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Best Smoothie Shops in Central Florida

Find all of the Best Places for Smoothies in Central Florida!

Central Florida is known for all of the hot summer months and the heat in general. One of the best ways to cool off in Central Florida is by drinking a refreshing and delicious smoothie. Visit all of the amazing smoothie shops in the Central Florida area.

Juice Bar:

Yellow smoothie in a cup at a smoothie shop

Located in the Orlando area is the amazing Juice Bar shop. Visit the Juice Bar to try out an amazing, healthy, and delicious smoothies. Enjoy all of the cleansing smoothies filled with carrots, apples, and more healthy items to make your body feel great.

Planet Smoothie:

Many different areas of Central Florida have a very popular smoothie shop, Planet Smoothie. If you live or are visiting Central Florida, then you will be able to visit Planet Smoothie in cities like Oviedo, Orlando, Casselberry, Winter Park, and many others! Order one of their specialty smoothies like The Last Mango, Mountain Man Crunch, or the Captain Kid.

Smoothie King:

Another amazing smoothie shop located throughout Central Florida is Smoothie King. Visit a Smoothie King location in Lake Mary, Sanford, or Ocoee. Smoothie King makes sure that they have all of the best ingredients within each and every one of their smoothies. Refresh your body during the day by picking up one of the tasty smoothies from a Smoothie King near your Central Florida home.

The Smoothie Room:

Three plum-colored smoothies sitting on a table

Enjoy hanging out at The Smoothie Room. The Smoothie Room is open from Monday to Saturday. Many people in Central Florida enjoy being able to pick up an all-natural smoothie from this shop. There are no added sugars or added syrups to the smoothies available for all guests.

Raw Juice Bar:

Visit another wonderful smoothie shop in the Orlando area, Raw Juice Bar. The smoothies available at the Raw Juice Bar include The Green Goddess filled with apple, kale, and pineapple. Other delicious smoothies available at the Raw Juice Bar include The Lean, Mean, and Green Smoothie as well as the Beet It smoothie.

Grounding Roots:

 Winter Park has the perfect smoothie shop to get your favorite smoothie. Grounding Roots is a great place to pick up a quick smoothie to drink in the morning or to have as an afternoon pick me up. Most of the smoothies available at Grounding Roots are cold-pressed smoothies. Enjoy drinking a cold-pressed smoothie from Grounding Roots in the middle of a hot day.

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Clean Juice:

The Oviedo area also has a great smoothie shop to visit. For example, Clean Juice is filled with all-natural smoothies as well as cold-pressed juices. Clean Juice is a family-owned business that thrives to provide their customers with the best smoothies available for purchase. Not only can you get your favorite smoothie or cold-pressed juice at this location, but visitors can also try the many acai bowls or other healthy bowls on the menu.

Tru Nature Juice Bar:

Three hands holding three green smoothies

Ocoee Florida is another part of Central Florida with the perfect smoothie shop. Tru Nature Juice Bar has some of the best smoothies in the Ocoee area. Order your favorite smoothie online for pick up or take out.

Press’d Juice Bar and Kitchen:

Try out the Press’d Juice Bar and Kitchen in the Winter Garden area. Press’d Juice Bar and Kitchen is a place for a quick grab and go cold-pressed juice. This juice bar doesn’t just have all the great juices, but this location is also family-owned with vegan and vegetarian options. Keep coming back to this juice bar to try out all their juices!

Nekter Juice Bar:

Another place for tasty smoothies or juices is at Nekter Juice Bar. Nekter Juice Bar in Winter Park has smoothies, cold-press juices, and amazing acai bowls available for purchase. Order online your desired drink or visit the trendy Nekter Juice Bar location.

The Juice Box:

Pink smoothie sitting in a glass cup surrounded by fruit

Located in the Lakeland area is The Juice Box. The smoothies and juices made at The Juice Box are all organic and fresh ingredients. The Juice Box also does its best to ensure that all of the ingredients and packaging, as well as products, are eco-friendly and good for the environment.


A great place in DeLand to pick up a fresh smoothie is from Beeatroot. Enjoy tasting all of the flavors at the Beeatroot location. For instance, many enjoy the flavors offered at Beeatroot like the pineapple express, the sweet and mild, or the river.


While visiting the New Smyrna area of Central Florida, many will have the ability to visit GoJuice for some of their refreshing smoothies after a warm day at the beach. There are so many delightful flavors and choices on the GoJuice menu. For example, try out the smoothies available like the beach bum, the green machine, or the kawabunga.

Green Mango:

Person pouring a green smoothie into a glass cup

The Florida Mall has a great place to order smoothies while strolling through the mall and visiting all of the stores inside. Pick up your favorite flavor while exploring this mall or grab one to go!

SOHO Juice Co:

Grab your favorite cold-pressed juice or smoothie at the SOHO Juice Co. Anyone is able to order off of the SOHO Juice Co menu. All of their items are vegan, gluten-free, and of course dairy-free and soy-free. Pair one of the juices available at this location with one of the amazing acai bowls offered on their menu.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Check out another smoothie shop in different areas of Central Florida. The Tropical Smoothie Cafe is filled with amazing smoothie choices, as well as, healthy options for lunch like flatbreads, sandwiches, or wraps. From classic smoothies to superfood smoothies, Tropical Smoothie Cafe has it all.

Roots Raw Juice Bar:

Lake Mary has a very popular smoothie shop and juice bar. Roots Raw Juice Bar has over twenty options to choose from. Visitors will never have to worry about added sugars or any of the harsh ingredients in the smoothies at the Roots Raw Juice Bar. Enjoy all of the great and healthy ingredients in the smoothies at the Roots Raw Juice Bar.

Raw Juice Press:

Another great smoothie shop located in Downtown Sanford is Raw Juice Press. There are so many amazing flavors to choose from at this wonderful local smoothie shop!

Mango Fresh:

Two smoothies in glass cups with straws in both of them

The Altamonte area has a Mango Fresh smoothie shop. Mango Fresh can be found in the Altamonte Mall. Pick up a quick meal with your smoothie, and enjoy a quick walk around the mall.


Another smoothie shop located in the Orlando area is Jamba. Enjoy a fruity and delicious smoothie, one of their cold-pressed juices, or grab a small snack at Jamba to add to your smoothie. Everyone loves being able to stop at Jamba for a terrific smoothie.

iSmoothies Cafe:

Purchase any type of smoothie from iSmoothies Cafe in the Orlando area. There are many types of smoothies at iSmoothies available for anyone and everyone to experience. Try out the pina colada smoothie, the mango tango smoothie, and even a coffee smoothie.

Boba Galaxy Smoothies:

Hand holding a green smoothie

Enjoy another shop in Ocoee. The Boba Galaxy Smoothies has out of this world smoothie choices. At Boba Galaxy Smoothies, they make sure all of the smoothies available at this location are as fresh as possible.

New Moon Market:

Find your favorite smoothie or juice drink at the New Moon Market. Purchase a salad, wrap, or soup to drink along with your favorite flavored smoothie drink. Try one of their desserts or energy bites available at the New Moon Market.

Enjoy Smoothies Everywhere in Central Florida!

small square glass with a smoothie in it surrounded by fruit

There are so many great places to purchase a tasty smoothie, a refreshing cold press, and other healthy options to choose from. Try out all of the places throughout Central Florida to get a smoothie. Feel great after drinking all the refreshing and healthy smoothies offered at any of these locations.

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