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Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Keep Your Home Safe From Hurricanes With These Easy Tips!

Hurricane season is from June until November. Make sure that your home is safe, ready, and prepared for hurricane season. You will feel much better about hurricanes coming once your home is ready and secure.

Protect Your Windows and Doors

While preparing for a hurricane, check all windows and doors to make sure they’re secure. If possible, board up windows with plywood so that the windows won’t break from the high winds. However, instead of boarding up windows, you could instead purchase wind-resistant windows or the storm shutters. Make sure that all doors leading to the outdoors are sturdy and secure.

Prepare a Supply Kit

Before hurricane season comes around, you should make sure to prepare a hurricane supply kit. For example, keep supplies that you might need in one place that you will have easy access to. Some of the supplies that you should have ready and in your hurricane supply kit are water, non-perishable foods, first aid kit, and of course extra batteries, as well as plenty of flashlights.

Have Storage For Outdoor Items

Many people have plenty of outdoor items like chairs on front porches, flowerpots, and many other outdoor items that could possibly break or get blown away. Find a safe place to store outdoor items. For instance, bring chairs or lawn items either inside your house or inside a secure shed.

Make Sure Trees are Trimmed

If there are any trees surrounding your home, make sure that none of the branches are loose, and check to make sure the trees won’t potentially fall on the roof of your home. Having the trees trimmed before a hurricane is very important so that there won’t be any major damages.

Get Extra Gas Ahead of Time

Another important task to do to prepare for a hurricane is to pick up enough gas. Make sure that your car is full of gas in case you need to evacuate your home or when you need to fill up your generator. By getting gas ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about waiting in a long line to get gas or waiting for gas stations to open back up after the hurricane is over.

Sandbags for Flooding

Some homes that aren’t raised on a higher ground level might have flooding issues. If you live in a home that floods a little during regular thunderstorms, then you will definitely want sandbags to help reduce the amount of flooding in your front yard.

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Keep Informed on the Hurricane Activity

Be sure to stay informed on the hurricane activity on where it’s headed and how it will affect your area of town. By keeping track of the hurricane activity will help you know how to prepare everything before and after the hurricane comes and goes.

Never Put a Generator Inside the Home

An important factor to keep in mind is to never use your generator indoors. While generators are helpful when once the power goes out, placing a generator inside the home can be very harmful and dangerous.

Unplug as Many Items From Wall Outlets

Right before the hurricane comes, be sure to unplug any and as many of the big appliances as you can. For instance, some of the items that you should unplug from the wall outlets include the computer, wall chargers, any kitchen appliances that aren’t being used.

Move Your Cars in a Safe Place

Before the hurricane comes, be sure to move all of the cars parked at your home to a safe place. For instance, move the cars away from any trees or if you have a garage, keep the car stored safely inside the garage to keep the care from any debris.

Put All Important Papers in A Safe Place

To make sure that important papers or documents stay safe during a storm, put them in a plastic ziplock bag or a sturdy storage bin in case of leaking or flooding.

Only Evacuate If You Need To

If your home is located in a place where there is a lot of flooding or you don’t feel like is in a good place to stay, then you should evacuate. However, if you can stay hunkered down at your own home, you should stay during the storm to make sure that your home is safe and secure.

Share These Tips With Anyone Preparing Their Home For a Hurricane

Stay safe and keep your home safe and secure once hurricane season comes. Save these tips for future hurricane seasons so that you can always be prepared.

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