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DIY Games and Crafts

Enjoy Making Your Own Games and Crafts!

Many people enjoy playing board games, doing puzzles, or making other crafts. However, right now a lot of popular board games, puzzles, and coloring books are out of stock, but there are plenty of easy ways to create your very own games and puzzles.

Create Your Own Coloring Book:

Even if you can’t seem to find any available coloring books, there are plenty of coloring pages to print out from the internet. Print out as many pages as you’d like and create your very own coloring book. If you don’t want to print out coloring pages, you can always draw your own coloring pages and color them in later or even have your kids color them.

Moon Dough:

While playdough is popular amongst younger kids, a fun dough that you can make with only three ingredients is moon dough. Moon dough is a softer texture of dough that is easy to mold. The only ingredients that you need for moon dough are flour, vegetable oil, and food coloring. Combine all the ingredients together and mix with your hands until it’s all distributed evenly. Enjoy molding and store it in a container so that it won’t dry out.

DIY Twister:

Enjoy making your own twister game. For example, all you need is an old white sheet and some paint. Paint the circles on the plain white sheet and cut out your own spinner. This is an easy game to make and once it’s done, you’ll have an amazing time playing together after it’s finished.

Make Your Own Matching Game:

A fun and easy way to make a matching game are by using your own family photos. Not only will this make a fun game, but gives you the chance to reminisce on family photos. However, if you don’t want to use family photos, you can always print out images from online or use other duplicate photos that you might have around the house.

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Laundry Basket Skee Ball:

Use empty laundry baskets as the different scores and create a DIY ramp with a cardboard box. Use small playing balls to try to score points in your laundry baskets.

Paper Towel Bowling:

Use your empty paper towel holders as bowling pins. Set them up and use a rubber ball to bowl in your living room.

Make Your Own Favorite Board Game:

There are so many board games out there, pick your favorite one and create your own. Most games just require a board, cards, and maybe some dice. Use paper, cardboard, and more to make your favorite board game.

Create Your Own Puzzle:

Plenty of websites can help you create your very own puzzles. Create puzzles with photos or any of your other interests. Not only can you have a website help make the puzzles, but you can also create your own puzzle using images from online or drawing your own, then cutting up the images as puzzle pieces.

Make Your Own Chalk:

All that you need to create your own chalk is two tablespoons of water, three tablespoons of plaster powder, and either six to eight drops of food coloring. Mix everything together and if the mix is still dry, then add just a couple more drops of water. Enjoy using your DIY chalk to draw in your driveway or sidewalk.

Build Your Own Tic-Tac-Toe Board:

Of course, you can also play tic-tac-toe with pen and paper, but it’s also a lot of fun to create your very own tic-tac-toe board. For example, you can make a huge tic-tac-toe board for the outdoors by using painters tape and rocks. Simply write x’s or o’s on your rocks and place the tape in the shape of a tic-tac-toe board out on the driveway. Not only is this a creative and fun way to play, but you will get to enjoy playing the game of tic-tac-toe outside.

Spend Time With The Family Making Any of These Games or Crafts!

Making these games are just as fun as being able to play them. Enjoy spending time with your family by playing these DIY games.

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