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Community Spotlight – University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida Highlights

The University of Central Florida is one of the biggest colleges in central Florida. Over sixty-six thousand students attend this university. Not only is it one of the biggest universities, but it is also one of the most affordable colleges in the state of Florida. You will love the beautiful campus that this school offers. You will also be able to interact with some of the most unique, friendly, and diverse people that attend this college. Enjoy all of the buildings, arenas, and programs that this campus has to offer.

Heart of Campus:

The heart of the University of Central Florida’s campus is also known as the student union building. This is known as the heart of the campus because it is basically in the center of the college. In the student union building, people can come here to dine at any of the restaurants in or near the building. You can grab a refreshing smoothie at the Smoothie King that is attached to the building.

Come to the student union building in between classes to have lunch at the Chili’s located directly inside the building. You can also grab a quick lunch or snack at the Café Bustelo or Huey Magoo’s. Get yourself a dessert of pastry item at the Mrs. Field’s Bakery. The student union isn’t only great for delicious dining options, but this space is also will let you use a space in the building for any meetings or events that might be happening.

The Pegasus Ballroom located inside of the student union building holds huge events and meetings as well. A few of the events that goes on is Market Day. Outside of this building is where Market Day is held. This is a day where the student union building lets vendors and organizations promote themselves. Another event held here is the study union. Before and during the semester’s finals, the student union partners with a few organizations to stay open for twenty four hours. This allows students to have the extra hours for study time and will let them get any help they may need. Soon the heart of the campus will grow in size. Currently, they are working on adding on to this building and growing the dining selections as well.

Stadium Spotlights:

The University of Central Florida doesn’t only offer their arenas for their college students, but these stadiums are also open for public events. The beautiful building known as the CFE Arena has ten thousand seats so that every guest will have a comfortable spot for whatever event that they may be attending. The campus mainly uses this arena for the men and women’s basketball teams.

Throughout the year, the arena allows guests from all around central Florida to attend award ceremonies, concerts with popular artists, and graduation ceremonies. This building is also surrounded by quite a few dining and shopping stores. Dunkin Donuts, Barnes and Noble, and Subway just to name a few. With the gorgeous style and atmosphere of this arena, you would never guess that it opened eleven years ago!

Another stadium offered at this extravagant campus is the Spectrum Stadium. Just like the CFE Arena, the Spectrum Stadium once known as the Bright House Networks Stadium was established eleven years ago. This popular building is most well-known for holding their football games. Enjoy plenty of stadium seating for your comfort as well as luxury boxes. You will appreciate the huge open field that the players use to compete on. While you already have your game face on, head over to what UCF calls The Venue. Have an enjoyable night watching a volleyball match at this eighty-seven thousand square foot facility. Players can get ready in the building’s locker rooms, and take advantage of using the equipment room as well as the players’ lounge.

Recreational Areas:

The University of Central Florida offers a Recreation and Wellness Center that is open to all students and offers memberships to non-students for a small fee. This facility offers a number of different fitness activities for anyone that comes. Get in your daily workout here with the fitness equipment, fitness programs, or maybe get some from a
personal trainer that works at this facility.

You may also be interested in improving your upper arm strength by using their climbing wall at the climbing tower section of this center. The climbing wall stands at forty one feet. Classes and sessions are available for any level of climber. Take a minute after or before your work out to enjoy some time at the 5 foot deep Leisure Pool located on the side of the Recreation and Wellness Center building.

Take your work out to the outdoors. The Recreation and Wellness Center has six different grassy fields for any outdoor sport to flag football to rugby. Take advantage of the baseball and softball field nearby. While you’re in the great outdoors, go check out the UCF arboretum. This section of campus is home to the most unique and gorgeous landscapes, plants, and natural beauty. Get together with some friends and check out the community garden here. Volunteers use this garden to plant seeds, grow organic plants, spread mulch and fertilizers. This garden isn’t just used for display purposes, but you will be able to come here and get a bit of an educational experience as well. This garden area gives Schools the opportunity to come and get a hands on learning experience.

Educational Departments:

The University of Central Florida offers an abundance of different degrees and academic courses for any subject that a student excels in. If you want to take a step further in hospitality, UCF has the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. This program will educate you on how to manage hotels and restaurants. You will also gain knowledge in the theme park and entertainment industries. UCF offers plenty of degrees that you can get in any type of medical field. For instance, this university has the college of medicine program where you will be able to get a hands-on learning experience with the Nemours Children’s Hospital and the Orlando VA Medical Center.

Get your nursing degree from the Nursing program that UCF offers. You can even major in sciences in general. In the college of arts and humanities department that this university has, you are able to get a degree in philosophy, music, theater, digital media, and writing. There’s quite a variety of different degrees that you can earn at this particular university. There is a total of one hundred and nineteen Bachelor’s degrees, ninety-two Masters’ degrees, and thirty four Doctorate degrees. The university also has a career services area for students that are coming up on graduation. This center will help students find jobs in their career field for after graduation. This center also will help the stress that students may face as the time approaches.

