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Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Help Save Money on Your Electric Bill at Home!

There are so many easy ways to reduce the amount of money that you might be spending on your electricity each month! Especially with everyone being home right now, it becomes easy to turn on all the lights and leave them on for the day. Take into consideration all of these tips to help reduce the electric bill.

1. Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Most people will automatically wash their clothes in hot water. However, washing your clothes in hot water takes up a lot of energy. If you can, try to reduce the number of times that you choose to wash your laundry in hot water. By washing in cold water, you will be using ninety percent less energy.

2. Air Dry Laundry

If you can, reduce the amount of dryer usage while doing laundry. Dryers use up a lot of energy, so only drying what really needs to be dried will help you save a lot of money when it comes to the energy bill. For example, a great way to dry your clothes and save money is by hanging them up to air dry.

3. Use Solar Lighting for the Porch

Instead of using electricity to turn on the porch lights, there are many places where you can purchase outdoor solar lighting. Let these lights get all the energy from the sun and light up your pathway at night. Having these solar lights will help cut the cost of the electricity bill immensely.

4. Only Use Appliance When Needed

Many people have appliance plugged in constantly that aren’t being used. A great way to help save money is by only plugging in your appliance when you use them. For instance, if you only use your toaster in the mornings, then plug it in while you use it, and then once you’re done, keep it unplugged until next use. However, items like the refrigerator should be plugged in at all times.

5. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Look into purchasing energy-saving lightbulbs. If there’s a room that you spend the most time in, then you should consider switching the light bulbs to the energy-saving lightbulbs. These inexpensive bulbs will help cut back on your electric bill monthly.

6. Use a Power Strip for Electronic Cords

By using one power strip to plug in your electronics gives you the ability to turn the power strip on and off making it easier to reduce the use of energy in your home.

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7. Turn the Lights Off after Exiting a Room

While this might seem like a simple task, the majority of people in a home can get into a habit of just walking out of a room without turning off the light. However, by turning off the light before walking out of the room can help save a large amount of money in your electricity bill.

8. Dishwashers Instead of Handwashing

Of course, there are always dishes here and there that you will have to hand wash so that they don’t break. However, when it comes to saving money on energy and water, then you should consider using the dishwasher more often when it comes to washing the dishes. While using the dishwasher will help save money, it will also help to have your dishes air dry instead of putting them on a drying cycle. Some dishwashers even have an air-dry cycle.

9. Turn off the Oven or Stove Early

The stove and the oven will still give off the heat after you turn them off, so why not turn them off a few minutes early. By turning off these kitchen appliances a few minutes early won’t hurt, if anything, it will help you save a few dollars on your next electric bill.

10. Check for Leaks

If your home has a leak that you’re unaware of, this little leak can cause a large increase in the amount of money that you’re paying for your electric bill. Every so often, make sure that you’re checking the air conditioner, the faucets, or the toilet for any leaks. Many might not even think about checking windows and doors for leaks as well! Catching a leak early on can help to reduce the energy bill.

11. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Between cooling and heating up your home can use up a lot of energy. The programmable thermostat will help to easily adjust the temperature that you want in your home. By changing the thermostat automatically will help the home become energy efficient, and will also be more convenient for changing the home to be the temperature that you prefer.

12. Adjust the Freezer and the Refrigerator Temperature

If you have the option, try to adjust the temperature of the freezer to only five degrees and your refrigerator to at least thirty-eight degrees. Adjusting the temperature won’t make your food go bad, your food will stay cold in safe temperatures. If anything, being able to change the temperature will help save money.

13. Energy Efficient Shower Head

Some appliances can be bought as energy-efficient items. For instance, purchasing an energy-efficient shower head can help decrease your energy bill tremendously. Along with having an energy-efficient shower head, you can also cut back on the amount of shower time. Reducing the amount of time that you spend in the shower will help to cut back the amount of money that you’re spending on your energy bill.

14. Use the Ceiling Fans

During the Florida summer months, it can get very hot outside. However, using the ceiling fans throughout your home will keep you cooled off and will help you to reduce the amount of energy that the air conditioner would be using during those hot summer months.

15. Utilities at Night

Many people wouldn’t know that if you do your chores and use your utilities at night that it will take up less energy. Depending on your power company depends on whether or not that they offer those peak discounts. The majority of areas will start those peak hours usually after 8 p.m.

16. Change your Filters

Make sure that you’re cleaning out your air filters because they can get clogged up. Once the filters get clogged up, they will work harder to get the air out. With the air conditioner working harder, it’s using a lot more energy that way. Cleaning them out often will help decrease the amount of energy usage in the household.

Share All of These Tips to Help Others Save Money!

Put any of these tips to use to save money on your electric bill for the month. After practicing these tips, you will see a decrease in the amount of money that you’re spending on the electricity used in your home.

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