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Working From Home Tips

Provide a Productive Work Space at Home with These Simple Tips!

One of the best ways to stay productive at home is by keeping a well-kept and a distraction-free area to a very minimum. Be productive working from home with these tips!


1. Wake Up Early As Usual


The best way to stay on track is by keeping a usual schedule. For instance, if you usually need to be at work at 8:00 a.m. make sure you wake up at least by 7:00 a.m. By waking up an hour early, you will have time to make something for breakfast, make your coffee, and give yourself time to wake up.


2. Have a Separate Room to Work

While working, you should always have a separate area from your bedroom or room that provides a more comfortable area. For instance, if you have a room with no bed or tv in it, then that would be the best room to work in when it comes to working from home.


3. Work Separately From Your Significant Other or Family Members

If you and your significant other or family members are both working from home, then it’s best that you both work separately from each other. By doing this, you are still able to keep work life and family life separate while still being at home. If you don’t have the option to work separately from your significant other, then you should dedicate two separate areas for each person.


4. Get Dressed

Some people don’t feel as productive when working in their pajamas. By getting dressed, you will feel accomplished and feel a bit more productive by being dressed as usual. For some people, wearing pajamas is too comfortable and if you’re too comfortable, then you might not be in the mood for working as usual.


5. Have a Clean Desk Area


While working from home, you should always have a clean and organized desk space. For example, by having your desk clean, you will feel much better about working from home. Keeping all of your items on your desk organized will also have you feeling much more productive.


6. Set a Timer for Your Break

When it comes to working from home, you should still take your normal break. However, for a lot of people, they can lose track of time. Get your phone and set a timer for however long that your break usually is, and eat your lunch, watch something on tv, but when the timer goes off, immediately turn the tv off, and go back to work mode.


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7. Use Headphones


If you’re someone that has a home full of people, the best way to cancel out the noise is by wearing headphones on while you work. Depending on your own personal work ethic also depends on if you listen to something while you work or if you prefer to put on the headphones to just cancel out noise while you work.


8. Keep the Door Shut

Putting on the headphones might not help shut out the noise, but if you’re working in a room where you have the ability to shut the door, then do just that. If you’re working on something that just can’t be disturbed, then shut the door until you can open it back up again.


9. Take Quick Breaks

Many people might find themselves sitting in front of their desks for hours while working from home. Set a reminder for yourself to get up from your desk and walk around a little while. This will help you stretch your legs during the day and get a few of your steps in. Not only will it help you get a quick break, but by doing this, it will also help you focus a bit better as well.



10. Keep Distractions to a Minimum

If you’re a person that gets distracted easily, then do your very best to keep your distractions down to the minimum, this will help you have a successful workday in the comfort of your own home


11. Make a List of Tasks

Every morning, get out a piece of paper, notebook, or journal and make a list of tasks to do for the day. By making this list of things that you need to get done for the day will help you to be productive. After completing every task, cross it off the list, so you can have a visual of how many tasks you have been able to get done during the day.


12. Work with Sunlight

One of the best places in the home to work is in front of or near a window. The reason for this is to stay positive during your workday. By getting some vitamin D while you work can help improve productivity and will keep you in a positive mood. Working in darker areas or rooms might cause lack of motivation or a feeling of being tired.



13. Use Your Planner

Working from home is the best time to use a planner. By keeping a planner nearby will help you keep track of what day it is and what tasks have to get done on those days. Not only will it be helpful, but it will also help keep you organized.


14. Try To Stay Off Social Media

Unless your job involves doing social media, try your best to stay off of social media as much as you can. For instance, checking social media once or twice can sometimes lead to three or more times. Being on social media can also lead to replying to people, messaging people, updating your status, and so much more.


15. Check-in With your Coworkers

Another great way to feel productive during your workday is by checking in with your coworkers every so often. Ask them questions if you have them, see how they’re doing in general, or just get updates from them, and share your updates with them as much as you can. However, be respectful of their time as they are working remotely as well.


16. Make it a Point to Still Do your Regular Meetings

Keep having your regular work meetings by video chats or phone calls. By still doing regular meetings, this will keep everyone working from home on track. This is also a great way to stay social with your coworkers while getting all of your work done.



17. Have a Minimum Amount of Snack Breaks

If you normally work in an office, you wouldn’t get up every few minutes to grab a snack, apply these same rules for when you’re working from home. It will become very easy to just get up and walk over to the kitchen to grab something, by doing this, you are using up your work time during the day to grab a snack that you might not even really want. However, if you feel like you need a quick snack, there’s no harm in grabbing just one!


18. Create an End of the Day Routine

Many people that work from home will have a morning routine right before they start getting into work mode, but for some people, it’s important to also have an end of the day wind down. By doing this, you are in the mindset that your workday is coming to an end, so make sure that you finish the task that you’re working on, get whatever you need to get ready for the next day and unplug from the computer. Try to maintain this schedule to stay on track.


Share All of These Great Tips with Others Working From Home in Central Florida!

Stay on track with your workweek that now happens at home. There are plenty of ways to stay organized, stay focused, and get stuff done at home. Make your working from home experience as enjoyable as possible.


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