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Local Food Trucks in Central Florida

Find All the Best Places Local Food Trucks!

Rent or visit some of the most amazing local food trucks in the Central Florida area. There is a variety of different types of food offered throughout the Central Florida area. Find your favorite foods and visit the nearest local food truck in your area!

900 Degreez Pizza Food Truck:

Sanford Florida has the 900 Degreez Pizza Food Truck. Enjoy ordering a hot and fresh tasty pizza or try their delicious garlic knots available for purchase. Check out 900 Degreez Pizza Food Truck for either lunch or dinner.

Tasty Takeover:

Orlando Florida is home to a variety of Tasty Takeover food trucks. The Tasty Takeover food truck offers a party for the entire community. Visit these diverse food trucks in the downtown area or have the Tasty Takeover come to your neighborhood. Make sure to check out their event schedule to see where in the Orlando area you can find the amazing food trucks within The Tasty Takeover!

The Crepe Company Food Truck:

Try out an amazing crepe from The Crepe Company Food Truck experience. The Crepe Company Food Truck is available for many people in the Central Florida area. Have the Crepe Company Food Truck come to your party, so that everyone can enjoy an amazing crepe.

Simply Divine Food Truck:

While visiting the Simply Divine Food Truck, customers have the opportunity to pick out food like chicken, chicken bowls, sandwiches, and so much more. Simply Divine Food Trucks also have quick bite options like empanadas, potato balls and other quick options to enjoy.

Venezuelan Food Truck:

Another food truck to enjoy in the Orlando area is the Venezuelan Food Truck. At this food truck location, visitors are able to try out a Venezuelan burger, arepa, or pepito. There are so many delicious options to order at this Venezuelan Food Truck.

World Food Trucks:

The Kissimmee area is known for the World Food Trucks. World Food Trucks has a wide range of food to choose from like barbeque, pizza, wings, and more. There is a long list of food trucks to choose from at World Food Trucks. This World Food Truck is basically a visitor flea market to walk around at.

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Mr. Mofongo:

Within the Edgewater area is Mr. Mofongo food truck. Try out all of the amazing ethnic food options available at this food truck location. Mondays through Saturday, Mr. Mofongo is open from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and keep in mind that this location is closed on Sundays. Feel right at home with all of the staff at Mr. Mofongo.


Grab a fruit treat from Absofruitly. For instance, order an acai bowl, smoothie, or even a pitaya bowl at Absofruitly. Enjoy a healthy and quality snack at Absofruitly. Having an Absofruitly snack to cool off is great especially during the hot Florida summer months.

Mac and Cheese Food Truck:

Located in Disney Springs is the Mac and Cheese Food Truck. Some options at the Mac and Cheese food truck include options like barbeque, bacon, or even brisket. During your visit to this food truck, you will also have the opportunity to check out the Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet food truck, as well as the Springs Street Tacos.

Fiesta Mexico:

Pick up a taco or another amazing Mexican food dish at Fiesta Mexico. Fiesta Mexico is located in the Apopka area. Pick your favorite featured item on their menu and enjoy eating your favorite dish from the Fiesta Mexico food truck with friends and family.

El Cubanito Subs:

Visit another food truck in Orlando, the El Cubanito Subs. Order a variety of Cuban sandwiches at this location. There is a wide variety of delightful food to order at El Cubanito Subs food truck.

Bem Bom Food Truck:

Another food truck that has amazing food available to try is at Bem Bom Food Truck. From salads to sandwiches to tacos and more. Try out anything that this food truck has available.

Donde Sea Food Truck:

If you’re ever in the mood for quick seafood, visit the Donde Sea Food truck location in Orlando. Enjoy eating seafood at the tables set up outside of this food truck in the Orlando Florida area. Many people love being able to sit and eat at the Donde Sea Food Truck.

Satellite Grill:

Purchase food from the Satellite Grill only from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. Try out one of their most popular items, the Philly cheesesteak. Satellite Grill has plenty of wonderful food to choose from during your visit.

Treehouse Truck:

Check out the local Treehouse Truck to order food like burgers, cheesesteaks, and plenty of other items available for purchase. There are so many tasty food items available to try at the Treehouse Truck food truck.

Fritango Food Truck:

Closer to the Tampa area is the Fritango Food Truck. This local food truck doesn’t just have entrees, but they also have sides, desserts, and drinks available for all guests.


A restaurant in Davenport that also has a food truck is at Adlers. Either enjoy eating a juicy burger from Adlers or from the Adlers food truck. Adlers will fill you right up with all of their juicy burgers and amazing fries.

Sushi and Seoul:

Another great sushi food truck in the Central Florida area to try out is Sushi and Seoul. Check out all of their great creative and signature items. Eat at Sushi and Seoul with friends, family, or anyone in the Central Florida community.

La Tripleta Subs and More Factory:

Taste some of the most amazing subs at the La Tripleta Subs and More Factory. Enjoy any or all of the items at the La Tripleta Subs and more. La Tripleta Subs are open for dinner, and of course, walk-ins are welcome. Everyone including kids and adults all love being able to experience the La Tripleta food truck.

La Doña Mexican Food Truck:

The other Mexican food truck experience in Central Florida is the La Doña Mexican Food Truck. Order any of the amazing tacos at La Doña Mexican Food Truck. For instance, pick up a steak taco or even some tasty nachos on this menu.

Moca Loka Frappe:

A fun food truck to visit in Central Florida is the Moca Loka Frappe. Pick up a sweet treat from the Moca Loka Frappe food truck. This food truck is only open on weekends from either 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. or 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. Order a smoothie or frappe drink from this food truck and enjoy!

Twisted Plates Food Truck:

Another food truck in the Central Florida area includes the Twisted Plates Food Truck. Order items like the chicken rice bowl, loaded fries, and other amazing foods. Check out their website to see the calendar of where the Twisted Plates Food Truck will be on what day of the week.

Los Munchies:

Try out Spanish Caribbean Fusion from Los Munchies in Sanford. Los Munchies also offers catering services, as well as delivery. Enjoy eating amazing meals from this local food truck in the Central Florida area.

Jacked Up Vegan:

If you’re looking for the perfect food truck for vegan food, then Jacked Up Vegan is the perfect food truck to visit. Jacked Up Vegan has a burger bar and taqueria. This food truck is all plant-based and tasty!

The Pastrami Project:

In Orlando, anyone is able to visit The Pastrami Project to get a taste of New York while living in Central Florida. Keep in mind that The Pastrami Project is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The Pastrami Project is only available during breakfast and lunch hours.

Free Bee Ice Cream:

There can’t be food trucks without an ice cream truck! The Free Bee Ice Cream truck is available to come to an event that you might be hosting or attending. For instance, the Free Bee Ice Cream truck will come to birthday parties, weddings, festivals, and plenty more! All of your favorite ice cream flavors are available at this wonderful ice cream truck.

Da Kine Poke Bowls:

Multiple areas of Central Florida has the Da Kine Poke Bowls, and also has a food truck available to travel to an area near your home. Some of the areas that you can find Da Kine Poke Bowls are in places like Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford, and even in the New Smyrna Beach area! Enjoy trying out all of the wonderful poke bowls from the Da Kine Poke Bowl food truck located throughout the beautiful Central Florida area.

Food Trucks in Central Florida!

Make it a point to enjoy some or all of the great local food trucks throughout the Central Florida area! Gather with friends at any of these amazing food truck locations and try all of the great food available for all to order. Have some of these local food trucks come to your event. Many of these food trucks are available to travel to many different areas of Central Florida!

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