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Best Places to Run in Central Florida

Central Florida has all kinds of different trails and a lot of scenic places for people to run or jog at. A lot of times people often like running or jogging at a place that’s usually a close distance to and from their home. Luckily, there are so many great trails and pathways in many different parts of Central Florida.


Riverwalk Sanford:person wearing orange and gray Nike shoes walking on gray concrete stairs.

One of the many places to get your daily run in is at the Riverwalk Sanford. This gorgeous pathway is open to anyone in the public at any time of the day. You can decide to wake up early and go for an early morning run while you watch the sun rise above the riverfront. You will also have the opportunity to decide to run later on in the evening just before it starts to get dark out. You will be able to have a perfect view of the sky starting to change colors and get to listen to people chattering as they walk by or kids laughing as they around on the playground right by the pathway. This will be one of your favorite places to go for your daily run.


Cranes Roost Altamonte:

If you happen to have a home and live in the Altamonte area, then you will have a great place within a close distance for your run. You can experience getting your exercise in at Cranes Roost. This boardwalk is decent in length and is also overlooking a small body of water. One of the best parts of being able to run at Cranes Roost Park is the great number of restaurants nearby. All that running will have you starving for something good to eat. You will have the opportunity to walk on over to restaurants like Café Murano, Little Greek Fresh Grill, Five Guys, Subway, Denny’s, Wingstop, Steak and Shake, Jason’s Deli, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Bahama Breeze, and so much more. Before or after your run, you will also have a chance to visit the Altamonte Mall and shop at any of the unique stores or eat at the food court as well.


Cady Way Trail:

Another great place to do your daily run is a place known as Cady Way Trail. This gorgeous trail stretches from Winter Park to Orlando. You will be able to run a great distance along this asphalt trail. People sometimes use this trail to also bike ride, skate or just walk. A lot of people enjoy running along this trail because of how clean and friendly the atmosphere is and how lovely of an area it happens to be. 


Lake Eola:

Located in Orlando Florida is the area known as Lake Eola. This public park is another great place within the Central Florida area that you will be able to enjoy doing your daily run at. While you run, you will have so much to look at in the area. For example, you will have a great view of the Walt Disney Amphitheater and the lovely lake. You will also be able to admire all of downtown Orlando while running in this general area as well. People from all over Central Florida come to this part of the community because they love being able to run here, and it’s not too far off from their homes. 


Wekiva Trail:

Another great place in Central Florida that you will want to check out to experience running at is the Wekiva Trail. The reason that so many people enjoy running along this trail because it’s quite peaceful with nature being the main surrounding of this particular area. You will be able to admire all the nature like the trees, the grass, the beautiful flowers, and so much more. This trail is great in length with it running from Markham to Longwood, to Altamonte Springs. This trail has the perfect atmosphere and will make you feel so comfortable on your run that you will choose to run along this trail as often as you can.


Gaston Edwards Park:

Enjoy having the opportunity to run amongst all over the beauty of Gaston Edwards Park. This park is located in Orlando and has a wonderful pathway for you and your friends who also enjoy running. This park is clean and is open to the public, so you will be able to run here at any time of the day. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, you will continue to visit this park to do your daily run because of how amazing it happens to be. This is another great park where you will feel like you’re running in nature because of how amazing the surroundings are. 


West Orange Trail:

If your home happens to be located in the Orange County area and you want to find a trail nearby that you will feel the most comfortable running at, then you will definitely want to experience running at the West Orange Trail. This trail is the perfect place to run because of the atmosphere and the clean trail that will keep you focused on your exercise. You will notice that a lot of people also come to this trail to bike ride or to just enjoy the scenery together as a family or even just with some friends. Run through this trail as the soft breeze flows through your hair and while your adrenaline is pumping. 


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West Orange Trail:

Winter Garden Florida has a lot of great trails to visit in the area, but one of them is the West Orange Trail. The best part about this trail is that it’s not only a trail, but it’s also a park area that you can visit with an amazing playground, areas to walk and explore, but mainly a wonderful trail to ride your bike down. You won’t have to worry about getting too much sun while cycling down this path because there’s a lot of shaded pathways along this particular trail. 


Blue Jacket Park:

Orlando Florida is home to one of the most gorgeous parks that you will ever encounter. Blue Jacket Park has the most unique and gorgeous landmarks that this will be your favorite spot to run at. For example, you will get to run by lovely water fountain on display for all visitors or run over the cute bridge located within the park. You will be able to run around the park to experience all of its beauty. You can also sit at any of the benches around the park in case you get tired or just need a break from your run. Running around this park is wonderful because even if you’re not the biggest fan of running, you will most likely enjoy it at this park because of the beautiful surroundings. 


Econ River Wilderness:

Experience another wildlife running area in Central Florida known as Econ River Wilderness Area. This wilderness area will make you feel like you are running through a forest with all of its wildlife surroundings. Many people in the community like being able to run here because of its peaceful environment, but they also enjoy having the opportunity to run around this area with their dog at their side. This is the perfect environment for anyone in Central Florida to come for their daily run.


Trailhead Park:

Lake Mary Florida is where Trailhead Park is located. This is a great trail to go running in Central Florida. Not only will you be able to run here, but this park also has an area with picnic tables, a snack area, and restrooms open to the public. Running here is a different experience because you will have the opportunity to run above the roads of Lake Mary. Running at Trailhead Park is an experience that you will be able to enjoy more often than just once. You will want to experience running along this trail as often as you can because it’s the perfect place to go running in Central Florida. 


Central Park:

When you hear the name Central Park, the first park that might come to your mind is the park located in New York. Central Florida is also home to a Central Park that is located in Lake Mary Florida. This park is a smaller park but has just the right amount of sidewalk and open areas to run at. You can run by the little fountain, run along the small shops, and the few restaurants at this particular park. You will love having such a clean and friendly atmosphere to run at. This is one of the popular spots among people in the community to come exercise or to just come and hang out especially at any of the events located at Central Park. 


Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve:

You won’t only be limited to running along trails or pathways, but you will also have the ability to run at any of the nature preserves located in Central Florida. For example, you will love being able to choose to run at Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. This is another great place to run where you will also be surrounded by a great amount of nature. You can run along the boardwalk here and admire all of the beautiful surroundings. This nature preserve is located in Winter Garden Florida and is open until six p.m. You will love having the opportunity to be able to run here as well. 


There are so many perfect places in the Central Florida area to run at. You will be able to choose whether or not you want to run along a trail or if you prefer running in a more quiet and peaceful environment. You could also choose to run in a busy more crowded area if you choose to. Living in Central Florida means that you can run anywhere that you please. Take the opportunity to visit all of these places at least once, so you can decide which destination you like the best to run at. 


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