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What Happens After Closing?

Curious to have some insight on what happens after closing?

It’s recommended that you keep all records pertaining to your new home together in a safe place! Include all purchase documents, insurance, maintenance, and improvements. Remember all the important tasks to do after closing day with these simple tips!

1. Keys to Home

You will be supplied with a set of keys that unlocks the doors to your new home at or after closing. To ensure security, we encourage you to change the locks of the property that you will be moving into.

2. Change of Address/Assigned Mailbox

Register with the local post office to change your address and get your mailbox key. You will want to bring a copy of the Closing Disclosure and Deed given to you at closing to prove your new address.

3. Contact the HOA

For access to your new community amenities, gate access codes/clickers, and payment coupon book.

4. Owner’s Title Insurance Policy and Deed Recorded

You may have received a Title Insurance Policy at the closing table, if not, expect to receive your policy by mail in four to six weeks. This is free to you! Once recorded in the official county roads, the original deed to your home will be mailed directly to you, generally within the same four to six-week window.

5. Loan Payments

At the closing, written instructions will be provided with the details for making your first loan payment. You should receive your loan coupon book before your first payment is due. If you don’t receive your book, or if you have questions about your tax and insurance escrows, please contact your agent or lender.

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6. Property Taxes

At the closing, property taxes were prorated between the buyer and seller based on the occupancy time in the home. You may not receive a tax statement for the current year on the home you buy, however it is your obligation to make sure the taxes are paid when due. Check with your lender to find out if taxes are included with your payment and if the tax bill will be paid by the lender from the escrowed funds.

7. Filing For Homestead

A homestead exemption reduces the value of a home for property tax purposes. In the local counties in Central Florida, most deadlines fall on March 1st of each year.

8. Driver’s License/Vehicle Registration

You are required by law to notify your state department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after any relocation so a new driver’s license can be issued. You will also need to have your auto registration transferred to your new address. Visit www.dmv.org/fl-florida for more information on the Florida state requirements.

9. Survey

You will receive original certified copies at closing; however, please keep this in a safe place as it will be useful for you in the future!

Remember All Of These Easy Steps When It Comes to Closing Day!

After you close on your dream home, remember to keep these important tips in mind.

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