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Best Parks in Central Florida

Explore all of the Best Parks in Central Florida

Spend the day at any of these amazing Central Florida parks in an area where you live. There is plenty to do and see while visiting any of these parks! Bring the kids to swing on the swings, slide down the slides, or hang from the monkey bars. Many of these parks have plenty of grass to run around on or lakes nearby to admire.

Park on Park:

Visit one of the most popular parks in the Sanford area. Park on Park has a large playground that kids absolutely love. There are plenty of slides to slide down, swings at this park, and this park even has a different play area for younger kids to enjoy. Just outside the fence of this playground is a bathroom facility. Spend hours soaking up the sunshine in the beautiful Park on Park location.

Wekiwa Springs State Park:

The Apopka area has an amazing park to explore. The Wekiwa Springs State Park is open from 8 a.m. until sunset. Visit this park to enjoy the water or to just enjoy being outdoors in the Central Florida wilderness.

Overlook Park:

If you live near the Oviedo area, then one of the best parks to hang out in is Overlook Park. Overlook Park has a great fishing area, a boardwalk, as well as a pavilion with grills to use for a barbeque. Take a trip to this park during the hours of 8 a.m. until dusk.

Kelly Park:

Another park to visit in Central Florida is Kelly Park. Kelly Park, which is also known as Rock Springs has plenty to do! This park offers kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Many people also just enjoy spending the day tubing at Kelly Park.

Central Winds Park:

Check out Central Winds Park in Winter Springs. Central Winds Park has a basketball court, a nature trail, picnic areas, and a great playground area to enjoy. Bring your dog to explore the dog park at Central Winds Park. Rent out any of the pavilions for the day at Central Winds Park.

Cross Seminole Trail:

Many people like exercising in parks or at trails. Seminole County has the perfect trail for your daily jog, walk, or run. The Cross Seminole Trail is an asphalt trail that leads to other Central Florida areas. This trail is also a great place to ride your bike.

Liberty Park:

Located in Lake Mary Florida is a park called Liberty Park. Liberty Park has a huge field, a nature trail, and a lakeshore fishing area. Explore this gorgeous park from 7:15 until sunset. Explore this large park in the Lake Mary area.

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Lake Eola Park:

Lake Eola Park is located in the heart of Downtown Orlando. This large park has a gorgeous lake, also known as Lake Eola right in the center of it! Take a leisurely stroll in the fresh Orlando air while visiting this beautiful park. Many people come to this location to enjoy a bike ride, have picnics, or even just see the amazing lake. Enjoy the paddle boating experience available for any visitors and check out any of the exciting events that happen at this park throughout the year!

Green Springs Park:

Near Osteen and Deltona is Green Springs Park. Enjoy hanging out at this very scenic park that also has an exciting playground area, picnic tables, and pavilions that offer shade for all visitors during a visit. Visit Green Springs Park anytime from the hours of sunrise until sunset. Green Springs Park also has a walking, nature trail for anyone to explore.

Central Park:

Another fun park to explore in Lake Mary is Central Park. Central Park is right in the heart of Lake Mary where City Hall is located. Walk around the park, hang out by the fountain, rest at the park benches, walk through the gazebo, and check out the view of the pond. There are even shops and restaurants located right next to this park.

Secret Lake Park:

The Casselberry area has a beautiful park known as Secret Lake Park. Secret Lake Park has three lakes to visit during your time exploring this location. There are plenty of pavilions, two fishing piers, a recreation center, and many places to walk around. During your visit to Secret Lake Park, feel free to use any of the sports courts, or fields including the basketball court or the tennis court.

Sam Smith Memorial Park:

Visit another park in the Winter Springs area. Sam Smith Memorial Park has quite a few shaded playground areas that are great for the kids to play on, this park also has a pavilion with picnic tables that can be rented out to residents.

Cranes Roost Park:

Altamonte is known for Cranes Roost Park. Cranes Roost Park surrounds Cranes Roost Lake and has a long walkway with benches and plenty of shaded areas. Sit in the grass and soak up plenty of vitamin D during your visit to this park. Cranes Roost is also known for many events throughout the year as well.

Big Tree Park:

Longwood has a wonderful park in the area, Big Tree Park. Big Tree Park has plenty of space to explore and many trees throughout the park. There are a few benches to sit and rest at, but plenty of wide-open space. Visit this park in the Longwood area from sunrise to sunset.

Power Park:

If you are looking for a wonderful park with a huge playground area for the kids to run and play, then you will want to take them to Power Park in DeBary Florida. Not only does Power Park have a huge playground area, but this park also has a basketball court, as well as a climbing rock. Enjoy spending time with loved ones and playing at Power Park!

Downey Park:

Check out a park in the Orlando area, Downey Park. Downey Park has a playground area, a splash playground, and plenty of sports complexes. Downey Park has another playground area that is well-suited for children with special needs. Make use of the fitness areas in Downey Park as well!

Margaret Wesley Park:

There is a more secluded park located in the Lake Mary area that many people like to visit. Margaret Wesley Park has an extraordinary lake view with just a few picnic tables and plenty of grassy areas. This is the perfect place to have a calming and peaceful day by the water. Sit by the water and read a book under the Central Florida sunlight.

Beck Ranch Park:

Located in the Osteen area is Beck Ranch Park. People that visit Beck Ranch Park will find two different fields, a playground area, a dog park that is separated for small dogs and big dogs, and a large number of parking spaces. During your visit view the ranch house and all of the wildlife located at this park.

Lake Gleason:

Take a trip over to Lake Gleason Park in Deltona. Lake Gleason has an incredible view of the lake with a playground area, a picnic area, and a beach volleyball area. Lake Geason also has a boat launch area. There is also a restroom facility located at this park as well. Enjoy spending the day visiting this wonderful park.

Mullet Lake Park:

From 8:00 a.m. until dusk is when visitors are able to visit Mullet Lake Park in the Geneva area. Mullet Lake Park is a 55-acre park with pavilions, campsites, and picnic tables aplenty! There are so many activities available for people to do during their visit to Mullet Lake Park.

Round Lake Park:

Another park to visit in Oviedo is Round Lake Park. Round Lake Park has a playground area, and basketball and tennis courts that also have lighting for visitors to be able to play at this park even when it gets darker outside. Make use of the boardwalk, pier, picnic shelters, and everything else that this Oviedo park has to offer!

Gateway Park:

There is plenty to do during your visit to Gateway Park in DeBary. For instance, visitors can enjoy a playground, swings, fitness equipment trail, and two very large pavilions for parties or social gatherings. Restrooms are also provided at Gateway Park. Hang out at Gateway Park from sunrise until sunset.

Fort Maitland Park:

If you live in or near the Maitland area, then you will be able to easily visit Fort Maitland Park. Visit this community park from the hours of 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. People that visit Fort Maitland Park are able to walk around this park, soak in the sun, walk through the shaded trees, and just enjoy being in the amazing Central Florida area.

Enjoy Spending Time in All of These Beautiful Central Florida Parks!

Parks are a great place for adults and children to spend time. There are many great playgrounds for the kids to enjoy, and many adults can find peace being in the Florida sunshine or spending time out in the beautiful outdoor areas of Central Florida.

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