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Best Places for – Theatre

If you are a fan of plays, musicals, performances, and any other live entertainment, then Central Florida will have you covered with all the amazing places to visit. You can check out any of the local theatres no matter where you live. You will have a great time visiting any of these theatres with family, friends, or anyone within your community.

Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center:

Located in Downtown Sanford also known as the Historic District is the popular Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. This local theatre is a place that a lot of incredible plays and other entertainment happens. For example, this theatre often puts on tribute to classic bands like The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, and so many more. This beautiful and vintage style theatre will have you marveling at how gorgeous and classic it looks. You will also be able to enjoy some Holiday shows or any other plays that the Sanford community puts on for everyone to enjoy.


Mad Cow Theatre:

Another theatre in Central Florida that you will be able to enjoy visiting whenever you please is the Mad Cow Theatre in Orlando. This theatre has been a part of the Central Florida community since around 1997. This theatre has a wide variety of performances that anyone can come to and enjoy. Productions take place almost every month, so you won’t ever miss out on a chance to get the experience of seeing a grand performance at the Mad Cow Theatre. Some of the best parts about this theatre is that they have discounted parking so it won’t be much of a hassle trying to find a nearby spot. It will also be convenient having this theatre so close to so many delicious restaurants. After you enjoy the show, you will be able to eat together at any of the great places within walking distance.


Orlando Repertory Theatre:

The non-profit organization theatre known as the Orlando Repertory Theatre is a great place for people within the community to gather together at. This theatre is directed more towards a younger audience because of the types of performances that you can see. For instance, some of the shows that are available to watch are ones like Elf the Musical, Ella Enchanted the Musical, Beat Bugs: A Musical Adventure, Seussical the Musical, and much more. This is the perfect theatre to bring your kids to for a day of fun, this awesome theatre is also a place where you can visit for a field trip or to just visit for all the fun and exciting events that happen throughout the year.

Garden Theatre:

If you’re looking for a great theatre to visit, then you will definitely want to stop by the Garden Theatre. This lovely theatre is located in Winter Garden and is a great place to enjoy visiting with anyone. Not only will you be able to watch shows and plays, but you can also visit this particular theatre for concerts and more. This theatre doesn’t only offer entertainment, but you can also look into visiting this theatre for classes and camps during the year. This is a great activity that this theatre offers for kids and any kids that are interested in theatre. Just like some of the other theatres in Central Florida, you can also look into taking your kids on a field trip to this gorgeous theatre as well. You can of course try to be a part of the productions whenever auditions happen and you can also take up the opportunity to volunteer at this theatre as well. You will love being able to hang out at this theatre whether you’re an audience member, a part of the show, or even just a volunteer.

Theatre UCF:

The University of Central Florida is home to a lot of amazing organizations, clubs, sports teams, and more, but is also home to the Theatre UCF. This theatre puts on a lot of great productions by some of the most talented students that are a part of such a wonderful university. Plenty of other people in the community are able to witness these shows and performances as well. You will just love being able to experience these shows and seeing so many talented people up of the stage. You will also just love the atmosphere and the energy that happens on this stage.

Winter Park Play House:

Another exciting venue for performances is the Winter Park Play House. This performing arts center is a little more intimate for the people that visit because of its smaller size. You will appreciate all the musical comedies and fun shows that this venue puts on for their guests. This is definitely a place that you will want to experience time and time again because of how great it is.

Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park:

Check out the other amazing theatre venue in Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park. This theatre is popular because of its amazing venue quality, but it’s also a very inexpensive price. You will want to make sure that you keep track of what performances are happening throughout the year and when they’re happening. This venue has a total of 45 seats for their guests, so whenever you plan on coming to a performance, you will want to make sure you arrive on or ahead of time to claim your spot. People from all over Central Florida enjoy being able to visit this theatre and spend time making memories here.


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Bob Carr Theater:

Orlando is home to the Bob Carr Theater which is an incredible theater that everyone loves being able to visit. This huge theater can fit so many people. Anyone will be able to enjoy a variety of different shows and performances. If you’re not interested in one of the shows, then you might be intrigued by another. This will make it so you will have the chance to experience a wonderful show at the theater. People end up falling in love with this beautiful venue and are able to rent out this venue for any special events happening in their life. Just like at other performing arts centers in the area, you can take time to visit the classes, volunteer at this location, name a seat, or just buy tickets and visit any of the events happening at this location throughout the year.

The Plaza Live:

The performing arts theater in Orlando called The Plaza Live is a cool venue for performances, but often times more concerts than anything else. You can enjoy listening to your favorite band, singer, or any local artists that perform at this location. You will also love the comforting atmosphere of this wonderful venue as well. You will also appreciate special events that happen at this venue as well.

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts:

One of the most incredible performing arts centers in Central Florida is the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. This spacious performing arts center is absolutely amazing. You won’t just love experiencing the performances, but you will also like the inside architecture of this center as well. This performing arts theatre is located in the heart of Orlando which makes that experiences even better because you will be getting the full Central Florida theatre experience.

Mandell Theater:

Another smaller theater in Orlando that you might want to experience at least once is the Mandell Theater. This private little theater is great to visit if you’re going with a small group of people or you want to just go some time with family. There are plenty of great shows to experience throughout the year at this quaint venue. You will love having memories and being able to enjoy spending time at this theater.

Athens Theatre:

The classic performing arts theater in Deland Florida is an extravagant place with so many great performances that happen throughout the year. You definitely won’t want to miss out on an experience here. The performers and actors that they have at this theater are so incredibly talented and that alone will make every penny spent well worth the visit. This is one theater you won’t want to miss.

Central Florida is full of a lot of great opportunities and activities to enjoy anytime of the year. However, being able to visit any of the local theaters in several different Central Florida cities is one of the most exciting activities that you are able to do. You can pick which show, performance, musical, or other great event happening at any of the locations. You can experience your visit at any of these theaters together with friends, enjoy a day spent with family while viewing any entertaining play, or just enjoy time with the local community that put on a great performance. You will have a hard time only visiting one of these local theaters, so you will want to take time to visit quite a few different locations in the Central Florida area.

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