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Local Restaurants Still Open

Enjoy Local Restaurants Still Open in Central Florida!

There are plenty of restaurants that are still open and can serve you straight from your home. Order for delivery, order for takeout, and go through the drive-thru locations of restaurants that are still open and available for the drive-thru. By doing this, we are still supporting other businesses, and getting all your favorite foods while keeping our social distance.

1. Morris Family Farms

If you are looking to buy fresh food locally in Central Florida, then you still have time to pick up beef, vegetables, and chicken from this local farm is located in the Lake Mary area.

2. BAGGS Produce

Purchase any of the fresh vegetables and fruit from BAGGS Produce located in Sanford Florida. There is still plenty of fresh produce that is still available for purchase.

3. Chick-Fil-A

All of the Chick-Fil-A locations in the Central Florida area are letting customers come through the drive-thru, get their curbside pick up, and are delivering on certain apps.

4. Smoothie King

Not only are some local restaurants staying open, but other food establishments like Smoothie King are available to deliver your favorite smoothies or pick up in the drive-thru locations.

5. Poke Hana

If you’re looking for a local restaurant with poke bowl options, then Poke Hana in East Colonel is the place that you will want to be delivered straight to your door.

6. Buffalo Wild Wings

Another restaurant offering delivery and take out through apps and on their website is Buffalo Wild Wings. Next time that you’re craving wings in your home, you can get

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7. Starbucks Coffee

Everyone is still able to get their favorite coffee drinks from Starbucks right now. Starbucks still has its drive-thru open, but is not accepting reusable cups and the dining area is currently not open. You can still enjoy your favorite Starbucks Coffee drink at home.

8. Creations Catering and Events

Another Central Florida restaurant that can deliver right now is Creations Catering and Events. Pick up a burger and fries or any other delicious foods from this location in the Sanford area.

9. Little Greek

Located in Waterford Lakes is Little Greek. Little Greek is still offering items on their menu to go. Pick up your favorite dish and enjoy eating your meal from Little Greek at home.

10. Marlow’s Tavern

Another popular restaurant in the Central Florida area is Marlow’s Tavern. Marlow’s Tavern is offering curbside pick up so that you don’t even have to get out of your car to pick up your favorite meal.

11. Five Guys

Download the Five Guys app to get your favorite juicy burger delivered right to your home. There are Five Guys locations in Orange City, Winter Springs, Altamonte, and more.

12. Panera

Find your closest Panera and depending on if they have a drive-thru, pick up in the drive-thru or order your food for delivery on the Panera website.

13. Zoe’s Kitchen

Get your fresh, Mediterranean food from Zoe’s Kitchen with their delivery option. Order right from their website to have your meal delivered to your door.

14. Fresh Kitchen

Through the Uber Eats app, order a bowl of fresh food from a Fresh Kitchen location. Fresh Kitchen is located in many different areas of Central Florida like Lake Mary and Waterford Lakes.

15. Throwbacks

Located in Downtown Sanford is Throwbacks. Throwbacks is giving the Central Florida community the ability to order take out food from 5 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. daily. Throwbacks is another restaurant in the Downtown Sanford area.

16. Corner Cafe

Pick up a delicious meal to eat at home from the Corner Cafe. The Corner Cafe has menu items like sandwiches, burgers, and much more.

17. McDonald’s

Drive-thru, and take out is still being offered at McDonald’s locations in the Central Florida area.

18. Zaxby’s

Pick up your favorite meal from Zaxby’s in the drive-thru and enjoy it from your home.

19. Zorba’s Greek Restaurant

If you’re looking for a restaurant that is offering Greek food, then check out Zorba’s to get Greek food for takeout.

20. Jersey Mike’s

Pick up your favorite sub from a Jersey Mike’s location. While the dining room area might not be open, you can still get your sub and enjoy it at home while watching your favorite movie.

21. Burgerfi

Get your all-natural burgers and hot dogs from a nearby Burgerfi location. Burgerfi has delivery options available for people in the Central Florida area, as well as getting Burgerfi delivered straight to your door.

22. Taco Bell

Get delivery or do a quick run through the Taco Bell drive-thru to pick up whatever you might be craving at the moment.

23. Teak Neighborhood Grill

Another great restaurant that is offering delivery and take out options is Teak Neighborhood Grill located in the Maitland area.

24. Culver’s

Enjoy an amazing meal from Culver’s located in the Casselberry area. There is a drive-thru option so that you can grab it and go. You will love being able to pick up a delicious burger and a custard milkshake from this drive-thru location.

Support As Many Central Florida Restaurants Right Now!

Many people are still working and relying on incoming. The best way to help those in the community is by getting delivery, takeout, and going through drive-thrus. There are still so many wonderful places to get food from during this time. Check to see which restaurants are offering to deliver, which ones have a drive-thru, and how you can get your take out from your favorite location.

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