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Tips For Decorating Your Home After The Holidays

Decorate Your Home After the Holiday Season!

Often times it seems difficult to decorate your home after the Holiday season, especially during the time after Christmas going into the New Year. However, there are so many wonderful ways to decorate your home after the holidays have come and gone!

1. Take Away The Red And The Christmas Decorations

An easy way to make your home go from Christmas to Winter decor is by taking out your red decorations or anything that says Christmas or looks more like Christmas decorations. This is a great start to putting decorations away and noticing what will still work in your home as Winter decor.

2. Take The Tree Down

Unfortunately, when it comes to switching out Holiday decor, it usually comes with taking down the Christmas tree too. However, if you just can’t bring yourself to take down the whole tree, then you can take all of the ornaments off the tree and keep the tree up with just the lights for a while longer. By doing this, it looks a bit less like a Christmas decoration and more like Winter home decor.

3. Keep The Greenery

After taking out the red decor, you will notice that by keeping the greenery up that the home will look as though it’s decorated for just the Winter Season. You can also keep the twinkle lights with the greenery to give it some sparkle or you can just leave it as it is. If you decorate your home with small bottle brush trees for the Holidays, you can also leave those up for just a while longer too!

4. Switch Out Your Throw Pillows

Many people like to add Holiday throw pillows to their living room couch, so taking off the pillows will help to decorate your home after the holiday season.  While this seems like such a small thing to do in your home, it’ll make a huge difference.

5. Changing Out The Holiday Candles

Another home decor item that many people have throughout their home during the season are Holiday candles. Put away the Holiday scented candles and switch them out with just winter ones along with other candles that you enjoy having out year-round.

6. Table Centerpiece 

Decorate your dining room centerpiece for the New Year and take off all Christmas centerpiece decor. This is an easy way to decorate your home and switch the decorations for the season! For example, all you need to do is change the tablecloth if it’s more of a Christmas themed table cloth, and change the colors or the candle that’s placed on the table.

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7. Keep The Color Scheme Neutral

Instead of focusing on bold colors while transitioning from Christmas to New Years’ decor, try to focus your decor on the more neutral side. For instance, some of the best colors to decorate within the home during this time is navy, grey, white, and some greenery. This way it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to decorate for a specific Holiday, just with more of a cozy winter vibe.

8. Fill In Empty Spaces

Sometimes taking down the Christmas or Holiday decorations can really make a home look empty, but if you just add small touches to the empty spaces, it will really brighten up the room. For instance, if you have a ladder shelf, you can move it into an empty corner and throw some blankets on it to give it a more cozy feeling. Plus having more blankets out during the winter months is a plus with the weather changing.

9. Turn Your Holiday Wreath Into A Winter Wreath

Instead of keeping your Christmas wreath up, turn it into just a regular Winter wreath! For example, an easy way to make this happen is just by adding pinecones and maybe some battery operated twinkle lights. Leave the bows and the colors out of it this time around. It’s also a more subtle look compared to the Holiday wreaths.

10. Light Flowers And Pinecones

The Holidays are filled with poinsettias and other red flowers or holly. Switch out all those red flowers for baby’s breath flowers, white flowers, and pinecones! This is a great way to keep the floral aspect of winter, and a good way to create more of the Winter decor in your hoListingsme.

Add Beautiful Decor to Your Home After The Holidays!

There are so many great ways to create winter decor. In many ways, it’s easy to create Winter decor with some of your other Holiday decor. All you have to do is put some items away or switch up some decor.

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