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10 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

Inspect Your Home For The Spring Season With These Easy Tips!

While it’s important to Spring Clean your home, it’s also just as important to inspect your home for any updates that need to be done on the interior and exterior of the home.

1. Clean Gutters

One of the important tasks that should be taken care of on the outside of the home for the Spring season is cleaning the gutters. Doing this will help prepare the gutters for the rain and thunderstorms that come during the Summer seasons. If the gutters aren’t cleaned out properly then there won’t be any drainage and can cause water damage to your home. While cleaning the gutters, be sure to check which way that downspouts are positioned so that they’re all turned away from the foundation of your home.

2. Maintain And Inspect AC Unit

Make sure that your AC unit is clean and serviced properly to prepare for the summer heat. Check out the area around the AC unit and make sure there’s not too much debris around or on top of the unit. Clean out any of the coils that need it so that your AC unit can work more efficiently. This is especially important if you want regular air flow throughout your home.

3. Recaulk Windows And Doors

Check to see if your windows or doors need recaulking. The importance of doing this during the Spring season is so that the heat and humidity will be kept out during the summer months! Not only will it keep a lot of the heat out, but this task could also potentially save you money on your utility bills. While doing this task, you can also check your windows and doors to make sure there hasn’t been any damage to them that you might not have noticed before.

4. Smoke Alarms

Testing smoke alarms is actually something that should be done regularly. However, since you already happen to be inspecting parts of the home, it’s easiest to put it on this checklist. Make a note to yourself that it is recommended that the entire smoke alarm should be replaced every ten years.

5. Clean And Refresh Your Back Patio And Porches

Many people enjoy sitting out on the patio or porch areas of their homes, especially during the summer months! This Spring, make sure that you give these areas a good cleaning and refresh before having all of your enjoyable breezy summer days spent on the patio and porches.

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6. Check Your Home Foundation For Cracks

Another item to add to your home maintenance Spring checklist is to inspect your home’s foundation for any cracks. Some cracks can mean different things. While inspecting the cracks of your home, you might need to look into hiring a foundation inspector to make sure that it’s nothing too serious or that will cause a lot of damage to your home and home foundation.

7. Inspect Roof Shingles

Take a look at your roof shingles. You never know what kind of weather damage can happen to your roof, especially during the months before the Spring season. Take this opportunity to clean off any leaves or debris. If you plan to clean off your roof after inspecting the shingles, make sure that you only use under-the-sink cleaners and avoid using power washing systems as those systems can sometimes damage the roof.

8. Exterior Paint Refresh

The Spring season is a great time to decide if you want to paint any part of the exterior of your home. The reason that Spring is such a great time to paint the exterior of your home is that we’re out of the chilly months and not yet into the midst of the heat from the summer months. Not only is it the perfect weather, but this will change the look of your home drastically for the better! Another great thing about painting the exterior of your home is so that you can take care of any updates with the foundation of your home.

9. Adjust And Check Sprinkler Systems

If your home has a sprinkler system, then it might be time to check it out. Check them out by turning them on and seeing which direction the water hits. If the sprinkler is aimed towards the siding of your home, spraying vents, or facing towards any part of your home where you don’t want water to be sprayed, then now is the time to make those adjustments.

10. Repair Any Screen Damage

Another task that you’ll want to add to your list is checking for any wear and tear on screens throughout your home. For instance, if your home has any screen doors, screened porches, or other types of screens, you might want to take the time to check them out. If your screens have any holes or tears, you might want to look into getting them fixed up before any insects or any unpleasant weather can get into your home.

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Make sure that you refer back to this article for years to come. This is an important checklist that should be done every year in your home.

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