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Tips For Protecting Your Home From Insects

Keep Your Home Protected From Insects With These Easy Tips!

Make sure all of the bugs stay away from your home this summer with all of these easy tips! Some of these are simple do it yourself things that can make a huge impact.

1. DIY Bug Repellent

While you can find plenty of bug spray at any store, another great way to keep the bugs away is by making your own bug spray. For instance, you can make bug spray with water, witch hazel, along with many other essential oils. Having a DIY bug repellent is great to have on hand, and you’ll know all the ingredients in your bug repellent. This can help get rid of the insects in your home, but won’t have any of the toxic chemicals that some bug repellent in stores might have.

2. Fruit Fly Trap

If you like to buy fruit or you always keep fruit in your kitchen, fruit flies might come around and will be found flying around in your kitchen near all the fruit. Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to keep the fruit flies away. For example, you can purchase fruit fly traps and put them in the kitchen or you can even make your own fruit fly traps to keep them away.

3. Outdoor Bug Zapper

Many people in Central Florida love sitting on their front porches or back patios, but it’s not as relaxing to do so if those areas have bugs and other insects hanging around! Another great way to keep those bugs away is by putting an outdoor bug zapper on your front porch or back patio, wherever area you prefer to relax. Keeping the bug zapper where you like to sit will help eliminate the number of insects that you’ll see in those areas of your home.

4. Citronella Candle

Another way to keep those pesky insects away on the patio area is by checking out your local Walmart or Target to purchase a citronella candle to place outside on a table or just on the patio in general. While the citronella candle is lit, most of the flies and bugs will stay away. However, the citronella candle won’t necessarily repel mosquitos. This works in addition to the bug zapper or can be just as effective on its own.

5. Seal Windows And Doors

Oftentimes, bugs can get inside from small open spaces on windows or doors. Make sure to check all windows and doors to see if they need to be sealed up. Sealing up the little areas will prevent the bugs from coming inside your home. Inspect windows for any holes or damages where insects can enter. This also helps keep your home protected from any bad weather or storms. Many people also use weatherstripping to the door frames to help keep the bugs away.

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6. Ant Spray

Not only is summer known for all the bugs coming out, but any time of the year, there are always ants to be found around. Luckily, in case you have a lot of ants around the outside of your home, you can purchase ant sprays to help eliminate the ants nearby. Try to never leave open bags of food or containers of food out on the counters, so that the ants and sugar ants won’t find their way into your kitchen.

7. White Vinegar

Use white vinegar as a mixing solution to help keep the bugs and any wanted pests away. Mix the white vinegar with dish soap, and water. Vinegar has just enough acidity in it to kill unwanted pests and insects. Vinegar is often used to get rid of ants, mosquitos, and flies.

8. Keep Food And Drinks Covered

While ants are attracted to the food, other bugs are often attracted to open containers or bottles with food or crumbs pieces. The best way to avoid bugs entering the home that will get into open containers is by keeping all food covered or throwing away food and drinks in a kitchen trash can that has a lid.

9. Keep Track Of Trash Cans In The House

The trash cans throughout the household should be thrown out as often as possible. Bugs love trash and will find their way to the trash no matter what room the bin is in. Many times, bugs will find the open trash bins if there is food inside of them.

10. Have Your Home Sprayed

Another way that you can keep your home from getting any unwanted visitors is by having your home sprayed at least once a month by a professional. This can also help to eliminate any of those unwanted and pesky visitors.

Use All Or Some Of These Tips To Help Keep The Insects Away!

Bugs in your home garden or outside your home are annoying, but oftentimes, it’s expected to see insects outside the home. What you will need to look out for is when insects start showing up inside of your home. By doing these tips above, it should help keep the insects away!

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