Clubs and Organizations:

The college life would not be complete without joining a club or organization. Lucky for you, the University of Central Florida offers a wide variety of different clubs that you can join and events that you can easily be a part of. Join organizations on campus like Advocates for World Health. This group is an organization that helps reduce waste to improve healthcare. Another club that UCF offers to their students is the advertising club. This club basically lets students learn how to properly do advertising and also works with certain Orlando professionals.

If you’re looking for more of a digital media centered group, then The Radio Television Digital News Association will be the perfect club for you to join. This club is centered on getting a head start with your career in the broadcast news industry. UCF also offers a Society for Professional Journalists. This society will help soon to be journalists get to where they want to be in the press. Another organization that this campus offers is the National Communication Association. This is another association that helps students that are aspiring to have careers in the communication industry. This university also has a speech and debate team for the students that really enjoy competitive speaking.

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Sororities and Fraternities:

Just like any other college campus, this university has plenty of sororities and fraternities for any student to join. You can join Greek sororities like Chi Upsilon Sigma and the Sigma Lambda Gamma which are Latin based sorority, a few other sororities on campus are Mu Sigma Upsilon, Delta Phi Omega. A few of the fraternities that the university has to offer is the Lambda Theta Phi, Sigma Lambda Beta, Pi Delta Psi, and Delta Epsilon Psi.

Entertaining Events:

The University of Central Florida hosts an abundance of different events happening throughout the months. Some of these events includes seminars, meetings or just exciting events for students to attend and have fun. A few seminars or meetings that you can attend on campus is Effective Decision Making where you will learn how to make the best and most effective choices, Yoga under the Stars, where you can attend a relaxing yoga class at night and under the stars. Interviewing Strategies is a useful event where students will learn the basics of interviewing with professionals and gain better knowledge of what employers are looking for in their employees during the interview process.

UCF also has and event for the artists on campus. The universities art gallery, the visual arts building, and the Dr. Phillips Center offers a number of art performances. For instance, check out events like the student film showcase, enjoy seeing the different variety of year end screeners. There are also a lot of times that the campus has small concerts for students to attend. Some of the concerts that are happening are the flying horse big band concert, the brass chamber concerts, the UCF symphony orchestra concert, and the University and concert bands. This campus also has a special event known as the Youth Bands of Orlando concert where middle school and high school bands come together to perform their talents to the public.

Housing for Out of State Students:

You might be able to commute from home to the University of Central Florida, but a lot of students come from out of state to attend this amazing college. The college campus offers students housing options. If you attend a sorority or a fraternity, then you are able to stay in the house that is specifically for that particular group. The campus also offers housing close to the school for an easy access to classes. You can have the option to live in a dorm room or in an apartment nearby. It also might be difficult to live on campus away from home. The stress of being able to afford clothes, food, and other necessities might worry you and your families back home. Fortunately, UCF will have you covered. This campus has a work study program where students are able to work at any of the businesses, shops, or restaurants on campus. You will no longer have the stress of not being able to afford whatever comes your way.

Shopping and Dining near the Campus:

Not only do students have the option to eat at places on campus, but students and residents around the UCF area can dine at places like First Watch for a tasty brunch get together, Lazy Moon to try a gigantic slice of any type of pizza that your stomach desires. If you’re looking for a place near campus that is a more vegetarian style restaurant, then the Hummus House is the perfect place for you try some delicious cuisines. Enjoy barbeque foods like pulled pork, chicken, and ham at the nearby 4 Rivers Smokehouse. Grab a drink with some friends at the local World of Beer. Watch the latest sports team win the game while enjoying a delicious meal at the Buffalo Wild Wings close by campus.

If you’re always on the go because of your hectic class schedule, extra curricular activities, and attending all the fun events on the UCF campus so you need a quick meal close by campus, you will never run out of options. You will be able to grab a quick lunch at either McDonald’s, Chick-fila-a, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Jimmy Johns, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Firehouse Subs, and Zaxby’s. There are also plenty of places to shop in the general UCF area. Shop for all your necessities like toiletries, beauty products, clothes, school supplies and more at the Target closest to the university campus. The University of Central Florida is within a close proximity to the Oviedo area, so you won’t have to travel far to visit stores in the Oviedo neighborhood like Kohl’s, Publix, and plenty more.

The University of Central Florida is well known for being much more than just a college campus. Students and family members will always feel welcomed in the UCF community. You won’t only be learning from a classroom perspective, but you will be getting a hands on learning experience by being able to go out in the community and contribute your talents to the world. The beautiful UCF campus will make you want to always enjoy the great outdoors and live a healthy and active lifestyle because of all that this campus has to offer. You will be able to meet many people from the area as well as from all over the United States. This might be a huge campus, but attending the University of Central Florida, you will feel like you fit in just perfectly.

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