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Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Put Together A Quick and Easy Last-Minute Gift!

There are so many great gifts that you can put together at the last minute! Here are some ideas in case you are struggling to think of something.

Picture Frame With Photo:

Pick up a frame from any store and print out a photo of you and the person that you’re gifting. This is a great last-minute idea and something thoughtful and inexpensive! The person that you’re gifting it to will love it.

Gift Card Tree:

If you’re unsure of what the person would want as a gift, then a great gift to give them would be a small tree filled with gift cards to all of their favorite places! Put some money on gift cards to their favorite store, their favorite restaurant, or coffee shop and clip them onto a small tree that will fit into a gift bag. This way they can purchase anything that they’ve been wanting.

Christmas Ornament:

Another great gift to give someone is a Christmas ornament of something they love whether it’s from a movie, a show, or even something that you know that they’ll like. Christmas ornaments can also be personalized when you buy them! This turns a regular Christmas ornament into a very thoughtful gift for someone.

Basket Filled With Kitchen Items:

Pick up a basket and fill it with a bunch of kitchen items like dish towels, a spatula, and other small various kitchen items. There are so many great small kitchen items that would be perfect in a kitchen gift basket. Even if the person that your gifting has some of these items, it’s always great to have extra items in your kitchen!

Coffee Mug Set:

The person that you’re buying a gift for might love coffee, and if that’s the case, then you can always get them a coffee mug set! Pick out a coffee mug and add a bag of coffee or a box of k-cups depending on what kind of coffee maker that they have. If you’re unsure of what coffee to get, you can also add a gift card to their favorite coffee place and put it in your mug.


A blanket is a great gift to give someone and you can find so many of these at the last minute! Whether you decide to get a Holiday blanket or a regular blanket with their favorite things on it, this will be the perfect last-minute gift.

Movie Night Basket:

Put together a nice little movie night basket! All you will need to get is a popcorn bucket, their favorite candy, a box of popcorn, a soda, and then a movie that they might like, and stick it all in the popcorn bucket! The movie night basket can be Christmas themed if you’d like or it can be for any time!

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Fuzzy Socks and A Book:

If the person that you’re purchasing a gift for is a reader, then a great gift for them is a pair of warm socks paired with a new book. Maybe even add their favorite beverage to the bundle and make it a cozy gift just for them.

Oil Diffuser:

Another great last-minute gift is an oil diffuser. These can be great in any room of the house which makes it perfect if the person that you’re gifting already has one! They can keep one in the bedroom, one in the living room, or even one in a family room. Pick up a few oils for them to use with the diffuser and you have gotten an amazing last-minute gift!

Beach Bag With Beach Necessities:

You might be buying something for someone that loves the beach. If that’s the case, then you can always get them a new beach bag with new towels, sunscreen, and whatever else you think that they might like to take with them to the beach. Possibly add a nice pair of flip flops in the mix as well.

Board Game:

Purchase your favorite board game that you think the person that you’re buying for might enjoy! This way if they are the type of people that like have guests over, a board game is a perfect gift.


Another great gift to pick up at the last minute is candles. There are so many great scents to choose from! If you know what scent the person that you’re gifting loves, then you can get them a candle in that scent or just pick one that you think that they’ll really enjoy.

Shaving Kit:

An easy gift for the men to get last-minute is a shaving kit! Especially if you know that you’re buying for someone that would get a lot of use out of it.

Makeup Kit:

Makeup with eye shadow, make up brushes, and lipstick all inside a makeup bag is the perfect gift! Especially for the person in your life that just absolutely loves makeup and loves wearing makeup.

Christmas Sweater and Bottle of Wine:

The perfect and easy last-minute gift that you can give someone is a Christmas sweater and a bottle of their favorite wine! Christmas sweaters are a great last-minute gift because you should still be able to find them almost everywhere being so close to Christmas.

Find Amazing Gifts At The Last Minute!

There are plenty of amazing gifts that you can find at the last minute! Pick out any of these gifts for the people in your life.

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