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Best Places to Study in Central Florida

Find the Best Areas in Central Florida to Study

The new school year has started and we want to make sure that you know of all of the best places in Central Florida to study. Some students are doing virtual learning and others are doing in-person learning. No matter what you’re doing or your kids are doing this year,  it’s important for them to have a quiet place to study.

UCF Arboretum:

If you’re a student at the University of Central Florida this year, then there are plenty of great places to study on campus. One of the peaceful places to study on campus is at the University of Central Florida Arboretum. This outdoor area is not only for UCF students but is also welcome to others in the community. If you are a student that enjoys studying outdoors, then this is the perfect area to sit down and study. The Arboretum is in a quiet area with picnic tables to sit at. There is plenty of space at the arboretum.

Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte:

For individuals that live in or near the Altamonte area, then a perfect place to go study in the area is Cranes Roost in Altamonte. Cranes Roost has so many places to sit in the shade to study. If you prefer to study in the sunlight, then you can bring a blanket or towel to sit on in the grass and do all of your studying right there in the grass.

Home Office:

Many households now have home offices, a great place to study is right in your home office. If you have a desk with a comfortable chair and plenty of light coming into your home office, then this is the perfect spot to study! Studying and doing homework in your home office is also a great place because there won’t be any distractions.

Fort Mellon Park:

Spend some of your time studying at Fort Mellon Park. Fort Mellon Park is located in the beautiful Downtown Sanford area. Sit down with a textbook and notebook at any of the pavilions. However, If you prefer to study in the sunshine, then bring a picnic blanket and lay out everything that you need to have a successful study session in the sun.

Dining Room:

For those households that have multiple kids or others in school, you might have your home office occupied. With that being the case, you can use your dining room as a study space. Luckily, most individuals will have a large enough dining room table to spread out all of your schoolwork. You will be able to put your laptop, books, notebooks, and whatever else you might need for studying.

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For ones that enjoy being able to study outdoors, but don’t want to travel to other locations, you can sit in your backyard to do your studying or accomplish some homework. If you have patio furniture in your backyard or picnic tables, this is the perfect place to study at home.

Seminole State College Library:

In Altamonte and the Lake Mary area is the Seminole State College Library. If you attend Seminole State College or live near the campus, you will have easy access to the Seminole State College Library. By travleing to this college library, you will have the ability to study in a quiet and comfortable place.

Panera Bread:

Visit a Panera Bread near your home to have a comfortable study area. Panera Bread is a great place to grab a coffee, pastry, or quick lunch while also using one of their tables or booths to study at. Panera also have WiFi available for their customers to use.

Central Florida Public Library:

There are so many amazing public libraries located throughout Central Florida. Check with your local library to see if they’re open. If your closest public library happens to be open, then you can take up the opportunity to study there. Studying in the public library also makes it easier to focus with being in such a quiet environment.

University of Central Florida Campus:

The University of Central Florida campus has a lot of great areas to sit and study. For example, UCF has a large library with multiple floors, so that students can be spread apart as they read, study, and do homework. If you prefer to sit outdoors while studying, then there are areas to sit and study outdoors. For instance, you can enjoy studying at the memory mall with all the open space or study for your next upcoming exam at the Reflection Pond.

Starbucks Coffee:

Check-in with your local Starbucks location to see if they are allowing guests to sit down at the tables indoors. If you are able to sit inside at your local Starbucks, then it can be the perfect place to study. Order your favorite coffee or beverage of choice and a snack, sit at a table with everything that you need to study with, and get it all done! Some Starbucks locations also have outdoor seating available if you’re not comfortable sitting indoors.

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Lake Eola Park:

In the Orlando area is the spacious Lake Eola Park. Lake Eola Park is right in the heart of Orlando and has a gorgeous view of Lake Eola. Study outside in the sun or in the shade. After you finish studying for the day, you can take a quick walk around the park to take in the scenery and enjoy the weather.

College Dorm Room:

If you are a student currently living on your college campus, a great place to sit and study is right in your dorm room. You will have plenty of privacy, peace, and quiet, and of course, you will be able to either sit at your desk and study or even on your bed.

Your Bedroom:

If all other rooms in the home happen to be occupied, get all of your studying supplies together to study in your bedroom. Studying in your bedroom will be great because you can shut the door to have your own quiet space. If you have a desk set up in your bedroom, then sitting at the desk will be the perfect place to study and finish all your homework assignments.

Your Local Coffee Shop:

Starbucks isn’t everyone’s thing! Luckily, there are so many great local coffee shops around the Central Florida area. Check-in with your favorite local coffee shop and see if seating inside is available. If you can sit inside and purchase your beverage of choice, then you will also be able to study at this location!

Front Porch:

Many people in Central Florida love being able to sit outside on their front porch. Especially when the weather is cool out. So many also have comfortable seating and great front porch patio furniture at their home. If you are one of those people that just loves sitting on your front porch, then you can enjoy studying out there as well!

There are Plenty Of Great Places to Study!

Whether you prefer to study at home, outside, or anywhere else, you can pick from plenty of great places to study in the Central Florida area!

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