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Home Office Organization Tips

Work Better in an Organized Home Office!

Keep your office clean and organized so that you can stay focused during your at-home workday. Having an organized office will also help you keep track of where all your important items and papers are. Enjoy having a clean office space to work in on a daily basis.

1. Minimal Desk Items

Keep the items placed on your desk at a minimum. By only keeping the items on your desk that you need easy access to will keep your workspace distractions at a minimum. Only keep your computer, pens, paper, and one or two items on your workspace desk. This will help keep your home office clutter-free.

2. Keep a Calendar 

By hanging up a calendar or keeping a calendar nearby will help you stay focused on your weekly to-do list. This tip will help you keep track of what needs to get done for the day. Checking the calendar in your home office will make it easy to pull out the papers or items that you need specifically for the day. The calendar will keep you from pulling out unnecessary items for the day.

3. Shelves for Organization

Having shelves set up in your office will help you stay organized. For example, you can keep any books, extra pens, or fun items that you want to be displayed in your home office. You can even add plenty of extra shelves to have in your home office. Place a bookshelf in the office or hang up floating shelves for all of your office items. Not only do these shelves help create extra storage, but they will help keep office items off the desk and off of the floor.

4. Paper Holders

Another great way to store your paperwork is by keeping all of your papers in paper holders. Keeping them in paper holders will help you to know where all of your important papers and documents are. Papers can easily get lost, so having a safe place to keep them is helpful. Choose from the stackable paper holders or just one.

5. Filing System

If you don’t have paper holders, then there are always filing cabinets that can hold papers. Along with the filing cabinet comes the organization that will help you keep track of where and what papers you have on file.

6. Use Labels

Having labels on items in your office can help you remember where everything goes. Not only will it help you remember where the items are, but your home office will also remain clean and organized.

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7. Have an Organized Wall Space

Many people like to put up photos, cute office decor, or inspirational quotes. Having these up in your home office is great! However, it’s important to not put too much clutter on your walls. The reason that you will want to create an organized wall space is so that you won’t get distracted or make your office space look clutter or unorganized.

8. Drawer Dividers

If your home office desk has a drawer, then it’s easy to get into a habit of just putting everything into that drawer. The best way to keep your desk drawer organized is by placing drawer dividers into the drawer. For example, this way you can keep paper clips in one divider and pens in another.

9. Create a Printer Station

Most people like to keep a printer in their home office. Having a printer in your home office is extremely helpful especially if you need to print out papers often. However, printers are just another item to have in your home office. To help keep your office clean and organized, you can create a printer station area so that it’s not just sitting in the way of everything else.

10. Paper Declutter

Keeping papers that you don’t need can create a mess over time. By going through old paperwork and throwing away what you don’t need can help keep your home office organized. This will also help you stay up to date on all of your paperwork as well.

11. Keep Cords Organized and Separate

When it comes to a home office space, there can be a wide range of cords being used throughout the office with all the technology being used. For instance, you might be using multiple computers, monitors, and chargers. In order to keep all of your cords separate and organized, you can get a cord organizer or make your own cord organizer.

12. Trash or Recycle Bin Close By

Make sure that you keep a trash bin or recycle bin in your home office space. That way trash doesn’t pile up on your desk area. It can be really easy to get into the habit of just leaving empty cups, cans, and other used items on your desk. If you have a trash bin or recycle bin nearby, it becomes easier to get rid of it right then and there.

13. Wipe Everything Down

Another way to make sure that your office stays clean is by wiping down your desk regularly. Not only should you wipe down the desk, but you should also wipe down desk decor to disinfect. Wiping everything down will also help get rid of any dust that might start to appear.

14. Check All Office Items

It’s also important to check your pens and other office supplies. There is no reason to hold on to empty pens or broken staplers. Holding on to broken or empty items can just add to clutter, so by throwing items away can really help keep your space stay clean.

15. Keep a Notepad Nearby

Rummaging through drawers to look for a piece of paper or journal can cause your space to turn into complete chaos in a matter of seconds. By keeping a notepad or journal next to you, you will always have paper nearby without having to create any unnecessary clutter.

16. Have Good Lighting

While this might not seem like much, having good lighting in your office space will help it feel a bit more functional, as well as organized. Having good lighting will also help some people feel more put together and productive.

17. Only Keep Office Items in the Home Office

An easy way to clutter your home office is by bringing in items from other rooms. Bringing in items from other rooms can just add to having unnecessary items in your workspace. You should also leave your office items in the designated room so that something that you might need doesn’t get lost.

18. Make Sure Everything Has a Place

All items should have a place and keep everything in its place. This helps to provide an organized and functional home office workspace.

Keep Your Home Office Clean and Organized!

Working in a clean and organized workspace will help you think clearly while working. Most people feel more productive and focused while working in a clean and organized home office.

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