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Oviedo Community Spotlight – Wemert Group Realty

Oviedo Highlights

There are so many wonderful places in the Oviedo area! Check out all the great things to do and wonderful things to see throughout this beautiful Central Florida city. Find your forever home in Oviedo Florida!

Oviedo on the Park:

A beautiful area of Oviedo that people who live in the area love being able to visit often is the Oviedo on the Park. Oviedo on the Park is a part of Center Lake Park and has plenty of beautiful areas and restaurants.

Oviedo Mall:

Explore sections of the Oviedo Mall. Some of the more fun activities to do within the Oviedo Mall is eat at the District, play arcade games, and even sign up to try to escape one of their four escape rooms! Visit the Oviedo Mall food court for plenty of lunch or dinner options. Some of the food court options include Cup Pasta, Mooyah Burgers, fries, and shakes, plus plenty of other delicious options.

Artistic Hand Gallery and Studio:

Visit the amazing Artistic Hand Gallery and Studio located in Oviedo. Purchase some beautiful pieces of handmade art by many talented artists. People often love being able to visit this location because of all the great workshops and events that happen at the Artistic Hand Gallery and Studio. Another wonderful workshop that this Oviedo location has is for kids. They can even enjoy attending one of the classes available to them. Visit this gallery anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Overlook Park:

The beautiful three-acre park that most can find in Oviedo is known as Overlook Park. Take a trip to this park anytime between eight in the morning until dusk. While visiting this park, people can fish or might even have the opportunity to see a Florida gator in their natural habitat. Visitors also like using the pavilions and the grills that are available to anyone that hangs out at this local park.

Pappy’s Patch U-Pick Strawberries:

Hang out with family together at the Pappy’s Patch U-Pick Strawberries in Oviedo. Residents in Oviedo and people who visit Oviedo can pick any strawberries that they desire at the Pappy’s Patch U-Pick Strawberries. Pappy’s Patch has rows and rows of fields filled with many strawberries to pick from. Picking strawberries is a great outdoor activity to do together.

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Little Big Econ State Forest:

Living in Oviedo means that you will have the opportunity to visit the gorgeous area with Little Big Econ State Forest. Little Big Econ State Forest has so much to do while hanging out in nature. For instance, people that come to the Little Big Econ State Forest can enjoy exploring the hiking trails, the paddling trails, and of course, also have the opportunity to some hunting and fishing, along with so much more.

Black Hammock Airboat Tours:

An activity that people really enjoy doing in Oviedo is being able to experience the Black Hammock Airboat Tours. Black Hammock Airboat Tours takes reservations and you can book your air ride online now! After your Black Hammock Airboat tour, you can stay and hang out in this area and dine at the restaurant located at Black Hammock.

Pinball Lounge:

Check out the popular lounge in Oviedo. The Pinball Lounge has a wide variety of arcade games to play, as well as tournaments, leagues, and other events. Some of the current games at The Pinball Lounge right now are games like Jurassic Park, Medieval Madness, Aerosmith, and more. People like to visit the Pinball Lounge often because the inventory is always changing. Keep track of their calendar and join one of the fun leagues that they have going on whatever day that The Pinball Lounge offers leagues.

Center Lake Park:

During your visit to Center Lake Park, you will be able to visit the dog park, the amphitheater, the playground, and a refreshing splash pad. This is a fun park to spend time hanging out at especially when there is perfect weather in Central Florida. This is the perfect place to stroll around in the Oviedo area. Visit Center Lake Park whenever you can.

Oviedo Bowling Center:

Enjoy a night full of bowling with friends at the Oviedo Bowling Center. Leagues and tournaments can all be held at the Oviedo Bowling Center. The Oviedo Bowling Center is a family-owned center.  There’s always something going on at this bowling center. For example, enjoy some of the special events held at the Oviedo Bowling Center. Many also love being able to have birthday parties or special events at this family-owned bowling alley as well.

Restaurants in Oviedo:

Dine at any of the amazing restaurants in the Oviedo area. Choose to eat at places like BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Marlows Tavern, and Burgerfi. People in Oviedo can also eat at First Watch, Rock and Brews, and Outback Steakhouse. Enjoy eating at Chick-fil-a, Tijuana Flats, and so many other delicious places that you will love.

Shopping in Oviedo:

Enjoy shopping at all the great places throughout Oviedo. For example, many enjoy shopping at places in Oviedo like all the great places within the Oviedo Mall. Stroll through the Oviedo Park Crossing center and explore stores like Michaels, TJ Maxx, Petsmart, and more. Another wonderful place to shop in Oviedo is the Lockwood Village Shopping Center.

Oviedo Brewing Company:

Visit the amazing Oviedo Brewing Company to try out all the craft beers on their menu. Not only do visitors love drinking all the drinks at this location, but they also love the atmosphere as well as spending time at the events or private events that happen at this brewing company. The Oviedo Brewing Company is a great place to spend time with friends.

Other Activities in Oviedo:

There are many other great activities throughout the beautiful city of Oviedo. Check out some of the magnificent activities to do in Oviedo like the American Escape Rooms, Arcade Monsters, watch a movie at the Regal Cinemas located in the Oviedo Mall, visit the Oviedo Boing Fun Center, along with so much more.

Live, Work, and Play!

Oviedo has such a wide variety of things to do within the area. Visit any of the shopping stores, dine at all of the delicious restaurants nearby. Many who are in Oviedo love being able to experience the atmosphere, as well as all the wonderful things to do. You won’t ever want to miss out on all the great things to do in Oviedo.

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