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Concept of Home

Home and what home means to us has drastically changed in just a matter of weeks. Home used to just be the place to go to relax and recharge. However, our mentality of the home has changed. Our home is the place that keeps us safe from illnesses, bedrooms are classrooms, kitchens are 24-hour restaurants, home offices are now everyday workspaces and garages are now our gyms. We have created this new foundation of what home can be. Home is our everything now. We are living through the biggest shift in the connections that communities have with their homes. We are keeping our families and our neighbors safe by staying home. The concept of home might not ever be the same or clear for us again. However, the good news is that home is now the place where we have time, time for creativity, time to help others, and time to encourage and love others. The real estate market is still strong. During this time, and always, we continue to be a resource for the Central Florida community. During the midst of uncertainty, we will continue to help you with any questions or concerns that you might have.

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Stay safe and this too shall pass!

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