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Holiday Home Gift Guide For The Season

Find Some of  the Best Gifts for the Home this Holiday Season

So many people have been home this year, so what better gift to give than an item for their home! There are so many perfect home gift ideas to give someone! If you’re having a hard time deciding what to get, check out some of the ideas below for someone in your life. Purchase an item from a store near you or you can order something from Amazon and have it sent straight to their door.


Something small and great to give for the home is candles! Candles range in all sizes, so if you know that the person in your life adores candles, then you can purchase a large candle for them. If you’re unsure about what scent to give, be sure to find a candle with a simple and light smell. There are plenty of cute Christmas candles to choose from this time of year. For instance, purchase a cute Holiday candle from Bath and Body Works in-store or online! You can also get them a candle that they can use all year round!

Throw Pillows:

Another great gift that many people enjoy getting to put in their home are throw pillows. Throw pillows are perfect because there are also so many different shapes and sizes. Not only that, but you can find throw pillows with quotes or throw pillows with your loved one’s favorite team. Throw pillows can be placed on couches, love seats, and beds, so there are plenty of great places for others to put their gifted throw pillows!

Fuzzy Blankets:

Find any of the fuzziest, most comfortable blankets that are available for purchase. Soft blankets make great home gifts because the person getting the blanket can keep them either on their bed or on their living room couch. Soft blankets are great home gifts for the Holiday season with the weather changing to help keep them warm during the upcoming cooler months. Fuzzy blankets can be found anywhere like Five Below, Target, or Bealls Outlet.


If the person that you’re buying a gift for loves drinking tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, then a great home gift to get them is a mug. Mugs are another great personalized item that you can find. For instance, mugs can be found in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Purchase the perfect mug from Marshalls in the Orlando area.

House Plants:

People love having plants for decor throughout their home. Whether the plant is fake or real, the greenery makes any room in any home pop! House plants can be bought at places like The Home Depot garden area or the Lowe’s garden section. You can even order a house plant online and have it delivered straight to your door!

Any Home Decor:

One of the best places to find home decor gifts is at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby can be found in multiple locations in Central Florida, like Lake Mary, Winter Park, or Waterford Lakes. Check out all of the great home decor signs, canvases, and other amazing tabletop decor items. Perfect gift for the person in your life that loves little home knick-knacks!

Picture Frames:

Most people love being able to fill their homes with pictures of happy memories. Of course, homes are also filled with pictures of family members and friends. To help add to filling homes with those memories is by getting picture frames as gifts. No matter the style of the home, the picture frames will look good no matter what color or size!

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Personalized Cutting Board:

A great gift to give for anyone would be a personalized cutting board. Whether they want to use it or just use it as a display in the kitchen, it’s a thoughtful gift to give. Many can find this amazing personalized gift at Things Remembered in Altamonte or even at Bed Bath and Beyond. Even if you aren’t able to get one personalized, some people love getting new items for their kitchen!

Welcome Doormat:

Something that would be a wonderful gift to give, as well as receive would be a welcome doormat. The first thing that guests see when coming over to a friend’s home is the door. What better gift to give than a ‘welcome home’ doormat.

Relaxation Basket:

Homes are a place where many can feel relaxed, especially this year. A great gift to give someone that enjoys relaxing at home is a relaxation basket. You can find an inexpensive basket from any store to put small items in the basket. For example, some of the great items to add to the basket would be bubble bath, warm socks, and maybe a face mask would be great and inexpensive items to add.

Oil Diffuser:

Look into purchasing an oil diffuser for your loved one’s home. This is the perfect gift because they can keep their oil diffuser on throughout the night or just while they’re home at night relaxing. Oil diffusers are very popular during the Holiday season. Find them at Big Lots, Marshalls, or Walmart.

Home Desk Decor:

Many people started working from home this year, so a great gift would be something to put on their home office desk. Anything from stationary to a sweet little desk decor item would be perfect!


For the chef in your life, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up the latest cookbook from any bookstore around Central Florida. This will give them the chance to find new recipes, especially if they enjoy cooking. Many people have also taken up cooking at home this year, so if you know anyone that has, then a cookbook with new recipes would be perfect!

Mixing Bowls:

Maybe the person that you’re buying a gift for was just saying how they could really use another mixing bowl. Especially so they can make even more Holiday treats during the season. There are a lot of great places to buy mixing bowls, and to spice it up a bit, and include the baking mix along with the bowls! Check out all the colorful mixing bowls offered at places like Target or Home Goods.


Another great gift for someone that likes to stay organized, plan things, or just have important information logged down. Buying them a journal to keep at home is the way to go. They could keep their gifted journal on their desk, by their bed for late-night thoughts, or for early morning reminders.

Coffee Table Books:

Many people enjoy having books displayed on their coffee table as decor. Sometimes those books are great to look at while relaxing on the couch. Other times, coffee table books look great stacked up as the centerpiece of the coffee table. Coffee table books make great gifts because the person receiving the gift can either enjoy looking at them or use them as decor.

Storage Containers:

Organizing a home can become costly with all the different items that need to be put in bins or containers. A great gift for someone that enjoys organizing their home is either crates, storage bins, or wire baskets that can hold a lot of household necessities. The Container Store would be a great place to purchase storage bins or whatever you might think that the person you’re buying for would love to have. Make it a little fun and put some small gifts inside the basket!

Wine Rack:

A great gift for someone that enjoys drinking wine in the evening would be a wine rack to store their wine beautifully in their kitchen. To make this gift a bit more personal, you could even add a wine glass with either their initials or something that they really love displayed on the glass itself.

Dish Towels:

You can never have enough dish towels! Throughout Central Florida, most stores have a great selection of decorative dish towels. From funny ones to the most adorable ones, as well as, holiday-themed dish towels. These make wonderful gifts, and you can pair them with another kitchen item gift that we listed above.

Monogram Cheese Board:

Another great gift that would go hand in hand with either a wine rack or a wine glass would be a monogrammed cheese board. Your friend or family member that loves to pair wine and cheese would love this great gift! Having it monogramme would also help add to that personal touch that you might be looking for.


While coasters are a small gift, they can have a big impact. Especially because coasters can be found at any home decor store. For example, head over to the At Home store in Lake Mary or Orlando to pick up coasters that will go with their decor. Many can also find coasters with initials on them, pair up coasters with another gift to make their Holiday home gift special! Coasters can also be purchase in packs to give others many coasters rather than just one.

Pop Corn Bowls:

This might sound like an odd gift, however, getting the perfect size popcorn bowl with a box of popcorn, and their favorite movie makes a great gift! Add a box of their favorite candy, and you have given them a movie night at home as a gift! They can have a nice night at home with the family enjoying popcorn in their gorgeous popcorn bowl.

Find Amazing Home Gifts!

Think about all the new things that you would love to have for your home and consider getting one of the items on your list for someone in your life!

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