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Best Places for Yoga in Central Florida

Central Florida has plenty of great places around town to meditate and relax your mind at any of the relaxing yoga centers. There are a variety of places to check out in different areas of Central Florida. You won’t have to stress about traveling too far to take yoga classes because there are so many options to choose from wherever you might be.


7D Yoga:

If you live in the Sanford part of Central Florida, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy visiting the yoga studio within this area known as the 7D Yoga Studio. This studio will be your perfect place to go to relax and unwind.


Guruv yoga:

Another yoga studio that you will have the opportunity to visit whenever you please is the Guruv Yoga studio. This studio happens to be located in Lake Mary Florida and has that peaceful vibe that you will want to feel at peace. This yoga studio is great because it offers a variety of different classes, different instructors that will help you learn, and if you are able to, you can attend any of the retreats to take time away from reality and enjoy some time to yourself.


Lake Center Yoga:

If you happen to live closer to the Longwood part of town, then you will be able to visit the Lake Center Yoga studio. The Lake Center Yoga has plenty of different classes to attend, meditation classes, and a fun schedule to be able to unwind with friends or make some new friends while taking these classes.


Serenity Now Yoga and Dance:

Check out the popular Serenity Now Yoga and Dance studio. This studio has it all. Not only will you be delighted to be able to do yoga at this studio, but you will also be able to visit this area for its spectacular dance studio. Since this studio is popular amongst the community, you will have the ability to schedule a time to visit this studio. Another interesting fact about this studio is that this happens to be the only physician owned yoga studio in Central Florida. This studio is also located in Longwood, so will be within a convenient distance depending on where you are coming from.


Elevate Yoga Center:

The unique yoga studio located in Orlando is the Elevate Yoga Center. The reason that this yoga center is unique is because they don’t only offer regular yoga classes, but they also offer air classes where you will have the option to try out yoga in a hammock. This yoga studio also offers kids yoga classes, so you will have the option to schedule a time for your kids if they want to try out yoga at a young age. This studio isn’t just great because of all the activities and interesting classes, but you will also appreciate the peaceful atmosphere and the calming and relaxing aura that the area has to offer each yoga participant.


YogaMix Orlando:

Visit the YogaMix Orlando studio in Orlando Florida. This modern style studio is a great place to do your weekly yoga. You will be able to do your yoga poses in any of the different rooms or in the fresh outdoors. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable attending a yoga class just yet, then this studio offers visitors the option to do a private yoga session. This yoga studio also offers a wide variety of different events to attend. For example, you won’t want to miss out on the Rooftop Yoga at the Balcony, the Free Beginner Yoga Flow, and the Body Positive Fitness Workshop. All of these events are fun to attend and are fun to spend time with friends or others in the community.


Orlando Power Yoga:

Another yoga studio that is in Central Florida is the Orlando Power Yoga Studio. This studio is a large space that a lot of people will be able to enjoy. You will feel rejuvenated and at ease after each one of your sessions at the Orlando Power Yoga studio. You will appreciate the atmosphere and the positive vibes that this studio has to offer for all their guests and the regular students that attend each of these classes.


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Pavlik Yoga Wellness Center:

Spend time practicing all your excellent yoga poses at the Pavlik Yoga Wellness Center. You will love experiencing the healthiness that your body is craving after becoming a regular member at this particular yoga and wellness center. This studio does their very best to work on what it is your body needs to feel relaxed and less tense from the strenuousness activity of everyday life. This will be one of your favorite locations to practice your yoga poses and a great spot to just come and relax and enjoy spending time with others who also want to just feel peace and serenity.


Full Circle Yoga:

If you’re closer to Winter Park Florida and need somewhere to do your weekly yoga at, then look no further because you will love the Full Circle Yoga Studio. This yoga studio has a wide variety of different levels of yoga classes and plenty of skilled instructors that will help you meditate and find the peace that you need in order to relax your mind and your body. This studio tries to focus on the main reason that guests come to yoga classes which is to focus on their minds and unwind. This is one of the reasons that people truly appreciate coming to this particular yoga studio.


College Park Yoga:

The large yoga studio in Orlando Florida that is big enough for full sized classes is the College Park Yoga studio. This studio like others offers plenty of different levels of yoga, has a lot of different workshop sessions that people have the ability to attend, and a lot of excellent instructors that you will find very helpful. One of the best parts about this yoga studio is that it has a modern style atmosphere but also a very serene setting aspect to it as well.


The Yoga Shala:

Another yoga studio that you will soon start to adore is the Yoga Shala. This studio has a positive atmosphere making it easy for each guest to feel calm and welcome during their peaceful sessions. The instructors at this location are great because they’re helpful and will teach you at your own pace. You won’t feel stressed trying to figure out your yoga poses, but you will feel a wave of calm by just being present at The Yoga Shala.


Other Yoga Studios:

There are so many other great yoga studios in Central Florida that the list goes on and on. Visit some of the other places around in the area like Warrior One Yoga and Row and Spin, Live Oak Yoga and Massage, Inspirit Yoga Studio, Total Zen Float and Yoga, Be Free Yoga and Wellness Studio, Yoga Kid Orlando, Harmony Yoga Maitland, Serendipity Yoga, Altamonte Springs Yoga, Yoga Stress Relief, Red Sun Yoga, Sunlight Yoga, Boda Yoga, Yoga Lemon, Firefly Yoga Company, Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness, and so many other great places that it will be so difficult trying to choose which ones you like best.


There are a lot of great yoga places in the Central Florida area that you will love having the opportunity to check out. The best part about going to these places is that you will be able to enjoy spending time at any of them with your friends or doing yoga as a family bonding activity. The great part about some of these places is that your kids will also have the opportunity to try out yoga and enjoy learning it early on in life. If you can’t necessarily find the time or none of these yoga studios work out for your schedule, then don’t fret because you can still do yoga on your own time. For instance, you don’t have to just find a yoga studio for your weekly serenity. You can get an inexpensive yoga mat, a water bottle, and a sweat towel and do yoga right from home in a quiet space. If that doesn’t work out for you either, then you can find a park that’s near your home and set up in a large open field to do your yoga routine. This can sometimes be even better for a person to do rather than being in a studio because the nature atmosphere can sometimes be a lot more relaxing rather than being indoors. You will be able to feel the breeze on your skin, smell the fresh air, and feel your heartbeat slow down to a steady pace as you work on your yoga poses. Some people prefer this as well because they would much rather do their yoga by themselves instead of in a group setting. If you’re worried about not being able to do your poses in the right way, then you can always find instructions online or use a book to help you figure out what works best for you.


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