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Best Places for Thrift Shopping in Central Florida

Find Great Places to Thrift Shopping in Central Florida

Shopping for clothes or household items can sometimes get pricy depending on where you shop at. Central Florida has a lot of great consignment shops and thrift stores to find good quality items for a low price. Some of the thrift shop locations will take the money collected to a variety of charities. Check out the thrift shops in an area near you to find amazing treasures at a very low price!

Avalon Exchange:

The Avalon Exchange located in Winter Park Florida has everything you could imagine. Find inexpensive designer items, vintage clothing and more. When visiting Avalon Exchange, customers can bring in gently used clothes and either trade or sell them for cash. Bringing clothes to Avalon Exchange is the perfect opportunity to clean out your closet. After bringing all the clothes that you don’t wear anymore, shop around and pick up the latest fashion available at Avalon Exchange for a much cheaper price.

Plato’s Closet:

Another great thrift store that buys and sells gently used clothes and other various items is at Plato’s Closet. Plato’s Closet is targeted towards male and female teens and young adults in the area. Customers can sell their trendiest clothes at this location. Find a Plato’s Closet near you and shop all of their great trends! For example, people can visit a Plato’s Closet in Sanford, Altamonte, and Waterford Lakes.


One of the most popular thrift shops to visit is Goodwill. There are plenty of Goodwill locations throughout Central Florida. Goodwill doesn’t just have an abundance of inexpensive clothes, but customers can find so much more! For example, customers can look for gently used furniture, jewelry, toys, and more. Goodwill is a thrift shop that helps people in the community. This non-profit thrift store will provide job-training and does what they can to help people find jobs. Central Florida residents can easily find a Goodwill location near their home making it convenient to take items that they are no longer need.

Village Thrift Shop:

Visit the Village Thrift Shop located in Orlando Florida. The Village Thrift Shop has an abundance of items at a low price. While visiting this thrift shop, customers will have the opportunity to find clothing items, sporting equipment, toys, and more. Ask one of the friendly employees at this location to help find exactly what you might be looking for.

Habitat for Humanity:

Located in Sanford, Eustis and other various Central Florida locations is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity has a wide range of items to browse through. Most of their items include used furniture. When searching for furniture for your beautiful home, Habitat for Humanity will definitely be the place to find nice affordable furniture.

Teen Challenge Super Thrift:

Check out the Teen Challenge Super Thrift Store located in Longwood, Florida. After purchasing items from this local thrift store, the proceeds will go to someone recovering from a life-controlling addiction. Many people in the community love that this local business is helping people in need. Shop all of the great donations at a Teen Challenge Super Thrift store near you.

Dechoes Resale:

Buy, Sell, or trade at Dechoes Resale. Dechoes Resale has stylish clothing and home decor for anyone who stops by. Visit this resale store in the College Park area. They have a variety of unique and colorful items to look through while shopping at this location.

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Goodwill Boutique:

Make a trip to the Goodwill Boutique in Winter Park. Goodwill Boutique has a different atmosphere compared to other Goodwill locations. When visiting The Goodwill Boutique, customers will notice how well-organized this store is making it easy to find exactly what they are looking for. The Goodwill Boutique has gently used clothes separated by sizes.

Retromended Vintage:

Vintage clothing is timeless and can be stylish at any time of the year. Find your favorite vintage outfit at Retromended Vintage. Retromended Vintage has a lot of great high-end designer clothing items to choose from. People often love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of this store located in Orlando.

Andee’s Thrift Shop:

Another thrift shop to check out is Andee’s Thrift Shop. Andee’s Thrift Shop has so many unique and interesting items to choose from. Not only will you find thrifty things, but customers can purchase amazing artwork from local artists. People will even have the ability to order creative merchandise online straight to home! There are so many great finds located in at Andee’s Thrift Shop.

Amy’s Walk-In Closet Consignment Shop:

Another thrift shop located in Maitland is Amy’s Walk-In Closet Consignment Shop. Shopping at Amy’s Walk-In Closet will feel like shopping at a local boutique. Customers can easily see all the great deals on display at this consignment shop. Not only will it be easy to shop at this location, but customers will enjoy finding all the great designer brands as well.

Style Encore:

At Style Encore in Waterford Lakes, customers can find gently used and in-season clothing items. Style Encore is for men and women of all ages. This thrift store is centrally located making it easy for anyone in the Central Florida area to visit. Find many fashionable pieces to add to your wardrobe. People who visit even have the ability to sell their gently used clothes to this location.

Once Loved, Again:

Visit the wonderful location in Orlando, Once Loved, Again. Not only does Once Loved, Again have such great clothing pieces to add to your collection, but this thrift store gives young adults with autism the ability to improve their employment skills. Shop at Once Loved, Again on Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Omg! Thrift:

Casselberry Florida has a huge thrift store for all Central Florida residents to visit. Omg! Thrift has an enormous selection of clothing, toys, books, and more. The prices at this store are amazing and the shopping experience at this thrift shop is incredible. Search for all the great deals at Omg! Thrift.

HOPE Chest Thrift Store:

Living in Oviedo, you can find so many great treasures at HOPE Chest Thrift Store. HOPE Chest Thrift Store is a beautiful thrift shop with a purpose. Many can drop off donations at this location or if needed, they have the option to let people schedule a time to have furniture and appliances picked up within a ten-mile radius.

Chic Boutique:

Orlando is home to the Chic Boutique. In order for the Chic Boutique to have all the best fashion items, they require items brought in to be considered for resale. This is a great place to drop off barely worn clothes or pick up your favorite styles! Customers can find all the top brands at this amazing consignment shop boutique.

The Christian Sharing Center:

Drop off or shop at The Christian Sharing Center in Longwood. The Christian Sharing Center accepts all types of gently used items. Check out this location for all the great deals and amazing merchandise. A lot of times, the items donated are sorted by the staff to determine where the merchandise will go. For example, certain merchandise, like backpacks will be distributed to customers that desperately need them.

New Beginnings Thrift Store:

Located in Clermont Florida is the New Beginnings Thrift Store. People who visit this store will be able to find amazing deals on all sorts of donated items. New Beginnings Thrift Store has a purpose to collect funds for their programs that deal with poverty and homelessness preventions.

Duvall Bargain Thrift Shop:

Find all the great bargain prices at Duvall Bargain Thrift Shop in Deltona. Visitors can shop for items like clothing, shoes, furniture, and so much more. Duvall Bargain Thrift Shop also has the option to pick up donated items. Check out this location to find all the best deals. Shop, donate, or volunteer at this location!

Chic to Chic Boutique:

Check out another amazing consignment location in the Winter Springs area. The Chic to Chic Boutique has a wide variety of clothing, bags, and shoes to check out. Anyone who visits this consignment shop will see that they have good quality items at a very affordable price.

Recycled Love Thrift Store:

Check out another thrift shop in Sanford Florida, Recycled Love Thrift Store. Find all the amazing and unique items placed around the Recycled Love Thrift Store. Items that are not worn by another could be worn by you! This is a great thrift store to visit in the Central Florida area.

Thrift Shop in Central Florida!

People in Central Florida love thrift shopping to get usually expensive items at a low price. Thrift shopping is great because people can often find all the in-style clothing at inexpensive prices. Visiting all of these thrift shops in the area to find treasures that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere!

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