Ride Together:

For the athletic couples, a great cheap date idea is to grab your bikes and head out to one of the amazing Central Florida trails. It will be great being able to explore the great outdoors together while biking. Make it even more fun and have a competition to see who can bike the fastest. Afterward, grab a refreshing drink and communicate with each other what you liked best about the bike ride or what you happen to see while riding along the trails.

Visit a Local Bookstore:

Plan a day or night to visit a local bookstore near you as a fun and cheap date night idea. Find out what your significant prefers to read and tell them what you like. Make it fun and buy the one that your significant other picks out for you and vice versa. Make sure that it’s affordable and take the book home. That way on your next date night, both of you will be able to talk about what you liked and disliked about the chosen books.

Take a Trip to the Beach:

Central Florida is a great place to have a date on the beach. Enjoy the ocean view with someone you love either during the day or even at night. Feeling the ocean breeze on your skin and just enjoying each other’s company at the beach is a great way to spend time with each other. Watch the waves crash down towards the sand or look for the stars if it’s at night.

Go Antiquing Together:

There are a lot of unique antique shops in Central Florida to visit for a great inexpensive date. Many love being able to find old-fashioned items and keep them to show around their home. This is a sweet way to spend time with one another. Antiquing with each other might become a hobby that you do with each other often. The fact that this activity is exciting and inexpensive makes it even better.

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Visit a Brewery:

Have a relaxed and cheap date night at a local brewery. Visiting a brewery will be the perfect date because you can get a drink with your date and listen to any live music that these breweries have for their guests to enjoy. Look into some of the Central Florida breweries and find one that has a cheap tour that you and your date can take. For instance, a brewery in Central Florida that offers a cheap tour is the Orlando Brewing location.

Trivia Nights:

Google throughout the week what trivia nights are going to be happening at any of the local bars or breweries. During your date at a trivia night, this will give you and your date an opportunity to work together as a team. Not only will you have fun trying to figure out answers, but you can also get a drink while doing it.

Get Ice Cream Together:

A great cheap date to do together is to get ice cream with each other. Central Florida has a lot of amazing ice cream shops in many different areas. Ice cream is the perfect treat to eat with one another because it’s cheap and a great sweet to sit and eat together. Sit with your ice cream cone or sundae and communicate with each other about life.

Fish with Each Other:

Some couples enjoy being in the outdoors. Fishing together is something that is not only cheap but it’s also a very relaxing date. Sit by a lake, the pond, or the ocean waiting for a catch. This gives you and your date the opportunity to talk to each other while doing an activity in the great outdoors. Who knows, maybe one of you will catch a fish and will get to share that memory forever.

Cook Dinner at Home:

Go to the grocery store and pick up some cheap ingredients to make a meal together. Cooking together is a great way to bond, and then the fun part is getting to eat the dinner that you made together. This is the perfect way to learn how to cook and have fun being able to with your date. Make any meal that your heart desires for a low price right from home.

Walk around a Park:

There are a lot of great parks to just stroll through. Walk hand in hand with your significant other through any of the beautiful Central Florida parks. Take time to appreciate the nature around you. One of the best places to take a walk around the park is Cranes Roost in Altamonte. This spacious park is nice to walk around with a gorgeous view of the lake.

Visit a Farmers Market:

During the weekends, there are a lot of farmer’s markets in town that you will have the opportunity to check out. Visiting farmer’s markets is another great date idea. You and your date will be able to find handmade items from the vendors. There is also a possibility that you will be able to find some amazing fresh fruit and vegetables throughout some of the farmers’ markets in Central Florida.

Do a Scavenger Hunt:

Most of the time, if you search online, you can find some great scavenger hunt ideas. All you would have to do is print out the paper and you and your date just follow the instructions on what to find. This is a fun way to bond with each other for a reasonable or no cost at all.

Thrift Shopping:

A silly date that will also be enjoyable and cheap with one another is going thrift shopping together. Find some fun clothes for an inexpensive price. You can either find some great clothes to wear or have your date to find you the most outrageous outfit for you to wear. Either way, a thrift shopping date will be an adventure.

Attend a Festival:

Many communities in the Central Florida area have festivals that happen throughout the year. The majority of the time, these festivals are free for everyone to attend. Look up which community in Central Florida has an open to everyone festival whenever you decide to do a cheap date night. A lot of times, these festivals have live music, food, and drinks.

Visit another Central Florida City:

Most Central Florida cities are within a close distance from each other. Take a day to go with your date and explore a nearby city. This is a great opportunity to check out all the wonderful opportunities in each area of town. It will be like a mini road trip for you and your significant other.

Find the Perfect Cheap Date!

Sometimes the best dates happen in the cheapest ways. Enjoy having that special time with your significant while doing fun and inexpensive activities. Central Florida is the perfect area to find great places or to make your own cheap date. Thrift shopping, having a picnic, or just staying in to watch a movie is a great way to enjoy a cheap date night.

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