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Fall Date Night Ideas in Central Florida

Pick Your Favorite Fall Date Night Activity to do in Central Florida

The week of Halloween is one of the best times to spend time doing a fun fall date night. Not only can you do these fall activities with a significant other, but you can also do any of these fun fall activities with a group of friends or even with your family!

Watch a Scary Movie:

Sometimes spending Halloween night can be more fun hanging out at home with your significant other. Pop some popcorn, get out a bowl of sweets, turn off the lights, and sit on the couch and flip through your streaming service of choice to find the perfect scary movie. This is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit while also having a cozy date night in.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch:

Pick out a pumpkin patch near you to visit. A lot of the pumpkin patches in Central Florida have festivities throughout the pumpkin patch where visitors are able to enjoy a hayride, walk through a corn maze, and of course, pick out your favorite looking pumpkin. This is a fun fall event to do with your significant other during the fall season. Orlando, Apopka, and Clermont have some great pumpkin patches to visit.

Carve a Pumpkin Together:

After visiting a pumpkin patch together, you and your significant other can pick up a pumpkin carving kit and carve a pumpkin. Some stores that have pumpkin carving kits also offer a pumpkin painting kit as well. Carve your pumpkins however you would like and display your carved pumpkins for all the lovely trick or treaters.

Find a Costume with Things Throughout your Home:

Have a contest with one another and see who can pull together the best costume with only items found throughout your home. Be creative! Minnie ears from your last Disney trip? Pair them with your best polka dot outfit. Have any hats around that you could easily pair with a suit in the back of your closet? You could even put on your wedding gown and be a bride or a princess. Win your homemade household costume contest with that pirate costume that you forgot you had hidden in the very back of your closet.

Go to the Movie Theater on Halloween Night:

During the Halloween season, movie theaters will usually have the latest scary movie out. If you and your significant other would like to get out of the house and get spooked, then going to a dark theater playing the newest suspense or horror movie will definitely put you in the Halloween spirit. Some theatres also have plays put on during the season, so check one of the theatres near you to check out what shows they might be putting on Halloween night.

Bake Halloween Treats:

Another fun fall date night to do during the season or just on Halloween night is to bake some fall or Halloween themed treats. For example, bake some pumpkin cookies with one another. Visit your local grocery store and pick up all the ingredients that you will need to make a sweet Halloween inspired treat.

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Go Camping and Tell Scary Stories by the Fire:

Fall is the perfect season to go camping. The air is starting to slightly get breezy at night. Pick your favorite campsite either near or further away from home and set up your campfire in the evening. Once your campfire is set up and you have all the snacks that you need, you and your significant other can sit in front of the heat of the fire telling spooky ghost stories to send chills down one another’s spines.

Take a Haunted Ghost Tour Together:

Throughout different Central Florida locations are plenty of ghost tour adventures. For instance, Central Florida residents can visit Mount Dora, Orlando, and Winter Garden to experience American Ghost Adventures. Sanford also has its own ghost tours where guests can learn about the history of this city and all the interesting haunted history.

Attend a Costume Party:

Put on the costume that you’ve been wanting to wear and go attend your coworkers, friends, family costume party together. Enter a couples costume contest at the Halloween party, and maybe you and your significant other could win. This is a great way to get out of the house on Halloween night and show off your best couple costume.

Hang out at a Local Brewery:

There are plenty of amazing local breweries in the Central Florida area. Visiting a brewery for a fall date night is a perfect idea. Try out their seasonal beers available only during the festive seasons. People who visit some breweries also have the opportunity to check out the tours of how the beer is made. Not only is this the perfect fall date night idea, but this date night idea can be used year-round.

Take a Fall Photoshoot Together:

Fall is one of the best seasons to have a perfect photo shoot. Get flannel shirts and boots for both you and your significant other and head over to that pumpkin patch near your home to take all the best fall photos. However, you don’t only have to take fall photos together at a pumpkin patch, but you can also head over to any open area and get some nice photos during sunset hours. Make it your own photoshoot and take pictures together in fun costumes or make each other look spooky for other fun Halloween pictures.

Visit a Fall Festival:

Throughout many Central Florida locations during the Halloween week have many fall festivals and Halloween events. Visiting one of the fall festivals near your home is a great way to do something fun together Halloween. You will be able to play any of the games set up at the festival of your choice. Wear a costume for a festival or Halloween event that welcomes guests in costumes for this spooky holiday!

Trunk or Treat:

Businesses and churches around Central Florida always have a trunk or treat happening during the Halloween week and especially on Halloween night. Trunk or Treat isn’t just for kids, but adults can also enjoy visiting a trunk or treat. You and your significant other can enjoy checking out all the creative trunks set up. Have some fun doing one of the activities together that they have set up at the Trunk or Treat.

Have an Outdoor Dinner and Pass Out Candy:

A great way to spend Halloween night if all else fails is to eat a great meal in your front yard with a big bowl of candy by your side. Make a checklist of which costumes you think you will see the most of in your neighborhood. Make it a game between you and your loved one to see who was the closest at the end of the night. Talk about which costumes you saw together that were your favorites and why.

Admire all the Great Decorated Homes:

Some neighborhoods go all out for Halloween. Drive or walk around those houses that are decorated in Halloween lights, spooky outdoor decor, and filled with carved pumpkins. Doing this together is a great way to see how others went all out for the Halloween season. Pick which decorated house was the favorite between the two of you.

Do an Escape Room Together:

Another fun and suspenseful activity that will get your heart racing on Halloween night is an escape room. There are plenty of great escape rooms in Central Florida to check out. What better way to spend Halloween night than trying to solve a mystery to escape a locked room?

Hang Out at a Coffee Shop:

Most people are out on Halloween night, so a lot of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops will be less crowded.
Spend some time together in a cozy coffee shop while drinking that pumpkin-spiced latte that you’ve been craving all day. Hanging out at a coffee shop isn’t much, but being able to order those seasonal coffee flavors is a great way to celebrate the fall season. This is also more of an intimate setting for you and your date to spend time together.

Cook a Fall Themed Meal:

Find a recipe that most would only make during the fall season and cook it together. For instance, you can find a delicious chili recipe or a tasty soup recipe and make it together. Not only is this a fun fall date night in, but you will now have a new recipe to make for future dinners together.

There are so many Great Fall Date Night Ideas in Central Florida!

Enjoy a night in or a night out celebrating the wonderful fall season. There are so many great fall activities happening in Central Florida. The opportunities are endless, and you can create your very own fall fun with any of the fun ideas listed above. Sometimes last-minute plans can become the most fun!

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