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Davenport Community Spotlight

Davenport Highlights

An amazing place to live in Central Florida is Davenport. There are so many great places to explore and see while living in the Davenport area. Enjoy all the wonderful places to eat, great places to shop, and so much more. Visit the parks and all of the community events in Davenport to spend time with others in the community.

Parks and Recreational Areas:

In the town of Davenport, there are quite a few parks that you will want to check out. Explore Wilson Park in the area. Wilson Park has beautiful greenery to admire along with a pleasant area to sit and relax. Have a picnic with friends and family at Wilson Park or enjoy peace and quiet at this park. Another amazing park to visit in the Davenport area is Lake Play. Lake Play has a large lake to fish at, a playground for the kids to enjoy, and a Pavillion filled with plenty of picnic tables. If you’re looking for the perfect park to enjoy a quick basketball game, then you can head to Jamestown Park in Davenport.

Orchards in Davenport:

Many people enjoy traveling to the Davenport area to admire all of the gorgeous Orchards grown in this part of Central Florida. Check out all the farms throughout the area where the orchards are grown. Some of the farms to visit include Beck Brother’s Citrus, Chapman’s U-Pick Berry Farm, Premium Peach, and plenty of other places where lovely orchards can grow.

Diners in the Area:

Davenport is also known for many exquisite diners throughout the area. Some of the most popular diners in Davenport include the Davenport Diner, this local diner is filled with quality food and friendly people. Grab a quick and appetizing breakfast or lunch from the Reunion Cafe. Try out a sweet and refreshing smoothie from the Get Smooth Smoothie Cafe.

Eat Around Davenport:

There are so many wonderful places to eat in the city of Davenport. For instance, pick up fish and chips or a proper pie from the Proper Pie Company. Enjoy a large pizza with others at Luke’s Legendary Pizza. Pizza, wings, and salads are all available to order at this location. Another amazing place to eat in Davenport is Ovation Bistro and Bar. Sit down with friends at Ovation Bistro and Bar and enjoy their appetizing meals and refreshing beverages.

True Blue Winery:

Visit the True Blue Winery in Davenport. Not only is the True Blue Winery just a winery, but many people have the opportunity to rent out this winery for private parties. True Blue Winery also offers blueberry picking to get all of the freshest blueberries. Blueberry picking at the True Blue Winery is fun for kids and adults.

Huckleberry Island Trail:

Close by the Davenport area is Huckleberry Island. People that visit Huckleberry Island can spend time outdoors in the beautiful Central Florida air. Run, walk, or hike on Huckleberry Island in the Davenport area. Enjoy doing all the outdoor activities offered at Huckleberry Island. Exercise in the outdoors and stay in shape while visiting this Central Florida trail.

Cinepolis Cinema:

Go see one of the newest movies in Davenport at the Cinepolis Cinema. Cinepolis Cinema has at least two hundred and thirty-nine seats with an IMAX screen. This Davenport movie theater isn’t just an average movie theater, being at the Cinepolis Cinema is an experience unlike any other. People in the Davenport area have the opportunity to have an event at this theater or attend happy hour during the special hours available.

Hot Air Balloon Rides:

Take a ride in one of the amazing hot air balloons located around in the Davenport area. Bob’s hot air balloon rides offer three different hot air balloons. The hot air balloon experience has discounted prices for children, and also offer to do weddings right before taking off in your hot air balloon experience. When booking your appointment with the hot air balloon experience, people even have the option to have the hot air balloon lift-off right from your very own back yard or parking lot.

Search for Homes for Sale in Davenport

Davenport Venues:

Check out all of the wonderful venues throughout Davenport for weddings, company parties, or any other special event happening during the year. For instance, The Garden Ballroom is a beautiful venue to celebrate a wedding.  Not only will you be able to enjoy your celebration inside the venue, but guests also have the ability to use the outdoor area as well. A few other venues located throughout the Davenport area includes the United Woman’s Club and the Providence Golf Club.

Sh-Booms Ice Cream and Sweets:

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an ice cream cone from Sh-Booms Ice Cream and Sweets Shop. During your visit to this sweet shop, you will feel as if you are visiting a delicious sweet shop from back in time. For instance, the retro floor and the shiny red booths give off that fifty’s retro vibe. Visit this sweet shop for delicious ice cream along with other sweets as well.

Wallaby Ranch:

If you are ever feeling adventurous while living in Davenport, then you will have the ability to hang glide at Wallaby Ranch. Wallaby Ranch is open seven days a week making it easy to go on a hang gliding adventure any day of the week. Make sure you schedule your appointment at Wallaby Ranch before your hang gliding experience.

Places to Shop:

Explore all of the amazing places to shop in this Central Florida city. For example, take a trip to the Posner Park Shopping Mall to visit stores like Bath and Body Works, JCPenney, and the Dollar Tree. Another great place to shop in Davenport is in the Champions Gate Downtown Shopping Center to check out a few restaurants, small stores, and a supermarket.

Wood and Stain DIY Woodshop:

Another fun activity to enjoy in Davenport is making your very own woodcraft at the Wood and Stain DIY Woodshop. Craft a beautiful wood piece to display in your home at the Wood and Stain DIY Woodshop. Enjoy doing this fun activity with friends and family in the area. The Wood and Stain DIY Woodshop is also the perfect place to have a birthday party, private event, or fun special occasion.

Spas in this Area:

Cenote Day Spa is a relaxing spa to visit in Davenport. Unwind at the locally owned Cenote Day Spa for a massage, a foot massage, or a facial. Make an appointment at this local spa. Another perfect place to feel refreshed and brand new is at Absolute Nails and Spa. Get a fresh manicure and pedicure from the professionals at this Davenport location.

Hotels Nearby:

Some of the best hotels throughout Davenport include the Hampton Inn Orlando, the Bahama Bay Resort, and Comfort Inn and Suites. The Holiday Inn Express, WoodSpring Suites Davenport, and the Quality Inn are a few other great places to stay in the Davenport area.

Schools in Davenport:

There are many great schools to enroll kids in throughout the Davenport city. Some of the schools throughout the area include the Davenport Elementary School, Horizon Elementary School, and the Four Corners Charter School. Search for the perfect school for your child in the beautiful city of Davenport.

Cities Nearby:

Travel to all of the beautiful nearby cities by Davenport. The closest cities to Davenport include Lakeland, Haines City, Winter Haven, and Kissimmee Florida. Winter Garden, Saint Cloud, and Oak Ridge are a few more cities that are close to Davenport as well.

Local Events Happening:

Keep track of all of the local events happening in Davenport throughout the year. Some events in Davenport happening soon are events like the Bay Street Classic Car Show and Grills Gone Wild. Visit the nearby Haines City Farmers Market. Of course, there are so many other great local events that happen in the Davenport area.


Flea and Farmers Market:

Another great place to visit in Davenport is the Flea and Farmers Market. On Thursdays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. residents and guests can check out all of the great vendors at this local farmers market. Admire all of the arts and crafts, fresh produce, and other items like jewelry and home goods. Enjoy all of the wonderful homemade items available for purchase.

Live, Work, and Play!

Explore the beautiful area of Davenport. Enjoy the parks, the restaurants, as well as all of the great shops. There are so many wonderful areas of Davenport to see and plenty of activities to do! Live in Davenport, work, or just spend time with others in the Davenport community. Enjoy spending time with others at any of the wonderful restaurants, shops, or other great places.

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