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Tips For Decorating Your Porch For The Holidays

Decorate Your Front Porch  For The Holidays With Any Of These Decor Ideas!

Check out some of our easy tips on how you can decorate your front porch for the Holidays this year! There are so many great touches that you can add to your front porch to make your home bright and festive.

1. Holiday Mat

Switch out your welcome mat in front of your front door for a more festive, Holiday welcome mat! There are so many Holiday welcome mats to choose from at places like Kohls and The Home Depot. Find your favorite Holiday porch mat and put it on your front porch.

2. Decorative Wreath

It’s always nice to put something on your front door, whether it’s a sign or a decorative wreath. However, Holiday wreaths are perfect to use on the front door of the home for the Holiday season. DIY your own or purchase one from a store or online!

3. Christmas Lights

String Christmas lights along your front porch. Depending on the way that your front porch is set up can depend on where you string up your Christmas lights. For instance, you can string your lights around your front door, if your porch has a window, then you can string your lights around the window. Often times a lot of front porches have posts or columns where you can also wrap lights around.

4. Seasonal Flowers

Give your front porch some color with seasonal flowers or flowers that go with the colors and theme of your front porch decor. For example, some great flowers to put on your front porch during the Holiday months are poinsettias, carnations, and plenty of other beautiful flowers.

5. Small Lit Up Christmas Trees

Purchase one or a few light-up Christmas trees to put on your front porch. This is a great way to add more Christmas decor to the front of your home as opposed to having only Christmas trees just inside of the home. Having these small outdoor porch Christmas trees is also great because you can keep them for many years to come and continue to put them on your front porch every year!

6. Large Corner Holiday Sign

Another tip for decorating your front porch for the season is by adding a large sign to the corner of your front porch. You can find these front porch signs at a local store, order one online, or you can even make your own sign. These signs can say whatever you’d like them to say. For instance, you can add a sign that says Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Believe or whatever saying will work best for your seasonal home decor.

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7. Garland

If you have Christmas lights around the outside of your entire home, then you might not want to add Christmas lights around the porch. If you’re looking for something other than Christmas lights, then a great substitute to go around the front porch is Garland. The garland will be a great addition to the front porch Holiday decor. This piece of greenery is amazing especially if you don’t want to add flowers or other florals. However, you can also add lights to the garland if you do decide that you want that extra lighting.

8. Pinecones

Add pinecones to your front porch Holiday decor. Purchase a large pack of pinecones from stores like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as many other places. Place the pinecones in a basket or scattered around the front porch.

9. Holiday Inflatables

During the Holiday season, there are so many great Holiday inflatables to place in your front yard or even on your front porch! Most of these inflatables light up. This addition to your home will really light up your home at night.

10. Holiday Pillows

Many people have seating on their front porch, and a great way to add a hint of Holiday decor to the front porch seating is by adding Holiday-themed pillows. Replace your outdoor patio pillows for every season to complete the front porch look!

Enjoy Decorating Your Front Porch For The Holidays!

Create a fun and festive front porch for the Holiday season. After decorating your front porch, you will love that extra amount of cheer that the Holiday decorations, and the Christmas sparkle that the twinkle lights give to your home.

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