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Best Places for Ice Cream in Central Florida

Best Places for Ice Cream in Central Florida

Central Florida has those summer months where it will get extremely hot. Sometimes the only way to cool off is by a delicious frozen treat. This is where the classic saying, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” becomes relevant to reality. Luckily within the Central Florida area, there are so many unique ice cream shops to check out. Spend time trying out all the wonderful ice cream flavors in Central Florida.


Downtown Sanford also called the Historic District has a unique ice cream shop that you will want to check out. Wondermade has a colorful style to their décor making it welcoming and inviting for everyone that stops by. Some tasty treats that you can purchase at Wondermade include a variety of sweets like delicious and creamy milkshakes, chocolates, hot chocolate, and a large selection of marshmallows. During your visit to Wondermade, you will have the opportunity to make your very own marshmallows! Perfect for a date night or a great place to stop in quickly for a cold treat.

Cold Stone Creamery:

One of the most popular ice cream places that millions of people like to visit is Cold Stone Creamery. There are plenty of Cold Stone Creameries located around Central Florida. There are locations in Lake Mary, Orlando, and Altamonte. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to try out any of the classic scoop flavors or the other unique flavors that Cold Stone has to offer. Cold Stone also has all the great different kinds of cakes that anyone can buy. Try out their milkshakes, sherberts, and yogurts as well.

Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream:

Enjoy another ice cream shop in Central Florida called Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream. Visit this ice cream shop located in Lake Mary and a few other locations in Orlando. Order their ice cream or frozen yogurt. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream gives customers a more interactive experience during their visit. Not only can you enjoy visiting Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream, but you can also have Frozen Nitrogen cater your next event!

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Jeremiah’s Italian Ice:

Throughout Central Florida is Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. While you, of course, have the option to purchase an Italian ice treat, you will also have the ability to try out some of the other ice cream options at this location. For instance, pick out your favorite classic soft serve cone, gelati, and even combine the Italian ice with soft serve. Enjoy the amazing service and the friendly faces working at Jeremiah’s that will be happy to serve you.

The Pop Parlour:

Central Florida is known for all kinds of unique and exciting treat places. Located in Orlando is The Pop Parlour which is an ice cream shop with many popsicle treats. At this ice cream shop, customers can pick out a wide variety of flavored popsicles, some ice cream options, as well as tasty drinks. However, Pop Parlour is more well-known for its amazing popsicles.

The Soda Fountain:

If you’re looking for the perfect place to order an ice cream sundae, then you’ll love visiting The Soda Fountain. The Soda Fountain not only has wonderful ice cream, but you can also try out all of the food that they also have to offer. Enjoy the food and the ice cream, but also enjoy the quaint and retro look that The Soda Fountain gives off.

Ben and Jerry’s:

Winter Park is another great area to get your favorite ice cream flavors. Ben and Jerry’s located in Winter Park Florida has all the best classic and unique flavors that you can choose from. You will love visiting this location because there is so much to do in the Winter Park area. During your ice cream visit, you can also stop in a quick shopping experience at any of the stores located nearby.

Ice & Bites Cafe:

This quirky counter-serve cafe is located in Orlando, FL near UCF. Ice & Bites Cafe offers plenty of global snacks with a creative twist – including taiyaki ice cream, affogato, and boba treats. If you’re looking for something different – this colorful and sweet place is the perfect spot to get some ice cream and more.

Sal’s Italian Ice:

Sanford Florida has a lot of amazing ice cream shops to stop by and check out. One of these local ice cream shops is Sal’s Italian Ice. Pick out their amazing ice cream or any Italian ice flavors. You will even have the ability to pick toppings and more. This little ice cream shop has a small patio area if you want to sit outside and eat your ice cream in the gorgeous Florida weather or you can take it to go if you please.

Twistee Treat:

If you’ve traveled to many areas in Central Florida, then it’s possible that you’ve seen the ice cream shop that’s even shaped like an ice cream cone. That ice cream shop is the Twistee Treat. Visit a Twistee Treat near the University of Central Florida, and in other areas of Orlando. Try out malts, soft-serve ice cream, and regular ice cream served in a cone. You can choose to get your frozen sweets to go or sit at any of the tables located outside this building on the little patio.

Dairy Queen:

Who wouldn’t love visiting a classic Dairy Queen store? Walk up to the counter at this ice cream shop in sunny Sanford, Florida to purchase a delicious blizzard ice cream. Purchase any shake, ice cream, or slushy that they have on the menu. You won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose to get at Dairy Queen because there are so many wonderful choices.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt:

Orlando, Lake Mary, and Winter Park are just a few locations in Central Florida with a Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt shop. Check out the multiple flavors, pick out all the sweet toppings, and enjoy eating your very own ice cream concoction. The weight of your frozen yogurt cup will determine the price of your sweet treat!

Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream:

In Orlando or Winter Park is an ice cream shop that you will absolutely fall in love with. This ice cream shop is Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. What is better than delicious homemade ice cream? Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream has a very unique design that you will love. The various flavors will delight you and you can try out all of the fun and exciting flavors. Try the original flavors, the new flavors that you’ve never had, or anything else that their menu has to offer.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream:

Winter Springs has a great ice cream shop that makes their ice cream fresh just for you. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is one of the popular spots to try your favorite ice cream. Guests can even pick some other food options like hot dogs, corn dogs, and more. This is the perfect stop to pick up an ice cream that will cool you down.

Andy’s Frozen Custard:

Visit Andy’s Frozen Custard to purchase your favorite frozen treat! You can either ride through the drive-thru of Andy’s or walk up to the window to place your order. There are so many different flavors to choose from that you will have to keep going back to try them all.

Enjoy Eating Ice Cream!

Eating ice cream is among many favorite things to do in Central Florida. Bring your kids to any of these locations who will love any type of ice cream at any time of day. It is convenient to have so many places to go for a quick treat. Cool off with an Ice cream any time throughout the year. Pick your favorite ice cream shop and visit them as often as you can, or try out all the different ice cream shops for a wide variety of selections!

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